30 Bananas a Day!

is my math/ concept right?
135 pds 61. Kg. = 610 Kg carbs x4= 2440 carb calories + 1000 protein and fat calories = 3440 total calories?
So, I need to eat a minimum of 30 bananas a day?
Thanks! :)

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where are you getting the 1000 protein and fat calories?  I'm a little confused about this, too.

Sure but that's closer to 15% protein and fat you want max 350 cals from fat.  And make sure to be active I don't think DR's advice works for people who won't move.  Nor should you be able to eat that much being sedentary.

between 270-610 calories should come from fat and protein. (270 would be 955, 610 would be 811)

to get this, take 2440/.8 or .9 for your total calories then subtract 2440 for total fat plus protein 

Good luck and carb up!

the idea is not to ADD any additional protein or fat. all you need to be concerned with is the amount (grams) of carbs :). for instance, bananas already contain fat and protein in the perfect ratios. so if you were to consume 610g of carbs from bananas, you would already be eating your fat and protein as well. and this applies to all raw low fat plant foods.

so... 610g of carbs is about 19-23 bananas, depending on the size of course. 

if you plug this into cronometer or an online tracker, it will actually come out to 610g carbs, 9g fat, 28g protein, and actually only 2300 some calories (including the fat and protein) -  the 4cal/g carb, etc. is really just a rough guide, so the exact calories may be slightly different than expected, which is fine. 

as long as you are just concerned with eating only high carb low fat foods, and the carb grams everything else will work itself out just fine. 

one last thing... DR recommends eating this much if you want to be as energetic and active as he is. those are his words, so interpret them as you will. 

So, are you saying she should eat even less than 2300 calories?  that is, if she doesn't do as much activity as Harley?  Seems a little low, no?

I find it much harder to reach that target when I use tomato sauce. Makes digestion way harder. just sayin. In my experience, eating as much whole food carbs as I can each meal is the way I feel my best

When I started this lifestyle about a month ago, I had been on the MCDougall diet for about a year, but calorie restricting. Today, Im taking in about 2800 calories of mostly raw with a small, ever decreasing, amount of starch for dinner. I've gained, probably 6 pounds, but my workouts are better!
I guess, Im trying to learn or have faith in my body's signals ...if Ive taken in the minimum amount of carb. calories for the day, is it okay to go to bed slightly hungry?

May I ask what made you switch from McDougall to raw?  Was McDougall working for you?

Yes! Thank you for your care, PoppyPapaya. No, McDougall was not working for me. ..man can not flourish on potatoes alone, well, actually, he can, but not very well! lol..No- McDougall is a great diet. Just not for me, I looked and felt tired alot of the time and my hair was starting to fall out. I guess, I had needed that contrasting expierence, though, as it brought me, here, to 30BaD.
Although, the McDougall diet and the 30BaD share some similarities, there is, however, according to my belief, one major diffence (restriction of friut aside), and that is: MD's focus is on getting well while 30BaD's focus is on getting happy, having fun and living a passionate life and the byproduct of all of that luscious sweetness is wellness.
I think when we focus on getting well, it not only implies that you're not, but, more importantly, it grows that state of being...where your eyes go your mind follows. So, when we focus on abundance and running and jumping the light pours in and then what happens? The darkness naturally disappears. :)

Thank you for listening..

The McDougall plan is for everyone, not just for the ill. The same as the fruitful life, lots of unwell people try it to get better. I don't agree with your above comment.

The McDougall has no restriction, none. You don't need to count your calories, just don't eat the high fat stuff. Starches and yellow/green veggies are the main menu, with some fruit and beans on the side. 

I am not putting one diet over the other, simply stating, that calorie restriction is not part of the plan. Dr. McDougall did say, that if one needs to lose a lot of weight, add more veggies, less pasta...so perhaps there you got the idea to restrict.

Lots of healthy friends follow the McDougall plan, and it is amazing. I too, like you, love the fruit more, so I eat fruit until 4pm, then some potatoes...my hubby follows the starch plan very nicely, cutting out all oils, only a few nuts here and there.

He is very happy on it.

..thank you for the math ,which I will follow as a formula for success.

"If you've been restricting for a year, expect to gain weight..."

Why, oh, why, can't I get what I want... right away, please?!! Lol.

Why do I have to gain weight first... which I am!...to tighten up later?

Yogaranka- I'm, sincerely, glad your husband and friends are doing well on the MDdiet. I agree with you- it's great. Perhaps, if I had seeked out more help and shared on a site like this while on the diet things would have played out differently for me..



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