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Hi everybody,

I've just been promoting RT4 to some other vegan friends of mine and I found I couldn't really answer when they asked why/how protein makes you fat. Now clearly this is just an example of something that just entered my head as 'fact' without me being able to back it up with logic (surprising and worrying how easily that can happen!), and now I would like to correct myself! I know I've heard Freelee and DR say that protein makes you fat in their videos, but I couldn't easily find a credible scientific source to back that up. Can someone link me to the right resources, and give me the layman's version? :)



P.S. I'm only a few days in to RT4, and this is my first post in the forums, so 'Hi' also :)

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It depends on the source of the protein. Some proteins raise insulin levels and keep them elevated. Meat, dairy, powder, and eggs are all examples of this. Other than that, high protein foods could just make you hold onto more water, so it isn't making you fatter.

I don't belive that proteine directly makes you fat, aminal proteine does because of the fat and hormanes that are in the meet, milk and eggs.Exces proteine can be strore at fat but our body will store fat as fat, exces carbs as fat and proteine comes on last place as a fat genesis macronutrient because it is harder to syntetise faty acids from aminoacids.So animal proteine can make you fat becuase of the others fats and homones you will ingest with it but plant soures of proteine like beans and lentiles are great for building muscle and losing fat because these plant are very low in fat

Thanks guys :) Funnily enough DR kind of inadvertently answered my question in his latest video :D

As you have said, protein spikes your insulin levels, which can make you fat ;) And yeah, animal proteins, NO THANKS! BUT... it's good to know that I can sometimes use vegan protein to spike insulin, because this is also helpful for building muscle :) So yes, I've learned a lot today :D

doesn't sugar/carbs spike insulin levels too? Carbs don't make you fat though.. and there are a lot of protein-heavy plants (peas, corn, soy, beans, lentils, chickpeas and so on) and those are ok on Rt4. 

must be another reason.

Apparently protein spikes insulin much more! :O But there may be other reasons... ;)

Hi Tim, could you tell me which video DR inadvertently answered this question in? I've been curious of it for a very long time. I've been vegan for 5 years and want to go completely raw, but having a hard time giving up tofu and lentils, so this information could help inspire me to stop eating those things.

I can't remember which one it was, sorry! He's been releasing too many videos lately :P But the upshot was as simple as that: protein spikes the fuck out of your insulin :) I don't think there's any particular need to AVOID tofu and lentils though, just focusing on carbs and whole foods is good, especially lots of delicious fruit :) That seems to be working for me at the moment anyway :)

What makes you want to go 100% raw (just out of interest)?

I just feel like there are a lot of things I can't help. Like the fact that this planet is polluted with chemicals and radiation, fluoride in the water, etc.. It feels very scary and makes me feel vulnerable. So, with all of these environmental factors that I absolutely cannot stop from bogging down my health, I want to be able to do everything in my power to try to counter those threats to my body, and keep my body in the best possible state of health that I can in a world like this. And I know that allowing myself to eat those things just because they taste good, isn't very smart (in my opinion) I've also read the china study and 80-10-10 and I'm aware that those things have a lot of protein.

Are you 100% raw?

Protein doesn't make you fat. Neither does carbs or fat. Overeating is what makes anyone fat. High protein intake has other health drawbacks however.

Okay thank you, I'm actually only chubby in my belly area and nowhere else, the rest of my body is very skinny. I could use some advice on how to get the weight off. Do you have any Frantz? I excersize so I would need some sort of dietary advice..

Based on your description, you are a classic case of someone who is "skinny fat". The medical term is metabolically obese normal weight (MONW). I suggest you google it to learn more about it and for ideas on solutions. Most of the diet info is not aimed at vegans but you can substitute with plant sources. You could also consult a dietician and/or personal trainer who treats skinny fat people. 

If you could eat 3000kcal of fat but you burned 4000kcal during your activities, you won't get fat. If you eat 3000kcal of carbs but you burn 2500kcal during your activities then you will get fat. Overeating is what makes you fat. Calorie types may work differently, but if you don't use them, they usually get stored as fat. One's physical activity, stress levels and lifestyle determines how many calories you burn in a day.

Highly refined or processed carbs are far more detrimental to insulin sensitivity than anything else. Whole, unprocessed carbs are fine.



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