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Hi there,

Not trolling, here's a little background on me: I've been vegan for 5.5 years, and before that I was "successfully" 100% 811rv for about 8 months around like 2005-ish. I say "successfully" because for like the first 4-6 months I was not tracking calories and had never tried eating lots of raw food before, so I was severely undereating and didn't realize it. I was eating until full, and that topped out at like 800-1,000 cals/day. Oops.

I'm currently a med student, so I like to think I understand a thing or two about how the human body works. But I also realize there's a "magical" component to raw food that we don't seem to fully understand yet, because it seems many people can be 100% raw, eating low-fat or not, eating tons of calories, and be lean and healthy.

I also recently (as of Jul 4) adopted the RT4 program, and did already have some slip-ups as I figure out how to have enough fruit on hand at all times, but it's been pretty good, and is getting better. But I, too, put on a few pounds already, though I've largely chalked that up to topping of glycogen stores and increasing overall body water since the weight came on so quickly, but I don't know for sure.

Anywho, my question. Does Raw 'Til 4 really work?--mostly I mean for weight loss. I just read a thread from this month about a girl experiencing a frustrating gain of 30 pounds on RT4 and it seems to continue to be going up. All of the replies in that thread were of people who experienced similar things. The only thing one person could offer was that she also gained about 30 pounds in the first year of RT4, but then the weight gain seems to have stopped.

So, nothing about weight loss by several people, but everyone experienced significant weight gain.

I also looked through this forum for something like a success thread, where people post before and after pictures or something, and couldn't find one. I didn't find any thread titles about success, either, but I didn't search very long.

So, that's my question. Thanks for any responses :)

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I'm on the lookout for something similar myself! I love the lifestyle and the way it makes me feel - alive, energetic, happy. But want to see/hear about some stories of ppl actually eventually losing weight and getting fitter, like Freelee did. Haven't had any luck finding any other stories like hers yet... Maybe it's because there haven't been many ppl who have lasted long enough on this lifestyle yet??

I do tend to believe that it will happen eventually tho, if you stick at it and work on getting fitter and fitter. It does make sense to me, but still would like to hear more stories like this.

I'm on the same path here, although I believe Freelee's weight loss was all that succesfull because of the 100% raw years she did before going to raw till 4.

Check out the raw till 4 Facebook page, a lot of people on there have great success with weight loss. I've been paranoid about gaining weight forever but after doing months of research I finally realized it would most definitely work for me. Just might take time, I believe it's definitely slower than 100% Raw but still works just fine

Thanks, I'll look there :)

Check out Sasha's YouTube videos, her channel is riceandraw. She lost a ton of weight on raw til 4 and seems like she's thriving!

Thanks, I hadn't heard of her :)  (I live under a rock)

Hey Marie-Luise,

I know that's the dogma, that calories in < calories out = weight loss, but I don't think that's always the case. There have been a lot of things I'm sure you've seen around about how not all calories seem to be equal, and people eating an isocaloric diet (same number of calories) with different macronutrient ratios or even just different amounts of antioxidants or fiber, one group will lose more weight than another.

Raw food seems to be somewhat magical in its calories, in that it seems that most people eating 100% raw food, and especially low fat, seem to lose weight rather easily even if their calorie intake is much greater than their caloric expenditure.

As for longevity, I believe the old theory used to be caloric restriction, but the new theory is that caloric restriction increased longevity because it necessarily limited the amino acid methione. That it seems to be methione restriction, not so much calorie restriction, that is largely what's contributing to the longevity seen in lab animals. See Dr. Michael Greger's video on the topic here.

Here are some thoughts...

Everything is relative.  Many people come to RT4 or highly raw with a history of disordered eating.  When they finally do start eating enough calories and nutrients, they will gain until their genetic predetermined weight is achieved.  

Genetic weight is not always our vanity weight.  For some people, it means having a little more mass or body fat ie women of menstruation age, and or body builders not quite matching up to their The Rock heroes.  

When I read someone complaining about weight gain, I check their page and previous discussions for history of disordered eating.  I try to avoid dishing out weight loss tips unless someone is obviously overweight or obese.  

Other reasons for weight gain can include thyroid issues, medications, medical issues, ( I can swell up 10 lb overnight if my damaged kidney is acting up), and as Peter mentioned, some people are sensitive to the starches whether it is the antinutrients or the constant starch/glucose/insulin cycle that people with metabolic issues suffer with.  


Healthy Weight Gain

Starchy Foods vs Fruit n Lettuce


Site creators Durianrider and Freelee were originally fully raw and much of their healing, detox, and weight loss occurred during that time.  

Many people complained about the high raw program being too strict, so they started the RT4 program.  Originally, it was supposed to be a transition tool or a backup plan if not enough raw fruit was available.  Now they seem happy with RT4.  

However, for many of us such as myself, RT4 does not work.  I have to eat highly raw.  

I concur that almost everyday, we have 10 new discussions pop up of people have medical and digestive issues on the RT4 program.  I often remind them of the second option of going fully raw for maximum health benefits.  

I have been on the raw (not war:-D path for about 4.5 years, and a moderator here @30BaD for about 3.5 years.  I often share these tips that work for me, have worked for many members, and of which I have science based on evidence based research to back up my claims.  I encourage other people too, to look at science and what works for them and not blindly follow social media gurus.  

  • Daily Recipe for Long Term Success
  • Minimum Calories: Females: 2500 Males: 3000
  • Whole, raw, ripe plant foods. (ie RT4: Steam potatoes: not a bag of chips.)  
  •  ½-2 heads of lettuce greens.  (Not high oxalate kale, chard, and spinach.)
  • Get a palm of raw nuts or seeds.
  • Low fat: not no fat! (5-10% of calories average)
  • Simple meals. Rotate foods for maximum nutrient exposure.
  • Drink enough water. Urinate (almost) clear.  
  • Early nights with 8-12 hours for rest, repairs, and muscle fat burning.  Get some zzz time before midnight.
  • Exercise and resist gravity 30 minutes. 
  • Sunbathe 30 minutes for vitamin D and healthy bones and teeth.  
  • Lower stress triggers.  Stress releases weight gain hormones.  
  • lOOk Outward beyond the self. Better the planet.  Do not self flagellate.
  • Avoid comparison traps. Be your REAL self and not your social media guru's highlight reel.  
  • Aloha to 30BaD's Science Welcome Wagon!

Peace, PK

Thanks, PK :)

I think I will consider trying to be fully raw, knowing that I can fall back on RT4 if I feel I need to. I shall try to do as many of the things on that list as possible, and see how it goes! :)

Check out Jilicious Journey on Instagram or Youtube, She is a 19 year old beautiful and slim healthy german girl who lost like 10kg on RT4 in 2 months...her Instagram page is in english language and on youtube she has mixed videos some in german and some in english language and she's also on facebook :)

I gained about 4lbs max on this lifestyle but that was coming from being slightly underweight beforehand so now at 118lbs and 5'6" I am pretty happy at that. I could actually gain a few pounds more and don't mind if I do because I am trying to conceive. I posted this on the Rawtill4 FB page but for some reason it got deleted. Here is me (attached picture below) 7 1/2 months into eating Rawtill4 and some days all raw. I have managed to completely get rid of my eczema that was all over my hands, I have an almost completely normal menstrual cycle for the first time in almost 10 years, I have kicked the coffee addiction and my digestion is great. My mood is better (thanks to all the carbs) and I am still able to breastfeed my toddler and have a great milk supply. If you want to follow my journey more my instagram is: alleyappletree or you can follow me on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5zRyxILXo_hwLDHyceqifA




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