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Ive been listening to harlely and freelea and am eating high carb vegan but alot of people here say that starch can lead to weight gain n also had other toxic outcomes. If this is the case, what is the science behind it? And is it fat weight gain or just temporary weight gain or muscle?? Sorry I probably sound very dum but really need to learn more!

Thank you so much!

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seems why restriction is important and recommended by mcdougall etc when and if eating this unnecessarily slow digesting food that require cooking to be palatable and nearly tastelessly bland

so the body ends up converting and storing to fat the excess .   

give me fruit tyvm  ,  3years on and i haven't had any cooked in longer than i can remember those days of painful at smelly at times experimentation are way over. 

right on bro. yup, thermogenesis works with simple sugars not with starch.

+1 Danny, 

I tried to transition with potatoes and rice and gained 10+ pounds and it stuck in places like under my upper arms and as belly pudge that was wriggly and jiggly:-D  

I am also a little older than many members here, and have probably messed my metabolism and hormones up with SAD habits in the past, and I have had some other health problems like a damaged kidney.  I have best results sticking to fruit, greens, and a little nuts and and seeds.  I can eat a starchy meal here and there, but not chronically.  

Peace, PK

yes, nothing will ever beat fruit and greens as the most benign diet for humans in all aspects.

glad to hear that someone else has had a similar experience, because there is so much talked about in theory that a starch rich diet will not lead to weight/fat gain. and that all made sense to me to when i studied it, but my experience did not meet it with alignment. it actually came to me as quite a surprise when i saw the pudginess slowly increase on my belly last winter.


I feel that Insulin is a friend, a trusted ally in glucose delivery to our cells

May be you have misunderstood me.  I am not saying insulin is a terrorist and something to be feared.  Insulin is our friend, and I agree with what you pointed out in the first minute of the video. Insulin does act as an energy transport of glucose into our cells.  


Insulin is also a hormone that plays several roles in the body.  Insulin promotes the transport and storage of glucose, the uptake of amino acids, increases protein and lipid synthesis, and inhibits lipolysis and gluconeogenesis. (ref)

Not enough of the hormone, and we can experience problems such as type 1 Diabetes.  Too much of the hormone, and we can end up with imbalances in the body.  An analogy would be that of testosterone, in the right amounts, it is useful for both males and females.  Too much or too less can interfere with various body functions or even cause a female to grow a beard!  

When some individuals eat a chronic diet of starchy foods, this leads to a chronic release of insulin.  Long story short, high insulin levels aka hyperinsulinemia, can cause problems in some individuals leading to weight gain via storage of excess glucose in fat cells, (ref), inflammation, and other hormonal imbalances.  Hyperinsulinemia can also lead to hypoglycemia and other symptoms including, hunger, shakiness, dizziness, confusion, difficulty speaking, feeling anxious or weak.  


Other issues with many starchy foods, besides the insulin and weigh gain problems in some individuals, include they may have little or no vitamin C, and or the vitamin C they do contain is reduced via storage and cooking.  Most starchy foods have to be cooked to be palatable and digestible.  They may also be high in anti nutrients such as oxlates, phytates, solanine from potatoes, purines, poor calcium to phosphorus ratios which are recommended at 1:1 to 2:1 or better overall, are high protein and may not meet the 811 ratios some people are striving for and or cause acidic conditions in the body, cause oral problems both internal and external, and may cause issues such as Gluten containing grains are also harmful to some individuals and may promote Celiac  disease, Crohn's disease, alopeica (hair loss), acne and other skin disorders, kidney stones and kidney problems, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, arthritis, brain fog and fatigue, brain disorders like Alzheimers disease, schizophrenia, depression and panic attacks, optic nerve and eye problems, and tooth defects and bone deficiencies.  

The Raw till Four program and or the eating of starchy foods as a back up plan is more of a transitional tool and or emergency method when no ripe fruits are available.  However, the chronic ingestion of starchy foods is not really conducive to overall long term health.  

Peace, PK

Thanks for explaining that PK.  I was eating cooked starch last winter and couldn't take weight off and I was being SO careful with my diet. I'd also fall asleep after eating any kind of cooked starch for lunch.  It was so annoying.


You are welcome.  I have probably said it before, but many people on a McDougall/starch based diet do have to restrict calories long term, with some restricting as low as 1200 a day, and this is in spite of it being vegan and low fat.  Does not happen to everyone of course, but it can happen.  

Peace, PK

yea besides making you sleepy and heavy a rise in white blood cells it makes the body smell again.  not worth it ..

of course.  starch is not your friend at all


i would definatly avoid baked that crosses the temperature acryalamide is formed  only boiled and steamed and even than its less than ideal and acid based better stick with fruit if you have ripe fruit all starch can get forgone..

it would be like durianrider saying lets have 1 day a week meat.   that is how i see raw till 4 now and freelee not supporting her mom to transition to fully raw

not everyone can be a purist pro that sleeps late at night everyday like you Sunshine.. Potatoes and tubers are way better than S.A.D diet.. No point in demonizing starch as we evolved from it thru the harsh winters. What you eat isnt everything(that is high carb/low fat vegan) Going to sleep at 8pm and pissing clear throughout the day does the most wonders.

we def did not evolve with it has devolved us and less than optimal and devoid of nessisary nutrients.

no 'demonetization'  not pure  just consequences of actions like impaired digestion and reduced health where optimum is easy to attain and cheaper



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