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I posted a week or so ago about swollen parotid glands I have noticed since eating a fruit based diet. They are not painful but are swollen and disfiguring.

File:Illu quiz hn 02.jpgParotid glands are 1.

The parotid gland secretes alpha-amylase which is the first step in the decomposition of starches during mastication. It breaks down amylose (straight chain starch) and amylopectin (branched starch) by hydrolyzing alpha 1,4 bonds(per wikipedia)


Anyway I have never seen Dr. Graham until today I watched a video on youtube and he appears to have extremely swollen parotid glands linked below.




My glands look similar but not as swollen. Is this common, has anyone else experienced it?

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I should also add that I have a strong aversion to acidic fruits and the other day tried to eat a strawberry and felt a stinging sensation in my parotid glands.
Dr. D is the only one I have heard of having this problem and only when under slept or super stressed in some other way.  He has some underlying health condition since before his diet change.  He has talked about it on vegsource, you could ask him directly about it there on his board.
Thank you I will do that as I am becoming increasingly concerned about the enlargement.
thank you, I have practiced oil pulling a few times in the last few days and will continue to do so. They get more enlarged throughout the night and by morning are very big, if I eat something chewy they seem to go down.
Thank you Lychee Addict, your advice is greatly appreciated, I will report back here when/if anyone responds on vegsource.
I've experienced the swollen glands too...I'm not sure what it causing it.  Please keep us posted if you find more information!!
REALLY! Interesting. Would you mind sharing more information, like when enlargement started?, how big are they?, are they firm to the touch?, painful? What type of food were you eating in the few days leading up to the enlargement? Are they constantly swollen or do they go down and then become swollen again? Or any additional information that might be relevant. I would greatly appreciate it and it may help me connect the dots. Also someone may read this post looking for info as well.

Not the most flattering pictures -

It might be a type of fruit, who knows.  I would love to find out as well!

It feels swollen (maybe the feeling is from the pineapple) but I had the puffiness before the pineapple episode.  It's not HUGE but my mom noticed it.  I would love for it to go away.

Thanks for the pics, it looks similar to mine. I will definitely let you know when/if I find out more information about it and how to make it go away.
Also, because of your post about the pineapple, and that we both seem to have adverse reactions to it, that leads me to think that it may be a sensitivity to a type of fruit or a substance in a type of fruit.

Pineapple is close to impossible to get ripe in North America so most people have bad reactions simply because it is unripe.

Mature Pineapple vs. Immature Pineapple


thanks for the link, the video and thread comments were very informative.



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