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I think that all the doctors who promote a plantbased diet are awesome. Also I think that they all agree on about 95%.

But I would like your opinion here.

I have done some fantastic podcast episodes with Durianrider, Alicia Grant from raw synergy, Chris Randall and Dan MacDonald on enerGittes talkshow at iTunes. 

They have all taught me life changing health content and given me great tips like juicing for healing, fruit for energy, getting enough calories, drink a liter of water before breakfast, eat monomeals, speak your truth, its all about love, dont take anything personaly, sleep more and dont eat your pets. 

What theese amazing people have in common is: They are all 811 and what I call frutarians meaning they get most calories from fruit.

Im also 811 but not raw. I have only been on this for 9 months (never going back) and Im still learning.

My motivation is to heal my self from migraines. Its getting better but not great yet and I meditate on patience every day doing the healing code meditation. 

I have seen many hours of youtube videos with Neal Barnard and McDougall. Neal Barnard talks about safe foods when it comes to pain.And list foods to avoid if you have migraines. Dairy, tomatoes, corn, onion, apples, pears, bananas, chocolate,  Im doing that now to see if it helps.(still doing 811) The only thing I find hard is getting enough calories in a Danish winter from fruit when not having bananas. So I listen to McDougall and have lots of patatoes and yams. 

Here are my quetions for my 811 like minded people in here:

Does 811 work just because its plantbased vegan and low in fat?

Or does the raw aspect have a lot to do with peoples results?

Are the patatoes and rice the reason that a lot of 811ers call this the second best choice after frutarian? Or is it the salt on the patatoes and rice thats realy the problem?

Is Dr. Douglas Graham on to the truth in the book: Grain damage- rethink the high starch diet?

Or is Dr. McDougall on to the truth in the book "The starch solution"?

Please share your experience here. (especcialy if you have had migraines)

I know we have different things to heal and even though bananas are healthy, they might not be so good for someone with migraines.I hope to find out that bananas are not the trigger here, because that would make me go a little bananas.

I appreciate your help

Hugs, love and health

Daily enerGizer

Gitte Koldtoft from Denmark

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I don't think of it as one or the other, but rather an evolution of the same.

fruit being THE optimum.

1.   will you get the best results raw? - yes.

2.   will you get good results cooked? - yes.

3.   will you get better results agen being high raw, with cooked, all 811, (then even more so gluten free)? - yes.

lots of ppl get very good results from 2 and even better agen from 3.

...but number 1, is always number 1! ;)

Gitte, as far as migraines....I used to have them awful.  Every 2 weeks or so I would get a three-day migraine that would just kill my life.  Before going 811rv I had eliminated a few triggers (refined sugar and caffeine) but I would still get them, just not quite as bad.  Since going 811rv I HAVE NOT EVER EVEN HAD ONE LITTLE HEADACHE!

And I eat between 7 and14 bananas a day, every day.  811 rv has given me better health, at age 46, then I've ever had. 

My personal theories on the reasons for my migraines now looking back are:  dehydration and acidity - both of which are addressed optimally with 811rv. 

Hope you find relief as well!



Thank U Mary. How long before you were Migraine free? Im willing to do what ever it takes. Much love Gitte

Honestly, once I was a regular 811rv-er, it was immediate relief.  Been since Dec 2012.  They were so awful, I really feel for you.  I would get so nauseous with the pounding head and it would always last 3 days.  I wouldn't eat and could barely hold down water.  After I would feel like a new person.  Now I feel like a new person all the time without the regular 3 days of hell.

Gitte Koldtoft, you are very smart, I loved your questions! I was following the 811 low fat raw vegan 100% for about 6 months and my terrible migranes were over in less than 15 days... Today I still follow the 811, but with cooked rice (without salt), but bread make me sick, i Think is the gluten... I guess the salt is horrible... And I think that one person is differente than others... Don´t blame yourself, now I know that is not related to foods... I don´t know...Good Luck!

Thanks for sharing Mary!  

I know personally, in other people (I am not totally raw yet) that there are people and illnesses that only cured on a totally raw diet, at least for a given time (normally more than one-two months), so it is logical to think that if a diet permits to the body the best opportunity to heal itself, then it must be the ideal diet wich optimize the health in all senses, given the running of the living organisms.

And, apart from the concept of raw (wich it is obliged to have some minimun percentage), the low fat, low protein part is of course essential.


If you have celiac disease and or gluten sensitivities that have caused your body to create grain and gluten antibodies, you can have a cross reaction to rice as well. 

Potatoes are also high in solanine which can lead to digestive upsets, neurological problems, and chronic fatigue, and grains, rice, and potatoes are high oxalate.  

Because of how most starchy foods including grains, potatoes, and beans can cause blood sugar and insulin and weight gain issues in some individuals, and because they are all high oxalate foods, I have clumped them together in these two blog posts:-D

30BaD FADs: Starchy Foods vs Fruit n Lettuce - 30 Bananas a Day!

High oxalate foods including kale and spinach can cause many short term and long term health issues even in raw vegans:

30BaD FADs: Oxalate Health Impact - 30 Bananas a Day!

Hope your condition get better.  Have your tried a banana island or an island of your favorite fruit for about 3-10 days to promote healing?

Peace, PK

PK do you think that it's common to be adversely affected by potatoes and rice?  Are there some who can thrive on these?  (I mean if a person is following good health practices including 811 vegan and eating a lot of fruit and veg.)

not optimum and if so eat, eat also 60%+ fresh veggies with to avoid leukosyt...

also very important is not to over heat your starches(above boil or steam) if you eat this food that leaves you less energized and more illness prone

Energitta i suggest you interview Loren Lockman on your show to resolve your skepticism

Dear Sunshine

Thank U. Hes good. Did see some youtube videos with him and also found a podcast on iTunes with him. Like him a lot.


Daily enerGizer


Rice has just recently been found to contain unhealthy levels of arsenic.

I used to eat rice when I was short of funds but now I would rather choose sweet potatoes, amaranth, or quinoa.

Also with your not being 'all' raw yet, you should shoot for at least 80% raw and only eat cooked meals in the evening or near the end of your day because they take much more energy to digest. 



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