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Does freelee ever have treats? OR DO YOU?! Should you? or Shouldn't?

Freelee has a body to die for. She literally is my goal bod' but with that i know comes strict vegan diet bla bla and a shit ton of exercise
My only question is, you see all these wonderful tasty raw vegan desserts or just vegan desserts in general (low fat ones always, of course haha) does she ever bake/buy them? i know shes 'carbed up' from the fruit so she wouldn't crave but a normal human being must surely want a treat now and then?!
I only ask as if she doesn't participate in any treaties and well if you've seen her body..thats probably why shes so skinny
I have a HUGE fear of gaining weight and i'm struggling with ednos (fun times! not.)
if i know that freelee sometimes has a treat every couple of months and still can not gain weight, then thats just a huge weight lifted off my shoulders
Doeeeeeeeeees she drink green tea at all? or is that not considered raw because its heated over a certain temp..(raw till 4)
does anyone ever have vegan treats? i love baking even though im shit at it but i love baking raw vegan/vegan treats even more!! but i never do because i dont know if its allowed on this diet for one and weight gain etc bla bla

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I dont think anyone has gotten the message through this post..
Yes, natural fruits are the best thing to have, but i dont know about you, if i knew my life just only ever consisted of one type of food and i never EVER treated myself from that vegan carrot cake i just saw or those raw vegan brownies, i'd look back and be like, wow. i was not a happy vegan. maybe a healthy skinny satisfied (ish) vegan, but happy? depriving myself? mhm. i rest my case

If you eat unlimited calories from fruit you won't really crave treats anymore.  FullyRaw kristina has some 811 raw ones you could try

Every once in a while I'll eat a fatty baked good from Loving Hut but I don't really crave them because I CTFU.

I've learned a lot about my body on this diet.  One of the things I learned is that there is a difference between a physical craving & a mental craving.  In less than a month, my physical cravings for junk food went away.  However, the mental cravings are still there - I still WANT a cookie (mental craving), but I don't NEED a cookie (physical craving).  So if I want to enjoy a treat once in awhile, sure, I go for it, but it's an optional choice now rather than a "I gotta have one!" physical drive.

I think that's interesting because I used to sit there watching TV & eating a bag of carbs to feel happy...potato chips, box of Oreos, whatever.  I'm fortunate to have a fast metabolism so weight gain was never really an issue, but I always found it odd that I could eat a solid dinner & still crave a ton of carbs to really feel "full" mentally.  Physically, a regular dinner would fill me up, but you know how it is with desserts & treats, you have a hollow leg haha.  And of course now, on HCRV, you eat a million carbs every day, so you always feel fine all the time.  I've been surfing 30bad for an hour or two & just killed a bag of 20 little mandarin oranges.  I don't want any cookies or anything else...that's what my dinner was & I feel satiated.  Neat to learn that we need those carbs!

This is a pretty flexible diet - some people do 100% raw and some people do Raw Til 4.  I do best on 100% raw, but I still have treats all the time because I love food.  Should or shouldn't is up to you!

On a tangent, what are you doing for exercise right now?  A lot of people I know feel better about having a treat (as in a RT4 food item) by adding in a bit more exercise the next day.

The thing is if you think you're depriving yourself, and spend your time focusing on the things you "can't" have, then obviously you're not going to be happy or satisfied.  I personally feel like I'm getting so much MORE eating this way.  There is nothing that is off limits (except for animal products, which I don't see as a food choice anyway).  I can eat whatever I want.  I choose to eat an abundance of fresh raw produce that is alive with vitality and energy, that makes me feel amazing and unstoppable, and that I believe is helping me achieve success and happiness in life.  Sometimes I have a piece of dark chocolate because it's really delicious.  Sometimes I am in NYC or LA and get my favorite gf dessert from one of the restaurants I used to go to all the time because it's special and rare.  It's just food.  It only has power over you if you give it power.  But to me, I'm gaining so much more than I might be "giving up," and that's the way I choose to see it.  I can't believe how much more awake I feel now, how much more connected I feel to my body and the universe than pretty much everyone else I encounter throughout the day, and how much clearer my mind is to lead me down the right path every single time without even trying.  This is not a sacrifice to me.  I do it happily.  If it's really that much of a burden to you, and especially as a young woman with disordered eating (I have been there, for years, and I know how difficult it is), then maybe you should allow yourself the freedom to explore other foods or incorporate different things into your diet.  You have to listen to your own body.  And remember that it's better to make the choice to treat yourself, which is totally 100% fine and normal, and then be happy with that choice and move on.  Don't dwell on it, don't feel guilty, and don't do it in secret.  It's ok to take some time to figure this out. No one can tell you what is right for your body- you are the only one who can decide that. You're really lucky you came to this way of living so young, and you have a lot of time to experiment with what works best for you! 

dont be afraid of gaining weight i am overweight  myself but i have been experiencing weight loss ie inches off my waist since i started increasing my carbs . i am on high carbed potato island  currently,and have lost 6 inches off my waist in abt 2-3 months. the only reason i havent lost more is bcos i have had cheat days .

but i only loose weight when i increase my calories.so far the most i have eaten in a day is 4.5kgs  of pots.my goal is to eat 6kg a day. i feel awesome. i have done so much damage to my body for over 30  years ,so i am giving myself at least 5 yrs to look like freelee.

when i am fully carbed i dont desire non hcv foods ,this is something i always had prob with b4

People can do "potato island"? I didn't know you could do that. That's currently what I'm stuck doing right now (and rice island) until I can shop for cheaper produce >.< My Walmart store is very expensive AND doesn't have any variety of fruit. Its just basics: apples, bananas, grapes, oranges. None on sale whatsoever. Wish they sold organic potatoes..having a hard time finding some. 

My mom asked me if eating too many potatoes (currently having to eat 500+g each time I have potatoes) is highly unhealthy, but I don't see any reason it would be unless its organic/not sprayed with pesticides. :/ I'm getting worried that I could end up with a build up of pesticides from all of the potatoes I'm stuck eating. 

 i heard abt a guy who had 20 pots a day ,for some months,you can google it if u like ,

i fortunately live close to a pots farmer who sells 50 kg for £6.tried it in asda which is eaquivalent to walmart in uk but its exp.and the pots make me sick.maybe its the pesticides.

yeah i occasionally eat boiled vegs too,it  isnt unhealthy infact i have more energy, clear mind,etc.

any way i feel eating pots is better that unhealthy vegan,i peel my potatoes too.

tried rice but it didnt make me feel good afterwards,ie dehydration,potatoes are better.try it on its own, mashed, its actually delish.

if youre passing by a carrot cake and think itll ruin your life and make you unhappy to not eat it, then its probably easier to eat it rather than spend more time worrying about it. i used to like cakes and junk food but since i switched to this lifestyle the smell of sweet cakes or brownies makes me cringe...

Cliff bars and vegan lollies. Cliff bars retail at 4$ each here in Australia. Same for a 3oz bag of vegan gummy bears.

Boxes and packets of them. Eat what high carb vegan things you need to eat to live the lifestyle you desire and do the training that gives you the body you want.

Plenty of girls eat more 'clean' than Freelee but they lack the energy and commitment to do the cycling up the hills that would give them the tight body they crave.

You're not going to get fat if you have treats every so often. It's your overall diet that determines your body weight not the occasional treat. 



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