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Doug Graham BANNED from the Woodstock Fruit Festival

Apparently using the WFF as a prop for promoting life threatening and unqualified supervised water fasts in Costa Rica was too much of a liability for Mike Arnstein and Co.

Now will Harley and Freelee be reinstated?

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There is no point in eating a healthy diet and detoxifying if you are putting toxins back in via bleached toxic vagina covers. It is more for your body to heal. There is also no point in helping the environment if all of those things are going to landfill. This video is just as important as food ones, it is about what we put in our body in general! Just as the "no poo" topics on here and stopping flouride toothpaste. Every woman has a vagina, it is as important as a mouth. I feel sad people don't agree with this video, really.

Might as well send them this one too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHniznqJtBE&index=283&list=... she made it in 2012

A vegan show would make no money for the TV, that's why there's NO vegan shows on TV.

People want to watch stupid and don't like to hear that everything they do and eat is wrong, unhealthy and immoral.

And defeatist attitudes don't help.  If you think you can't you are right.

Being stuck in la la land doesn't help.

It's like any other person that has achieved some sort of fame, it then becomes about the money and keeping the fame and making more money, sports stars take drugs to stay on top, rock stars take drugs to handle the fame, health guru's try and find ultimate health by pushing health to its limit?? and the people that fall for the &^$# they push, (gullible) are the ones that suffer, the message stays the same through all of the scammers and snake oil pushers eat a varied plant based diet move around a bit drink water sleep, and repeat!! bollox to the rest of it!! take it all with a pinch of salt who gives a, they all run out of things to say eventually so they all then start attacking eachother my lifestyle is better than yours na na na na na!!!! :P


Jeff Conway, I appreciate your perspective.  You make some very good points.

In my earlier raw days, there was some other raw social networks, like GITMR, and they were all just people arguing. Then there was 30bad, and it was focused, controlled, and adult.  The other sites didn't survive, and 30bad thrived.  I appreciated that I could come to 30bad and actually have an adult conversation about RAW FOOD.  Now, it's more about airing other people's dirty laundry, and talking about why rice is making you bloated. Boring.  Needless to say, I don't participate on this site nearly as much as I used to.

The real question is: Would DR & FL even want to be a part of WFF in that capacity or as guest speakers etc? Would Mike Arn. want/consider this also?

It woud be real nice to see DR & FL taking part in WFF and vise versa seeing WFF guys at RawTill4 festivals.

I'm not saying I'm right about everything.  I'm just a vision guy, dream big live big, and if I wasn't as impressed as I am by them I wouldn't hold them to these standards.

I saw the WFF drama as asinine on everyone's part and very consistent with food movements from the past.  Some of you know, there isn't a lot new going on, these things were rampant in the 70's and they attract the most bizarre people, despite the seriousness of the issue.  And I think the tone of the videos has deteriorated recently.


Just airing a pov.

Your opinion may be that the tone of the videos has deteriorated but I was confused when you linked to a very informative and helpful video regarding womens health and menstruation as if  it was somehow inappropriate for families to watch or irrelevant.

I was raised around the vegan and health communities and sure they can attract some 'bizarre people'. Something that has changed  though is the huge numbers of everyday people (including huge groups of teenagers, sometimes even children!) being converted to a healthy and ethical lifestyle by the internet. What is happening now is truly special and the raw foods movement is heading in a new direction in my opinion




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