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"The more beans you eat, the more your body will build up the good bacteria you need to digest them." - article: Oz Approved 7-day Crash Diet 

What do you think? 

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Forgive me for being facetious:  That claim might have some truth to it, who knows, but let's not forget that it's being made in an article called "Oz Approved 7-day Crash Diet" I mean, a title like that doesn't make me wanna eat beans.

I can tell you first hand that after eating endless fruits and vegetables when I tried a bunch of beans they went down fine and I had zero gas. I did it a second time with the same results. I don't know if the fruits had the enzymes to break down the beans or helped build my intestinal flora but it worked.

Dr. Oz is correct in saying this, but not necessarily wise if he is promoting beans as an ideal food. Bacteria that feed on beans will proliferate, and after about three days, the body will adjust enzyme levels as well.  But then again, the human gut can adjust to eating meat and wheat short term too.

But that does not necessarily make beans and legumes an ideal food for humans.

In their raw forms, many beans are toxic  to humans.  Cooking them makes the toxins more digestible, but then renders some of the vitamin and mineral content useless.  

You can do raw verses cooked comparisons of other produce (beans are not a good comparison because water content changes) here:  http://nutritiondata.self.com/

So why risk adding toxins to the blood stream and or eating empty calories when nutrient dense raw fruits and leafy lettuce greens are available?

Beans have three other issues as well.  

Our calcium to phosphorus ratios should be about 1:1 or 2:1 to keep our bodies alkaline and our bones and teeth healthy.  Beans are to out of balance with phosphorus and eating them as a long term staple in the diet could lead to an acid condition in the body that promotes osteopenia and osteoporosis, arthritis, calcification of tissues and arteries and arteriosclerosis, and oral problems.  

Beans are also high in protein which could cause the above mentioned problems, inhibit the healing of cancer in cancer patients, and or cause cancer in some individuals.  

Beans are also considered starches.  Starches require insulin to be broken down, and can only be broken down into glucose leading to elevated glucose levels.  Now blood fat storage hormone insulin levels are high as well as glucose.  Excess glucose may be stored as body fat and elevated insulin levels can lead to degenerative conditions and premature aging.  

The fructose in fruit does not require insulin to be broken down.  The body will take what it needs from fructose and convert that to glucose and other things as needed.  The rest passes into our gut and our gut bacteria feed on it.  

I think I will stick with my age defying oranges:D)))

Peace, PK

PK , thanks for all the great info !  if you do not mind why do you esp. like oranges ?  today i tried a lunch of oranges ..breakfast was banana and lunch was orange  this is so simple @!d


Oranges are probably one of the most perfect foods.  They are alkalizing with a calcium to phosphorus ratio of about 1:1, they are high in calcium and great for bone building, high in vitamin c and great for collagen and tissue building, great for clearing up skin conditions, carbs for energy, natural pain relievers, anti inflammatory, anti histamine-great for pain, cold, and allergy relief, and relieve indigestion.  The vitamin C may help ward off scurvy and help build strong immune systems.  They can clean and alkalize the mouth too.  

Oranges are like a pharmacy in a peel.  

On top of that, ripe juicy oranges are one of my favorite fruits, and I can eat a mono meal almost every day.  

If I think of something else, I will edit here:D)))

Peace, PK

ok edit here...

There is a theory that early primates and hominids may not have necessarily evolved and walked out of Africa, rather, they may have come out of Asia.  In Asia, citrus and orange trees are native and abound.  The fruit of orange trees is also somewhat within early grasp for early walking hominids.  

It is feeding on citrus and fruits high in vitamin C that we may have lost the ability to produce our own vitamin C, and thus will get scurvy if we do not eat enough.  

If we look at the plains and Savannas of Africa, and don't forget the desserts, outside of some areas like the Congo, it just does not seem like a very conducive environment to hominid development.  

Just a theory though.  Not saying I know.  

If I'm sick, I just eat tons of oranges and those feel so good on my throat and really help me dump any toxins.  Your nose starts running, etc...

Whenever anyone's asked me what they should do for a cold and I tell them to eat a bunch of oranges, they look @ me like I'm nuts.  ...  :/

They would much rather pay out the nose to a doctor and pharmacy and jack up their immune system with hoards of antibiotics and other chemicals.

Then they end up getting sick even more often...

I thought the insulin was used for allowing glucose into cells?   I'm fascinated by this stuff - that's why I ask.  I'd never heard that about what you said.  Very interesting!!


Insulin has several jobs within the body.  We need a healthy pancreas, and a little of the hormone insulin is a good thing, but too much is a bad thing.  The simple explanation is that insulin helps store the nutrients that you eat, and is involved in glucose, protein, and fat mechanisms.  

If someone wants to gain body fat, then eating insulin triggering foods, or foods that produce a lot of glucose such as the starch based grains, beans, and tubers, then eating these foods all day long will do the trick.  These foods increase our blood sugars quickly triggering a high release of insulin.  

First insulin will try to feed our cells the glucose, and then ensure that the liver supply of emergency energy glycogen stores are filled.  After that, the excess glucose and other food elements are stored as fat.  High blood insulin levels also inhibit the body from burning fat as well, frustrating weight loss.  

This is one reason that people lose weight eating more calories on a fruitarian diet.  Fructose has only minimal effects on insulin levels.  The body will only convert what it needs to glucose with very little need for insulin release and entry into cells.  With low insulin levels, many people naturally lose weight even though eating thousands of calories.  This allows people to eat more fruit and leafy greens which is a bonus because now they are getting more valuable nutrients such as calcium and vitamin C.  

Here are a few references to get you started:





Peace, PK

PK, thank you so much.  I love your posts!!  And, I always learn so much.  Again, my appreciation.

This is confusing as it goes against everything Durian Rider has been saying in his 'back up plan' videos?

THANKS PK !    I am so amped up on oranges now . today I had my first mono meal of oranges ( i had 10 plus 2 large glasses of store bought organic OJ )  also had snack after of mango seemed ok fruit mix

AND I am feeling something special 

SO I bought one of those citrus presses today so I can juice as well as eat fresh oranges !

PEOPLE on OKinawawa Japan eat lots of citrus . Interesting theories of where we can from asia or africa 

Morgan i agree people no want simple wonderful economic truth maybe minds are to close to even try something new instead believe as i did that chocolate is healthy cuz some doctor say or scientist say ....

no way  nothing can beat our own experience 

then its known and felt   and its game on !

have great night everyone !


Just remember that the people who need that statement are the ones eating rotting meat. Their systems DO need the beans and the good bacteria. In my line of work I see those sick people everyday (by that I mean they really have sick bodies). I have tons of people taking probiotics just because they have such poor digestion. 



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