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I hope this doesn't break any rules, however, I don't want anyone else in the community to get ripped off and after speaking with Freelee, she suggested I spread the word.

I ordered some Ceramic knives from Raw Star about a year ago now. I was hassled to pay up front, however I am STILL waiting delivery.

I mentioned this to a friend of mine, who ordered a month after me and is also still waiting delivery.

I have emailed MANY times, asking for a refund, I have been given a sob story of no money, and that I will just have to wait, he has other expenses like an iphone application and media appearances to take car of and the knives are on their way. 1 year later and they are still not here

Do not order from this man, I am not the only person he has done this to, his name is Bryan Au

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Yes and I AM STILL WAITING over 1 year on!  It's crazy. How much did you spend on them again Vicki?

I have been promised they will be sent over and over and over again. Receiving excuse after excuse like yourself but then I see Bryan happily advertising his products on Facebook and GITMR. Also making television appearances in regards to them. Money problems? hmm.


I agree if anyone is considering ordering off Bryan (especially internationally) then I recommend you don't and look elsewhere for your ceramic knives.



I spent $638 Aussie dollars, which at the time was about $800 USD.


He badgered me to pay to the point of stalking, and then nothing.


I sent many emails requesting the knives and then the money back and I got nothing but inconsistent excuses where after a while, I realised I was being taken for a ride.


I want to warn others, because if I had a warning he was dodgy, I would not have forked out my hard earned $$$

yea there are people out there who find very expensive items to sell and rip people off on those sales. i would do something about it. con men have gotten professional

    Your math is little off $A638 used to equal $600 US not $800.

    But even at $600, just do that to 170 people - quite likely more than that based on how many in this forum alone have been scammed - that's an easy $100k, I've little doubt he's got a 'stash of cash' somewhere, all YOURS people!


DIZZY posts - Stopping cheats one post at a time!!!

    The fact that the timeline is over a year is disturbing.  I was impressed with his promotion of eco-friendly towels and I was pleased to friend him without an awareness of his business practices.  And that he doesn't communicate with the customer first, but rather makes them try to contact him further damages his credibility and sincerity.


DIZZY posts - Stopping cheats one post at a time!!!
Have you posted this on GITMR? He's a member on there I think...

Legal action is hard because I am not in the States. I reported it to PayPal, but they didn't want to know about it.


Someone on GITMR suggested I get in touch with the Better Business Bureau in America, which I did, but no luck, hard because they want American details (postcodes etc)


The next best thing I came up with was letting others know about what a dishonest business he runs and to avoid him at all costs.


I may not get my money back, but hopefully he won't get any more money himself because others will not buy from him knowing the truth

The thing that is the most frustrating is that he is happily flogging his products on GITMR, Facebook and now on TV then saying to us that he is SO busy and has NO money. He is a very dishonest man.


I am happy to keep this thread in circulation until you get your knives or a refund Vicki.

I've all but given up on mine. 

$800 is a heck of a lot of money to stiff someone on, don't worry I can see a positive result to this. I'm sure Bryan doesn't want his name tarnished on the most active raw vegan site on the planet. What do you think Bryan?



    As he took the cowards way out, I guess he does want his name tarnished.


   DIZZY posts - Stopping cheats one post at a time!!!
Wow, he is actually a member here?  Bryan Au  His website looks so legit too!

Definition of LEGITIMATE

1. being exactly as purposed : neither spurious nor false <a legitimate grievance> <a legitimate practitioner>

2. accordant with law or with established legal forms and requirements <a legitimate government>


3. conforming to recognized principles or accepted rules and standards <a legitimate advertising expenditure> <a legitimate inference>

I am on a campaign to get my money back, nothing more.


I told Bryan that if he continued to ignore my request, I would go onto every site my computer skills would get me on and tell people of my experience with him


He ignored that, I even waited ANOTHER MONTH until I posted something.


Get over yourself Bryan and admit you have no integrity and no intention of giving us Aussies anything - money or knives



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