30 Bananas a Day!

I think that all the doctors who promote a plantbased diet are awesome. Also I think that they all agree on about 95%.

But I would like your opinion here.

I have done some fantastic podcast episodes with Durianrider, Alicia Grant from raw synergy, Chris Randall and Dan MacDonald on enerGittes talkshow at iTunes. 

They have all taught me life changing health content and given me great tips like juicing for healing, fruit for energy, getting enough calories, drink a liter of water before breakfast, eat monomeals, speak your truth, its all about love, dont take anything personaly, sleep more and dont eat your pets. 

What theese amazing people have in common is: They are all 811 and what I call frutarians meaning they get most calories from fruit.

Im also 811 but not raw. I have only been on this for 9 months (never going back) and Im still learning.

My motivation is to heal my self from migraines. Its getting better but not great yet and I meditate on patience every day doing the healing code meditation. 

I have seen many hours of youtube videos with Neal Barnard and McDougall. Neal Barnard talks about safe foods when it comes to pain.And list foods to avoid if you have migraines. Dairy, tomatoes, corn, onion, apples, pears, bananas, chocolate,  Im doing that now to see if it helps.(still doing 811) The only thing I find hard is getting enough calories in a Danish winter from fruit when not having bananas. So I listen to McDougall and have lots of patatoes and yams. 

Here are my quetions for my 811 like minded people in here:

Does 811 work just because its plantbased vegan and low in fat?

Or does the raw aspect have a lot to do with peoples results?

Are the patatoes and rice the reason that a lot of 811ers call this the second best choice after frutarian? Or is it the salt on the patatoes and rice thats realy the problem?

Is Dr. Douglas Graham on to the truth in the book: Grain damage- rethink the high starch diet?

Or is Dr. McDougall on to the truth in the book "The starch solution"?

Please share your experience here. (especcialy if you have had migraines)

I know we have different things to heal and even though bananas are healthy, they might not be so good for someone with migraines.I hope to find out that bananas are not the trigger here, because that would make me go a little bananas.

I appreciate your help

Hugs, love and health

Daily enerGizer

Gitte Koldtoft from Denmark

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Hi CoconutGrove

What did you find out?

Im thinking that it was the fats?

Thank U Peter. 

Bananas are a trigger for some not all,migrainers because of thyramin.  An excess concentration of tyramine in a migraine patient's blood can cause vasoconstriction of the blood vessels in the brain. In addition, it appears that people with migraines caused by dietary factors appear to be deficient in enzymes needed to break down tyramine. 

As tyramine is a predominant composition in bananas, bananas are considered to be potent trigger for migraine headaches. 


I love my banana green smoothies so much an really hope that bananas are not the problem. But I have to try different things out. Im willing to do what ever it takes to get 100% rid of migraines. 


Also this video with Neal Barnard tells about it. go 6.09 into it


And some with McDougal about patatoe diet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PgBL8f87FE


If any of you have a link to a video with Dr Graham about starches i would love to see that.


Im a information junkie and Im in it to win it.


Thank U so much



I'm not a scientist, just a theorist :) but I think the vasoconstriction wouldn't take place in blood as clean as yours will be on 811-lfrv.  Neither will excess concentrations.

To me the migraines were a huge signal "lie the %$k down"  I was so unhealthy I felt my body was just taking over by immobilizing me and inducing a forced fast.  I was always so turned off by migraine medications -  just ways of dulling the pain, never figuring out why they were happening.  With the help of these folks here and studying NH I was able to figure it out.

That was a good video, he gave explanations for the most part, but he didn't really give any detail on the "dirty dozen" that he mentioned and why they trigger pain. 

I wouldn't be interested in comparing the two doctors.  They share many similarities and I don't think there is any wisdom in going beyond that.  Most people here prefer fruit and will swear by Doug Graham, People at the McDougall site will do the same with John McDougall. 

In regards to your migraines though I'm amused because i don't think anyone here has asked you if you've been checked out by a doctor, and if there has been any luck in finding the cause of the migraines.  If you don't know why your getting them then all the "advice" people are giving you are just hopeless stabs in the dark.  Yes, a HCLF vegan, and raw diet might alleviate the symptoms if they are diet related and that's a very good possibility.  But what if they are being triggered by something very different (atmospheric, allergy, deficiency, hormone imbalance, cancer) (some of those are of course diet related)?  Then you're spending all this time messing with your diet when that's not really the cause.  Hopefully it's something simple, and I'm not trying to frighten you with words like "cancer", but a raw vegan diet would only heal cancer if your cancer was diet related.  If it's not then much to peoples surprise (note the dry sarcasm) we can still develop cancer and other diseases, though our chances are dramatically lower.  

Those are just my opinions, but if it's available and you have insurance or some type of health care plan I'd get checked out.  If not, then I'd still be cautious about all of the over the internet diagnosis that you are getting. 

Thank U


I know I am about to write a blook here, but hopefully you will find some answers you are looking for and inspiration to go 100% on a raw fruit and green based diet.  

I hate to use names and or get personal about some health guru's claims.  I know most of them are just doing the best they can with whatever knowledge they have gained.  So rather than say a Mcdougall diet, I might use words like starch based or grain based diets (depending on what guru one is following.)

I would consider myself an independent researcher of natural health and nutrition and a human health activist.  I am also in a unique position of helping people who are struggling with 811 raw fruit diet, and with trial and error, personal experience, and independent scientific research, have come to some conclusions of which I will share here.  

I agree that no matter what diet plan people choose, avoid animal and dairy products for health and ethical reasons.  

However, did you know that grains can make some sicker than animal products can?  And grains, especially rice, are one of the most damaging crops from an environmental and green perspective?  

We live in a society where docs and nutritionist say eat wheat no meat or they say eat meat no wheat in so many words.  Very few people like Dr. Graham have realized that hey, we can eat fruit and greens and nuts and thrive too!  

There are several reasons there is lack of research on raw vegans and fruitarians.  First of all, we are a minority, but also, fruits and greens do not make most people sick!  Therefore, there is no research incentive to invest money into studying these options.  

Regarding your migraines

If all other medical conditions have been ruled out such as previous stroke, brain tumors, hormonal imbalances, bad teeth, etc, then.../

One of the first conditions people seem to heal on this diet is headaches and or migraines.  Migraines and or headaches are a common symptom of celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and or grain sensitivity.  Head pain can also be caused by high oxalate diets in part because high oxalate foods also seem to be high in tyramine a migraine promoter, diets low in vitamin C, high fat diets that prevent the uptake of oxygen and nutrients in cells and thus tissues do not function optimally, and believe it or not, juicing.  

Head pain in its various manifestations can also be caused by dehydration.  

I would also recommend eating at least one mono meal of oranges a day, and eat about 10-20 oranges.  Oranges have natural pain relievers, are anti inflammatory, will supply your vitamin C needs, and are also high in calcium which is needed for almost every body function.  


The following overview of our diet may help you with your migraines, achieve overall good health.  The following advice is based on personal experience, experience in  dealing with members, and scientific research.   The blogs I provide have further scientific reference you can follow up on, an many of them from official sites like pubmed.  

For headaches and optimal health...

Make sure you are drinking about 2-4 quarts of water a day.  Start the day with about 2-4 glasses of water, wait about 30 minutes, then eat.  Many of our bodies do not digest and assimilate fruit very well on a dehydrated system and on top of that, we may get constipation.  

Sleep 8-12 hours a night.

Get 30 minutes or more of sun a day.  Even in winter when chances of good vitamin D production are less, sunlight is still good for eye an retina health, brain and psychological health, and fresh air is good for female management of estrogen.  

Exercise about 30 minutes a day for about 6 days a week.  Take one day off for rest and repairs.  Exercise can be as simple as walking, or yoga, or belly dancing.  Movement to get the lymph and blood flowing and to stay detoxed.  However, it is not important to become a body builder or Olympic athlete.  On this diet, fitness is 90% nutrition, 10% effort.  

Eat enough calories:

30BaD FADs: Why 2500/3000 Calories A Day? - 30 Bananas a Day!


Low fat whole raw fruits, 1/2-2 pounds of leafy greens a day, and about a handful of nuts if one can digest them.  

30BaD FADs: Benefits of Lettuce Greens - 30 Bananas a Day!

Lettuce greens should not be confused with cruciferous veggies like kale and spinach.  These are high oxalate foods and can cause a host of problems both short and long term.  Other high oxalate foods are animal products, dairy, grains and bread, most cooked and process foods, some cruciferous veggies, some nuts and seeds, tea, coffee, and chocolate, tubers and potatoes, and legumes and beans.  This list may not be all inclusive either.  

edit here...

30BaD FADs: Oxalate Health Impact - 30 Bananas a Day!


Starchy foods like grains, potatoes, beans, and starchy vegetables in and of themselves can cause problems in sensitive individuals.  They contain high levels of cancer and illness producing proteins and toxins like solanine and are high in purines.  Because they can only be converted to glucose, eating them chronically can lead to blood sugar highs and lows, hyperinsulinism, diabetes problems, and weight gain. Some people following a starch based diet have to restrict calories as low as 1200.  

They manage many of their medical conditions like type 2 diabetes, but do not necessarily cure it.  We have had some members control, reverse, and or even cure type 2, and some of our type ones have been able to reduce their insulin.  

Other problems caused by starchy foods and grains are oral and dental issues, autoimmune disorders like arthritis and thyroid conditions, cancers, chronic fatigue, celiac, and many digestive problems such as ulcerative colitis, crohns disease, and IBS.  This list is not all inclusive.  

edit here:

Because they are acid forming in the body, foods like grains, legumes, and tubers can cause osteopenia (bone softening), osteoporosis, and loss of jaw bone mass leading to loose teeth, tooth decay, and loss of teeth.  

There are at least 203 disease and conditions caused by grains alone:

Wheat: 200 Clinically Confirmed Reasons Not To Eat It - 30 Bananas ...

30BaD FADs: Starchy Foods vs Fruit n Lettuce - 30 Bananas a Day!

Now I know the classic examples and arguments given are that the Japanese eat a lot of rice and they are slim, and the Okinawans eat a lot of rice and sweet potatoes.  But being slim is not the only indicator of health and or internal conditions.  For example, my grandmother was skinny as a rail, ate a starch based diet, (not much meat), drank pepsi, and smoked.  She died from complications of hardened arteries.  In Japan, Okinawans have higher bmis than their Japanese counter parts, and yet have more centenarians and better health than mainland Japan.  

So being slim should not be the criteria of health that our society emphasizes.  

The truth from the media hype.  

It is true that the Japanese are slimmer than their United states counterparts, but they only live on average about 5 years longer.  In both countries, the number one killers are cardiovascular diseases (there are other forms of hardened arteries besides being clogged with fats), strokes, and cancers.  The Japanese and their United States counter parts actually eat similar diets, just different recipes.  USA more beef, Japan more fish, USA wheat and bread, Japan rice, USA and Japan high oxalate foods like kale and spinach.  

So may be people should not get bogged down in the details of living five years longer.  One should look at the quality of life.  At this point in history, the whole world eats similar foods only in different recipes.  And the whole planet is sick!  Many of these illnesses are degenerative and not conditions people were born with, and can be directly connected to dietary choices.  

You can read more of my research here:

30BaD FADs: Diet and Health in Japan and USA - 30 Bananas a Day!


Except as an emergency calorie supplement?  Don't do it.  

Juicing Not Recommended

Some of our members have had troubles with juicing such as indigestion, sour and or acidic stomach, acid reflux,  blood sugar spikes, dizziness, brain fog, headaches, migraines, diarrhea, blood in feces, constipation, and inability to absorb and assimilate calories, vitamins and minerals in spite of high calorie count. The high sugar and acid content of some juices may give some people teeth pain and oral issues such as sores and bleeding gums. 

Juicing removes the fiber from the fruits n veggies. 


Importance of Fiber on Any Diet

The soluble fiber in fruit and some vegetables may gel up inside the intestine.  This fiber slows down digestion and regulates assimilation of nutrients as well as water absorption.  

Diets high in animal products may have little or no fiber, and diets high in grain products that have insoluble fiber actually may scrape and irritate the intestines like shards of glass and do not digest well. 

Fruits are high in soluble fiber which also causes easy elimination of feces just like toothpaste being squeezed from a tube.  This soluble fiber attracts water and turns to gel in the intestines.  (Ref: Soluble vs Insoluble Fiber,  Soluble and Insoluble Fiber)

Without this fiber, nutrients, calories, and carbohydrates can pass right through the system without being digested and assimilated and possibly lead to unwanted weight loss and or malnutrition.

It is better to train the digestive system right from the beginning to properly chew, digest, and assimilate fruits and leafy greens.  If you are having a difficult time with calories, then smoothies might be a compromise.  With smoothies, the whole fruits and greens are blended and some of the fiber is still intact.


You asked...

Here are my quetions for my 811 like minded people in here:

Does 811 work just because its plantbased vegan and low in fat?

Both.  You can read these free ebooks by the late Ross Horne. He has many scientific references showing why low fat is best, and also, that animal products and grain products are not good for us.  Before there was Dr. Graham, Ross Horne came to a similar low fat raw fruitarian and possible 801010 solution to diet and health.  




Or does the raw aspect have a lot to do with peoples results?

As I have already talked about, it is not just going raw that works, rather for some people, what is eaten raw.  Gourmet high fat raw can make many people sick and fat.  A high oxalate raw diet can cause just as many health problems as animal and grains do.  Sticking to fruits, lettuce greens, and minimal nuts seems to work best for long term success and overall health.  

Are the patatoes and rice the reason that a lot of 811ers call this the second best choice after frutarian? Or is it the salt on the patatoes and rice thats realy the problem?

You can google the negative health side effects from consumption of table salt.  However, our bodies do need some sodium, and the best source of sodium is from organic sources like fruit and lettuce greens.  

Rice is a high oxalate food and a starchy food and I have already provided you links as to why those foods do not contribute to long term health.  Rice has 0 vitamin C, and potatoes only minimal.  A no or low vitamin C diet is a recipe for scurvy.  Rice and grains are low in other vitamins and minerals too:

30BaD FADs: Vitamins and B12 Demystified - 30 Bananas a Day!

Is Dr. Douglas Graham on to the truth in the book: Grain damage- rethink the high starch diet?

Or is Dr. McDougall on to the truth in the book "The starch solution"?

Dr. Graham is probably more on the right track.  Grains and rice and potatoes are an environmental and topsoil natural disaster waiting to happen.  

The health problems they cause number in the hundreds.  I already linked you to the 203 problems caused by wheat alone, and the problems health in Japan and the USA.  


Please share your experience here. (especcialy if you have had migraines)

I would probably get a migraine about 3 times a year and frequent headaches.  On this diet, very rarely do I get head pain  and usually it is triggered by extremely stressful events like a death in the family.  


For more tips and tricks on getting started 100%

30BaD Banana Wagon Tour - 30 Bananas a Day!

Some of our frequently added discussions answered with science:

Frequently Added Discussions - 30 Bananas a Day!

All right, I will be giving you an exam tomorrow so study hard:-D 

Peace, PK

Thank U so so much. I will study it all :) Also please see my reply to peter about tyramine. oranges and bananas are both migraine triggers for many according to dr Neal Barnard. 

Much love and appreciation 



You are welcome.

I recommend not worrying about what Dr. Barnard says, but about what science says as you will read in my blogs, and, about what works for you.  

Can you eat bananas and oranges without triggering a migraine?  


What some of the low tyramine literature has to say about bananas is that the peels are high in tyramine and not the bananas themselves.  Other sources say overripe and fermenting bananas are high in tyramine.  

There are other foods that may actually be higher in tyramine, and or high in tryptophan which is metabolized in the body as tyramine.  These include of course animal and dairy products, fermented and spoiled products, grains and breads, pickled foods, soy products, beans, onions, and possibly white potatoes.  

For most people doing this diet 100%, ripe, but not fermented bananas cause no problems.  However, if they do cause a problem for you, sure, eliminate them.  But if not, do not worry about it.  

What you can do is try an elimination style of diet.  

Many of our  members coming to us with conditions try what we call banana island and or only eating one kind of fruit for a few days or weeks.  

You can start with bananas only just to see if they trigger a migraine.  If they do not, then you are worry free and good to go.  

Then slowly, day by day, add more varieties of fruits to the diet.  If something causes a migraine, then stop that particular thing.  

Regarding Oranges...

I actually have to research this more myself.  Tyramine and tryptophan exist in minute amounts in many foods.  Other factors that may be involved is how the food is packaged or grows in nature, what certain ratios are, and or how the body reacts to those foods.  

Oranges have actually helped some of our members with various aches and pains, and as part of a 100% low fat raw fruit diet, rarely if ever cause head pain.  I have personally yet to encounter a member who gets head pain or aches and pains from oranges.  (Although I am sure someone will show up here to prove me wrong:-)

The only exception is people who are still healing from digestive conditions like IBS, celiac, Crohn's, or ulcerative colitis.  

Having said that, as I mentioned, I have to do more research on the matter.  And, again, if a certain fruit does not agree with you do not eat it.  I am personally allergic to pineapple and break out when it touches my skin and lips.  So for me, that is my no no food.  

Another thing I recommend for you to do is try something 100% for about three months and see how you feel.  Of course I am biased towards our low fat raw fruit leafy green and some nuts based diet.  

However, if you are researching different gurus and changing diet plans and goals every day or every few days, then you are only doing a mix and may not see the results you are looking for.  It can take our bodies 3-7 days to adjust to a new diet and produce the enzymes needed to digest those foods, detox, etc.  On top of that, for example, if we are gluten sensitive, and eat a gluten grain, we might feel the effects of that several hours or days later.  

We cannot ride two horses with one bum (or two bikes as Durianrider says:-)

So, I challenge you to a commitment of at least 30 days possibly following the elimination type of idea and see if things get better for you.  

Peace, PK

BTW, have you ever been tested for celiac disease and or gluten or grain sensitivities and or grain allergies?  

Have you done food allergy testing.  I am quoting from memory here, but I think there is an ELISA test that can test up to 27 different things.  

Grains and gluten are also migraine and headache triggering foods.  


Dear PK. I think going on banana island is a great idea. That way I can see if they trigger or dont trigger migraines. How important is it, that the bananas are organic? I know its better, but does it make a big difference? Very very expensive here in Denmark. But If it does matter a lot I will go 100% organic with the bananas.


Have you started yet?  How are you doing?
I personally do not spend the extra money on organics for several reasons.  They can be cross contaminated in the field and, most of them are sprayed with chemicals and pesticides by the so called middle men such as truck drivers on route.  

I eat mostly conventional produce, and I feel ok.  

However, in your situation, I am not sure what to do regarding your migraines.  You could possibly try both ways and see what happens.  

Peace, PK

Thank U. Doing one week of patatoes boiled no salt mono patatoe island first. Then banana island. No problems on patatoes so far



Thank U Melissa. Wauw and congratulations on weight loss and feeling great.

Much love




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