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After a conversation on another forum I was drawn to ask this question.


From my limited understanding of yoga, it deals with connecting to your inner essence and tapping into a universal oneness but it doesn't have a defined set of parameters or deities making it less of a complete religious system and more of a spiritual template that one builds upon regardless of their religious beliefs; or lack there of. The link below describes it more in the light in which I see it.



I know a lot of people on this site practice yoga so I would love to hear a few of you comment on this and I would love to know what religion you practice and how it coincides with Yoga principles and practices. I Yoga your complete spiritual system, is it completely separate or does it enhance what ever religious beliefs you hold?

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I believe man has warped ideas because of attachment to religion, i.e. the bible. It's one thing to learn and be inspired by deeper meanings in such a book, but to take every word out of historical context and then control, limit or negate our experience, and that of others, is not a very holy or loving approach.

I take offense to your statement, "Man has got some warped ideas because we don't base our lives on the bible..." To say this says that those that don't hold your view point have a twisted since of reality and doesn't considerer that we may view you and your beliefs as just as twisted and miss guided.


You are stressing that their is "ONLY ONE" God yet in your own book, that you just called the authority, it often refers to gods in the plural. And to stay inline with the current topic I will relate to Psalm 82:6-8 where God is talking to gods and says, and I quote, "Rise up, O God, judge the earth, for all the nations are your inheritance."



Now being that this is all left up to interpretation, I could easily say that God want you, or some mortals since verse 7 says they can die, to "rise up" and take hold of your inner power and become as God.


Not to be confrontational but if you want respect then start by giving it. I feel as if I have been very respectful in my questioning as I try to gain more insight into how you see the world and I expect the same from you towards those of us who may see it differently.

Sorry you found it offensive.  It's like speaking a different language I suppose.  So you can't understand where I am coming from. The only way I can liken it is to say that Harley can come off as "offensive" because of his view on Raw Veganism too. But his ideas and beliefs are based on evidence. Some don't believe it and want to believe that they can be healthy eating meat and dairy etc.  That is their choice. But the body may not agree with that belief system and may rebel with diabetes, heart disease etc.  I see it the same way with Bible Believing.  It's so hard for people to rely on God and follow and obey his laws etc.  We choose whatever we want to do (and we have that option).  But that doesn't mean it will lead to what is true.  I am not suggesting you are warped or anything. I was sharing my opinion.  You can take it as you wish.   Sorry you found it so offensive.   I guess everyone needs to spend more really studying it all out - just as we've had to do with eating healthy - right?  That shouldn't be offensive.
Yeah I'm going to have to agree with Lea on this one. I think you are definitely allowed to have a strong position, as these are your beliefs but the key is that you said "But his ideas and beliefs are based on evidence." that is not the same as having a strong position based on faith. Kind of a red herring in that he can prove his stance but you can only point me to the Bible which would be circular reasoning.
I feel like I have strong evidence in the Bible that it is true.  I think it is as strong as or stronger than the evidences that so called science has for evolution.  I understand why people have issues with "religion".  If "spirituality"" wasn't such an elusive term today taking in everything imaginable I could agree with the person who said that about being spiritual and not religious.  It is unfortunate that some in the name of christianity have done wrong things.  But people have done that in every sector of religious or non-religious life. It does not mean we throw out the Bible because someone wasn't right.  But I still see it no different than in the realm of diet - people call themselves vegan and consume soda pop and donuts.  Or worse.  I don't need to argue this.   When I do health seminars I have to fight the atkins low carb diet people who don't "know". I educate and tell people to read.  They are amazed when they read T C Campbell, McDougall, Esselstyn and others.  I feel the same way about the bible.  I have found that people have not really read and studied it.  They've read everything else about it.  And formulated opinions.  And people don't like absolutes too.  It's a choice. I have friends of every denominated faith and no faith and atheists etc.  I care about them. I don't agree.  But they don't agree with me either. Most have never studied stuff out.  But I have found every single one believes in something and has faith in that.


This link is to a gentleman who was studying very hard to become a bible scholar and the more he studied the more he learned about the bibles flaws due to multiple translations over it's thousands of years of existence.  I would recommend the read simply if people are truly interested in facts or looking at a religion with biased and possibly unfounded opinion broadly cast across the world that has caused many horrible wars and suffering.  Just my opinion.

  I have read some of this before.  I could almost believe some of it if I didn't study so much into how the Bible did come about and the finding of ancient manuscripts ect.  However, there are too many prophecies that have so accurately been fulfilled. The hundreds just in the life of christ alone are amazing and couldn't just have happened.  It is completely impossible for those prophecies to have just been guesses.  Each prophecy was fulfilled to the "T" in the Life and death of Christ. And if the bible is so "off" then these prophecies couldn't have been fulfilled. Then also there are the prophecies in Daniel and Revelation that have been fulfilling in perfect accuracy.  I understand the human element and how things can get misconstrued.  But you know everything else that people are studying or meditating on are just "human works"  if you want to put it that way also.  So you to choose to believe something.  To blame the horrible wars on the bible is not accurate.  Human beings (regardless what faith or non-faith people claim) have been so good at destroying themselves, each other and this planet.  The reason is simply "self".  People want to believe that they are a god or can become god.  If they don't necessarily believe that - then they believe that what they want trumps everything and everyone else around them.   I believe those of us here really do want to do and believe what is right. There is alot of information and misinformation out there on every single thing.  But we all have faith in something.  I can't make you have my faith. It's something that has developed through my own personal study and life experiences and choices.  I am so thankful that I can put total firm belief in the Word of God and know that if it causes "horrible wars" it is again because humanly speaking self wants to dominate and do what it wants instead of submitting to the Will and word of God and obey the commandments and live morally etc.  But God doesnt force that (people force - God doesn't). We have a free will and free choice. We can choose to be wrong.  I don't believe it will save us to be wrong. But I am thankful that I have the free will choice to believe or disbelieve.  My life is not the same .  The Bible is alive and active and very relevent for me.  I am so thankful and blessed to have it. 
   A while ago I watched some documentaries from a website called:


There are a bunch of trailers there that are to Documentaries that have been done on the bible and other subjects. I was impressed.  I would be interested in what others think once they watch them. 

I do not blame the bible for wars I blame religious absolutism.  I am very happy that the bible helps you fulfill your soul that is truly a blessing.  But I can't believe that all the fear mongering within it is totally accurate when I know that there have been kings who wanted power over time and may have took advantage of the fact that almost everybody up until quite recent was illiterate and added there own dose of fear to control the people in there lands, as well as the religious hierarchy doing the same.  Jesus is all about love and when people tell me that I need to love jesus or I will go to hell sounds ridiculous.  I love Jesus and what he stands for.  I don't love the books that humans tamper with to control the people around them.  Even if the prophecies have come true, which when you say perfectly that is impossible, forcing people to worship him through fear is against his wishes.  I am very happy you found your love for him.  And I believe he has enough compassion to allow people to come to love him when they want, how they want without being threatened.
Scott, I don't believe in force either.  And no neither does Christ. He gives us a free choice.  He is love.  True love allows people to go their own way and do their own thing - it doesn't mean we'll be saved in that condition - it just means He doesn't need to force us into submission. That is a personal choice.  Once you honestly know Him as He is revealed in His word you do want to serve Him as He desires and not in any other way that we could conjur up. Because serving Him brings Him brings you the greatest joy and peace.  
   In this world humans have done an awful job representing Christ at times.  What has been done in the name of religion is wrong. It doesn't make religion or absolutes wrong - it makes people wrong.  I am not sure that any amount of fear makes a person really love the Lord. It makes people do things they don't want to - but it doesn't change the heart.  Ifeel badly for the hurt and mis-representation that has been done. I guess it's my prayer to be honest and true and allow Christ to transform my life. I am human and fail at times - but I pray to keep getting up by His grace and being more like Him. I hope that makes sense.
Yes there is only One God.  I pray we each are following Him and not something else.


I am not going to stop walking because people of belief systems that are not my own do it.

I will not stop eating bananas because of the same. 

If one really likes yoga, and do not want to get into the religious side of it, there are many classes available that just teach the basic moves without the cosmic jibberish. 

Peace, PK

I don't personally subscribe to any religious ideologies so I didn't ask for personal validation as much as an understanding of how people of faith view yoga. This curiosity was spawned by another discussion. I just started yoga and I don't believe in taking the soul out of an activity and still considering it the same activity, or saying it still has the same benefits, so if the spiritual element is removed from the style then that is not a style I care to try. I guess I see separating them like an alcoholic would see non-alcoholic beer; you you can go through the motions of drinking it but why. There would be many better thing you could drink just as I think there are many better ways for me to workout and build flexibility.



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