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did anybody see dr. oz on the view today ( monday may 21 , 2012 ) ? he was with barbara walters & another hostess discussing the cause(s) of atherosclerosis , & coronary heart disease . he was showing these hostesses on a dissected heart what the disease looks like . barbara asked what the cause was . he stated that "white foods " such as pasta , rice , & of course , white sugar are the villains . i find it curious that he failed to mention the # 1 culprit - animal foods ! he then tackled the issue of obesity . he again condemned white foods . barbara walters , being the inquisitive reporter she is , asked him specifically if meat causes obesity . his answer dumbfounded me - no only the white foods cause obesity , not meat !  what ? now i realize that refined white foods are bad , but that's only one quarter of the issues surrounding our health . the other three quarters are from animal products . plus , he failed to mention the good white foods , such as apples , bananas , etc. i think dr. oz did his audience a tremendous dis-service by only presenting a small portion of the issues . before today , i thought dr. oz was a smart nutritionist . now i'm not so sure . i mean , does this guy work for the atkins or paleo diet advocates ? how do all of you feel about what he said ( & didn't say ) ?

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Aye, just like with HCRV, an animal-based diet, like atkins, or dukan (not a fan of dukan, at all) have certain rules, but the universal rule amongst -all- diets, is clean-non processed foods. Anything loaded with artifical stuff, like junk food, refined foods etc, WILL cause cancer/obesity/heart issues etc etc.

It's a matter of choice, HCRV is the most humaine one AND affordable one, if you're not doing it for ethics, do it for your wallet ^_^.

When i did atkin-esque, it was meat, eggs, greens, flaxseed. Was ridiculously boring as well.

Very true.  Most cultures that are healthy eat a larger amount of their calories from grains/fruits/veggies and only a small portion every once in a while from meats.  Some meat every once in a while (once a week, once a month, and dairy products aren't as common because of lactose intolerence) will not hurt you.  But in the US and most first-world countries like England, Germany, France, etc, it's definitely abused.

I meant in the weightloss sense not in the ethical sense. If you read my post on the first question I hated the atkins diet and as soon as I was able to I rebeled went off it and went vegitaritan. which my parents hated but I hated meat.

Yeah I lost weight but i looked sick(pale/pastey) and felt sick(i disliked meat). However all my blood test came out good(wierdly).

Maybe "doing it right" was the wrong choice of words, I admit.

but in anything I'm now hcrv 3 weeks in.

well, he did once bring a group of women to a zoo and put them on a raw food diet for a few days.

i feel like he's the rawbrahs of tv. sometimes he's spot on, but sometimes he's really a wacko giving everyone and their dog a microphone and stage to preach on.

haha, hilarious and true :)

i was just watching a dtm video today and he mentioned a comment he got from someone saying if they'd seen one liferegenerator video that they'd seen them all. at first he said he was offended, but then he looked at it another way and saw it as a compliment. there is truth in simplicity. 

Dr. Oz and The View = propaganda

Mainstream media wants to completely ignore the dangers of meat, and blame something else so that the corrupt & greedy factory farming corporations can continue thriving, and more and more people will still get sick, and thus big bucks for big pharma.

It's sad how many people are being duped by the media. I mean it's now a pretty mainstream BELIEF that carbs are evil. And that we need TONS of protein! I can't stand those "doctor shows." They are so full of crap, and sadly people eat it up.

Good point.  I don't watch TV any more but I would guess at least half of the advertisers for Dr. Oz are restaurants and refined food products . . . 

aha, they EAT it up. punny ;)

I don't mind Dr. Oz, as he encourages people to think outside of the box when it comes to health. He also discusses alternative therapy too. No, I don't believe everything he says, but I like his openess and willingness to hear other points of view. Since he isn't a vegan I wouldn't expect him to believe meat is bad. And he sure loves some EVOO LOL.

I'm really shocked!  Isn't he a cardiothoracic surgeon?  He should no more than anyone else that excessive animal product consumption causes high cholesterol and atherosclerosis in a large amount of patients over 50.

White rice and white bread isn't exactly the best for you, but I'm surprised he said that that is what is causing obesity when in fact, there are sooo many processed foods and worse foods, like soft drinks, that contribute to the problem.

I think Dr. Oz is heavily sponsored by the vitamin companies and herbal food companies that he shows on his show.   He seems like a nice guy but I suspect that he has moments where he is more profit driven than informative.  In reality, most doctors aren't very well trained in nutrition.  And as a surgeon, I suspect even less so.

this conversation has gotten off track . jon is right - if you want to spread the paleo/atkins garbage , then go to another site . these people missed my point - yes , we know that refined carbs are bad , but dr. oz did a tremendous dis-service to his audience by not acknowledging ( even denying ! ) the role animal fats play in degenerative disease . now , some people here said they lost weight or corrected some lab abnormalities . the real question is - who cares ? every major epidemiological study shows that after a short grace period , the weight & lab values skyrocket to abnormal with a vengeance . why do you think bill clinton had to abandon the south beach diet ? it wasn't until he adopted a vegan diet ( even whole grains ! ) that his coronary arteries cleared up & he lost weight . lastly , the closest example we have to a paleo/atkins style diet are the eskimos . as i mentioned above , even when eating a so called clean diet of flesh with no processed foods , they still suffered from early onset of degenerative diseases , & yes , even morbid obesity !

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4jChkVpx7o This is something I found on youtube (i don't agree I like the carbs) but this is something dr oz has said.



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