30 Bananas a Day!

I started this diet earlier this year and I just keep getting heavier and heavier every month. I believe raw till 4 is only to sustain and that they only way to lose weight is fully raw for a couple of years first. My finical situation has me only being able to spend around $5 a day for my meals, so raw is impossible.

Right now I am having maybe two bananas for breakfast and red beans and rice for lunch and dinner.

Between the weight gain and having freelee tell me to "wake up before it's too late" because I suggested she focus her vidoes on the diet and not who is calling her a bitch this week. I just don't want to be associated with this anymore.

I'm going to continue to keep my fats as low as possible but i'm going to be replacing some carbs with more protein. maybe a 75/20/5 ratio and only eating what I burn.

I started this because everyone was so encouraging and welcoming. Now it seems like everyone is attacking the other for not eating correctly and following the exact rules. I have yet to find someone with results with rawtill4, they are all raw when they lose the weight.

I just wish this group would be more honest.

I'd rather count my calories than not fit in any of my clothes. I got rid of my fat pants, so now I don't even have clothes to work in anymore. I just really feel like I've been lied to.

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You only have two bananas for breakfast? If you're not eating enough you cannot get the results that you are expecting. Look on instagram though. There are TONS of raw till 4 people that show their drastic weight loss. I know what you mean about everyone fighting over what's right and wrong to eat. Just don't pay attention to that. You don't have to be on 30BaD to follow the diet either, if it's getting too dramatic for your tastes. No one has lied to you. It works for many of us. You just have to be consistent. It takes time to lose the weight, and the vast majority of people gain in the beginning. You just have to let your body heal.

Just for a quick reference on losing weight: I recommend losing no more than 2 pounds a week, on average.  That may mean slowing down your exercise routine.  I had a friend how lost over 100 pounds in less than 6 months & ended up with horrible stretch marks & loose skin (do a google image search for "loose skin" if you don't know what that is), so you don't want to lose the weight so fast that your body can't keep up with tightening up your skin (unless losing weight fast is the only thing that motivates you to actually do it, in which case, go for it hehe).  That can be difficult psychologically; if you want to lose 20 pounds, that means 10 weeks or nearly 3 months.  It usually comes off quicker than that, but "2 pounds a week" gives you a good guideline to go by for tracking your diet & exercise progress.

To back up what MAMA WOLF said, here are over 150 before & after photos of people losing weight on a raw food diet:


Also rachelanne2007, have you read the 80/10/10 diet by Dr. Graham?  imo it's required reading for this diet.  It's available in Kindle version for ten bucks: (meaning you can read it right in a webpage in your browser)


First of all, you mention you feel like you've been lied to.  It important to clear up any misconceptions here.  This forum is for HCRV (high carb raw vegan) with additional support for RT4 (Raw Til 4).  If you're not following the diet, then you can't expect the results they advertise.  I understand your financial constraints, but it's important to clear up the misconception that you're being lied to if you're not getting the advertised results by not following the associated diet.  Eating 2 bananas for breakfast is only 200 calories; if you are an adult male, you need at least 3,000 calories a day on this diet, so you are putting your body in calorie deficit mode otherwise (depending on how many calories you're getting from rice & beans), which can lead to fat storage.  Anyway, bottom line: you can't knock the results if you're not following the procedure.

Second, as hard as this may be, ignore the haters.  This forum exists for you & your health.  The social aspect is a bonus, so even if you're getting some flack, keep in mind that this is one of the healthiest forums on the web, which ultimately translates into good benefits for you as far as education & encouragement goes.  Not everyone is super friendly & yes, some people will jump on you if you're not sticking with things but expecting the same results.  So my advice is to develop a thick skin - this is the Internet, after all ;)

Sorry you had that type of experience. What part of "the rules" dont you like? I only got good results when "I finally followed the rules".

I've read and posted in a variety of your threads and discussions, whoever offended you doesn't represent me, they are all complete strangers to me. I don't "follow" Freelee or Harley as far as being role models in my life. I just take their information in regards to diet, and apply it, the way they tell me, and get great results. I do admire the years of work they put into creating a community on here and I look forward to thanking them in person one day.

We chatted before about riding bikes with the kiddos...I can understand that money is tight. A lot of people will surely jump in with diet advice...I mean I know if you changed some things and had a workout program that even remotely resembled mine, you would have different results...but I don't have kids to take of either...know what I mean? The solution might be to increase your income...you're American like me, when it comes to work opportunities, we are the 1%. Maybe your hubby can pick up some weekend shifts for a while or similar...I work 60 hours a week. I rather spend on food and live a happy energetic life, than spend on medicine and hospital visits. Its taken me 2  years of working at it to get results.....how long have you been trying?

PS: Not everyone does awesome on cooked foods...I do a lot better on raw myself.

How many calories are you eating.  If you under eat your body is going to hang onto every calorie you put into your mouth.  Secondly who said that eating beans as a staple was part of this lifestyle.  Those should be eaten in moderation because they are high in protein.  I would recommend eating more and living more and eating beans maybe once a week in one meal.  Stash in the carbs and supplement with veggies if you want more nutrients with your cooked meals.



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