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did anybody see dr. oz on the view today ( monday may 21 , 2012 ) ? he was with barbara walters & another hostess discussing the cause(s) of atherosclerosis , & coronary heart disease . he was showing these hostesses on a dissected heart what the disease looks like . barbara asked what the cause was . he stated that "white foods " such as pasta , rice , & of course , white sugar are the villains . i find it curious that he failed to mention the # 1 culprit - animal foods ! he then tackled the issue of obesity . he again condemned white foods . barbara walters , being the inquisitive reporter she is , asked him specifically if meat causes obesity . his answer dumbfounded me - no only the white foods cause obesity , not meat !  what ? now i realize that refined white foods are bad , but that's only one quarter of the issues surrounding our health . the other three quarters are from animal products . plus , he failed to mention the good white foods , such as apples , bananas , etc. i think dr. oz did his audience a tremendous dis-service by only presenting a small portion of the issues . before today , i thought dr. oz was a smart nutritionist . now i'm not so sure . i mean , does this guy work for the atkins or paleo diet advocates ? how do all of you feel about what he said ( & didn't say ) ?

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Dr. Oz switches his viewpoints constantly.  He is a on whatever the fad is... for awhile he was advocating green smoothies, with added whey protein, of course, and only 1/2 a banana.

owie, my tummy. did he add olive oil too? because he's pretty in love with the stuff. not sure why. i remember seeing dr. barnard on dr. oz recommending a diet of whole plant foods and no processed foods, lumping oil in with processed foods, and dr. oz was still all "well i still think it's important to get enough fat in your diet." CRAZY.

greenmama is correct. dr oz is incredibly inconsistent. one day he's doing vegan diet challenges, the next he's saying pasta causes heart disease. always presenting himself as the expert on whatever bit of fad info creates a stir. 

he's a perfect example of the fact that being outspoken doesn't make you credible, it just makes you outspoken. 

actually, animal foods (as long as the animal isn't sick) can help you fight atherosclerosis and cholesterol (that's how i reduced mine after being a cooked-vegan for a year, in order to avoid medication) . Check out the documentary "Fat Head".

I prefer raw vegan for many reasons, but there has been SO much misinformation, it's unbelievable. He has a point, if you watch that documentary, you'll understand more.

However, i'm waving the raw-vegan flag so far.

what kind of misinfo do you mean ? major epidemiological studies have shown the superiority of a plant diet over an animal strong diet . also , that lowering of cholesterol you mentioned ? its usually not of the heart protective variety & the lowering effect lasts less than one year . this was why bill clinton & many others had to get off the south beach diet , because of elevated ldl after one year . so , where is the misinfo originating from ?

This is what happened with me.

I went cooked vegan for about 8 months, before i did so, i had blood tests and i was pristine, even though i was morbidly obese. I did lose weight on the cooked vegan diet, quite slowly cause i had many starches in the diet, i ran blood tests and my LDL had shot up to 320(or 360) and my HDL was 22. The doctor was shocked, I was shocked, i was told to fix it through diet, cause the cholesterol medication will ruin my bones.

I did some research, there was a "myth" lingering about eggs helping you lower your cholesterol, in combination with olive oil, so i tried it out and swapped diets to the polar opposite. No fruits besides avocado and olives, no root vegetables, only greens and clean, organic animal products, -nothing- processed. The only oils i used was olive oil (tried coconut oil once, was nice but expensive) I also stumbled upon that documentary, and when i tested my cholesterol, just 2 months after i started the clean diet.

LDL was 105, HDL was 55.

I told  friends about it, one was an obese man who had cholesterol building up in his eyes, i told him what i did, he did it too, in combination with exercising, he lost 120 pounds in a year and his cholesterol leveled out, his doc called me to verify that what my friend was telling him, was true.

Another friend, she had a family history of high cholesterol, she fixed hers through diet, not sure what her parents did.

The key element was -clean foods-. No "superbars", no starches, no additives.

Raw vegan is also a clean food diet.  Processed/refine/non organic foods are the enemy, and excess grains. Check out how much bread-type of stuff junk food has, how shitty refined oils are used, the massive amount of non-pronouncable ingredients...

The documentary can explain more on that subject, there are more solutions than one, to a problem. It's up to you to choose which solution you want. I chose raw vegan.

Please re-read her post. Unless something else has since been deleted, nothing here PROMOTES animal products. She speaks of trying a diet including eggs (I'm sure we all have gone through transitions), but her very last sentence : I CHOSE RAW VEGAN.  

Why so angry and mean? I dislike seeing things like this. Where people are jumped all over for no reason. Perhaps you have not had enough calories to be happy today... Earlier I sent an email when I should have eaten first. Just be aware of yourself.  This makes me uncomfortable to ever post about my experiences.   Because, truth be told, although vegan now, I haven't always been. I used to be totally ignorant. These places should be places of safety.

Thank you.

Thank you for responding and explaining, Jon.  Those other post must have been deleted or  the offending material deleted, leaving the 'acceptable' post above.  Side note: I 100% agree with the rules and guidelines. I was simply worried that this particular one had been 'hit' simply because the word 'egg' was there.  

Thank you again :-)

*he's annoying and talks too fast.

I stopped giving any cred to Dr. Oz when he got a swine flu shot on national television. 

Also, does meat really cause obesity? I know it's linked to a host of other problems, like cancer, cholesterol, etc, but obesity? Someone who eats lean turkey and chicken on occasion are not at risk for weight gain, in my opinion. Meat is often linked with consumption of crap food like fries and "white foods" (which DO cause weight gain), but that's correlation, not causation. 

actually , meat does cause obesity ! the  pop we have on earth that follows a paleo/atkins nearly to the letter are the eskimos . they are very obese , suffer degenerative diseases at an early age , & have a shorter life span when compared to the rest of the world . until recently , they consumed no grains , processed foods , or anything else outside animal products . the point is , they are overweight while consuming animal foods .

Dr. Oz just shows all the different healthy ways to live... back in '10 he asked people to do the RAW 30 day challenge.
Meat does NOT cause you to gain weight if done right. Atkins prime example. Middles school I was forced to do it and from end of school year 7th grade year to beginning of school year 8th grade(about 6 months) I was only allowed to eat meats/eggs and thats its and i lost 100 lbs and got down to 110lbs. And I still have all my test results from that where they all went down from atkins.



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