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Drink low cluster ionized water for better hydration

Watch this video,


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Not enough people know about the importance of drinking alkaline, low-cluster, high ORP water is important for health and vitality.

This water is a quantum leap in our health

PS. The video includes the importance of eating a big green salad for alkalinity ;)

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The ionization of water lowers regular polluted bottle and tap water from a value of 14-15 down to 4-5 allowing for amazing cell hydration ability.

Ive been drinking this ionized water for 4 months and I notice great hydration even within my brain, I feel smarter.. and more hydrated throughout my body making me feel stronger.
Why is the "ORP" featured in this video measured in milivolts? What exactly is this volt-meter doing when measuring the ORP of water?

the video states that Kangen water enables quick delivery of antioxidants into the bloodstream and cells. Specifically which antioxidants are we talking about here?
the antioxident called money which goes in the dealers pockets ;-)
'Punch line drum'

I used to think this way too until I watched this.


Check out this website for the best Ionizer you can buy.



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