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I posted a week or so ago about swollen parotid glands I have noticed since eating a fruit based diet. They are not painful but are swollen and disfiguring.

File:Illu quiz hn 02.jpgParotid glands are 1.

The parotid gland secretes alpha-amylase which is the first step in the decomposition of starches during mastication. It breaks down amylose (straight chain starch) and amylopectin (branched starch) by hydrolyzing alpha 1,4 bonds(per wikipedia)


Anyway I have never seen Dr. Graham until today I watched a video on youtube and he appears to have extremely swollen parotid glands linked below.




My glands look similar but not as swollen. Is this common, has anyone else experienced it?

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Do you buy mostly organic?
Not sure if the question is directed to me or the person you posted reply to, but I buy certain things always organic and others usually conventionally grown. I eat a ton of conventionally grown mangos.
Dr. Graham responded on vegsource that he has not had a "flare-up" in quite some time, but has no idea what caused it with him, and that it was something he experienced while eating standard american diet as well as lfrv, so he doesn't believe it is diet related. I disagree at the moment, I am still on the hunt for information and believe it is diet related. I don't think it is cause enough to stopping eating a fruit-based diet, it is possible that it is due to certain types of fruit and that I have a predisposition to enlarged salivary glands. I believe I may have experience enlargement before starting LFRV that was too mild for me to be alarmed at or notice much, but something about my diet has triggered it. Again, I don't think it is cause to avoid fruit, I just want to know what is causing it for curiosity and vanity's sake.
Well I do know it's not uncommon for people to experience a worsening of symptoms of some problem  when they first go lfrv for the first few months, such as acne.
Makes sense.  I plan on sticking it out to see what's on the other side. :)
yes, if it is a worsening of symptoms of a pre-existing problem that would make sense. I guess time will tell...
wow thats so weird i never knew what those are. make sure u dont have any other symptoms of infection, etc
I've NEVER heard it and this post is not to point out some flaw but to genuinely seek information about a problem I myself am experiencing, especially after following the same diet plan as a person who has the SAME problem. Did you only read the title? What is your point?
thats a good question, I don't think the fact that the functional definition of the gland makes it seem irrelevant to fruit consumption means anything really, so again a good question.



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