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I hope this doesn't break any rules, however, I don't want anyone else in the community to get ripped off and after speaking with Freelee, she suggested I spread the word.

I ordered some Ceramic knives from Raw Star about a year ago now. I was hassled to pay up front, however I am STILL waiting delivery.

I mentioned this to a friend of mine, who ordered a month after me and is also still waiting delivery.

I have emailed MANY times, asking for a refund, I have been given a sob story of no money, and that I will just have to wait, he has other expenses like an iphone application and media appearances to take car of and the knives are on their way. 1 year later and they are still not here

Do not order from this man, I am not the only person he has done this to, his name is Bryan Au

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This is completely unethical.  Vicki, Freelee, and others, I'm so sorry that you have to endure having your money stolen, since no product was delivered.  And Vicki, thank you soooooo much for bringing this to everyone's attention.  You've saved me a lot of heartbreak, as I was even thinking about ordering knives from Bryan in the future.  Well, that will never happen, given his unethical business practice and repeated broken promises.  I'm very grateful that you had the courage to bring this to our attention.
i got some from him and was unhappy with them, he declined a return/refund.  too bad  :(

IM sorry to hear of this, from a  multitude of angles. 

Knowing Bryan personally I am saddened n shocked to hear of this. I ordered a large batch of his knives to flow on my site as I do think they are great n love to support others in their endeavors n got them right away. From last talking with Bryan that he is tight on cash these days, not that That should change the story but it is/was his reality. I really do hope you get your product/money back without legal action, always a better way. I take Bryan for one who comes from the heart wishing all else to too.


I feel for ya, I Use Ceramic knives that rock and also sell the one I use... If it helps I will give you 20% Off and Free Shipping from our Website. http://consciouslifestyler.com/categories/Products/Tools/

Just type "BEHAPPY" to get 20%...  Sorry to hear about issue with Bryan, sounds like he needs a good Knock around :0)

Checked out your site, and they look great - do you send to Oz?
We are Based in OZ :0)

Holy Shizz - that's awesome. I am onto it. As soon as I get my refund I am onto your site and purchasing.


If that doesn't happen... I will still bookmark your site and get some knife action from you


thanks Tyler

haha Tyler is around the corner from you Vicki!!  Thanks for that great offer Tyler :)


Just a heads up, we are happy to put your affiliate link up on our site under the "Sell" tab if you are interested? However we have a policy of no advertising links in the forum :) Thanks

For some reason I only just came upon this thread. I ordered a full set of knives from Bryan almost 2 years ago. There were many delays, hassles, excuses and emails. But in the end, he sent my knives and he even sent extra knives at no charge to compensate me for my troubles. 

The thing is that I kept writing him - actually bugging him - about my order being delayed and he always had excuses. But I never got heavy or nasty with him even though I was pissed and wanted to! I did mention a refund but I also knew that PayPal could not wrangle the refund out of him if he wouldn't cooperate. Despite my frustration, I treated him with respect and I was also aware that I had no control in the situation. When my order finally arrived, he had kept his word and sent some extra knives to me.


Please know that I'm not defending Bryan. I was extremely frustrated with him regarding my order and his excuses. But I only thought it was right to tell my experience. I will not order from him again though - lesson learned. Hope the rest of you can square things with him. I hope he has the decency to make things right...

I understand and believe me, in the MANY emails I have sent to him regarding this, I have been polite, not too demanding, giving him the benefit of the doubt etc


However after a while, its just not cool.


Reading this thread, I see others have ordered from him since my order and although they had trouble, their order was filled. My order, and my friends orders, much older have not and we have been given excuses after excuses (some conflicting the original story) as to why the order has not been filled and why we cannot have a refund


This was a last resort and I did warn him I was going to do it. I have not told any lies or untruths or done anything wrong. I am not the dishonest one lacking integrity.


I do appreciate you sharing your experience and to know that perserverance pays off

I can't believe the nerve of Bryan. He has been emailing me saying that he can't pay you because we both ruined his business! What a load of .... He is also threatening with legal action (& NO payment) unless this thread is deleted.  I have now informed him that I will be making a Youtube Video to warn others to his bad business practices. It won't be slanderous or anything like that but informative and simply sharing the truth. It's time for him to stop taking advantage of people and start taking responsibility. I have been told by 2 prominent raw food leaders that he is well known for ripping people off..sigh...sorry Vicki I feel very responsible seeing you purchased the knives through our site... Don't worry will not let this rest until you get your money.

Thank you Freelee and Vicki for standing up here!  I do the same when encountering such situations.  Too many people let it slide because it's "not worth the time".  These little assaults make our society uncivil and can undermine our confidence in the world and ourselves.  Most of the regrets in my life are situations like this where I did not speak up.  It does take courage and a sense of justice.  I applaud you both! 


"Speak your mind even if your voice shakes." 
— Maggie Kuhn


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