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No joke I am on yelp right now looking for cooked vegan food cause im undercarb'd and need to go food shopping.  (i ran 13 miles this morning)  I saw an advertisement that says "Eat this, never diet again" and it has Loni Jane's photo on it drinking one of her giant green smoothies and at the bottom it says "Dr Oz The Holy Grail of Weight Loss" if you click on it, it is Dr Oz's green coffee bean extract.

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Funny! :) She got exposure.  I am sure they are using her pic wo permission and his name as well promoting that crap.


you should post a picture of it


this is why u dont upload pics of yourself to the internet some idiot will always use it for something else yea im pretty sure dr oz would know nothing about it..

why dont u screen grab + post it?

cmd option 4 or search for snipping tool

Lol, as if everyone had macs :P That being said, I have a macbook.

Dr Oz needs to take a walk down the yellow brick road and disappear .. cool that her image got out there tho....  mixed feelings :/

Agreed.. He's kind of a joke doctor in my book. But I guess that's how you get a TV show. Sell people lies :)

LOL aaaahahaha

Holy crap!

What now?

Dr. Oz says he doesn't endorse products, so he may had nothing to do with the ad.



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