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Does freelee ever have treats? OR DO YOU?! Should you? or Shouldn't?

Freelee has a body to die for. She literally is my goal bod' but with that i know comes strict vegan diet bla bla and a shit ton of exercise
My only question is, you see all these wonderful tasty raw vegan desserts or just vegan desserts in general (low fat ones always, of course haha) does she ever bake/buy them? i know shes 'carbed up' from the fruit so she wouldn't crave but a normal human being must surely want a treat now and then?!
I only ask as if she doesn't participate in any treaties and well if you've seen her body..thats probably why shes so skinny
I have a HUGE fear of gaining weight and i'm struggling with ednos (fun times! not.)
if i know that freelee sometimes has a treat every couple of months and still can not gain weight, then thats just a huge weight lifted off my shoulders
Doeeeeeeeeees she drink green tea at all? or is that not considered raw because its heated over a certain temp..(raw till 4)
does anyone ever have vegan treats? i love baking even though im shit at it but i love baking raw vegan/vegan treats even more!! but i never do because i dont know if its allowed on this diet for one and weight gain etc bla bla

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You sound like  you need to carb up and eat more!!!

Easier said than done..! haha

I make vegan treats only sometimes, like banana bread, banana oatmeal cookies, chocolate banana ice cream (I know cocoa powder isn't all that good, phasing it out/isn't tolerated on 30Bad). You can bake on Raw Til 4, but if you're raw vegan, you can still make vegan treats as well, just harder to do since most of the raw vegan treats I see on youtube require a dehydrator x.x look up vegan treats on youtube and experiment, cut out the oil and use stuff like apple sauce, bananas instead. They are great as binding agents. Also, they tend to use way too many nuts, so its high in fat, so beware.

Yeah i've cut out cocoa powder now. See i know i probably can, like there's no god telling me what i can and can not eat on this lifestyle (that im allowed to eat) but if it means i'd gain weight, id rather not. even if its nice. minute on the lips, lifetime on the hips as i say!:')
yeah i want a dehydrator but they're so so dear! and I KNOW. its so frustrating seeing a lush recipe and its like 3 cups of almonds 5 cups of walnuts 1/2 cup of coconut oil like its a recipe for a disaster!!! 

I know right? I saw this yummy looking raw vegan cheesecake recipe and when I found out about how to make it, I was disheartened because of all of the equipment. Now when I look back at it, I cringe! So many cashews and coconut oil x.x thanks but no thank chu!

From what i know she has them all the time. Vegan pizza and cooked vegan food.

Treats/Desserts..not pizza. i know she has pizza and cooked food.

Can make a dessert pizza 8D

haha  ahh yes! a banana pizza ;D

Any vegan/ raw vegan restaurants in your town? If its a once in a while thing you can always just get them there...

I think there is vegan ice cream mochi balls out there too...stuff like that. Brownies, chocolate, etc. If you mean like multiple times a week though I don't know...

Can't go wrong with banana ice cream though xD can totally eat that often!

Vegan ice cream mochi balls..? o.o interesting..

This is the only vegan restaurant in my town and no raw vegan places: Baagan http://www.baagan.com/Roseville-Menu.html I just haven't had the funds (pricey) nor transport to go there.. ^^; would be nice to find a vegan man there.

yeah it sounds like you might have to go to sacramento to get the most variety. oakland/sf is probably one of the best vegan scenes in the world. so in LA, I live in TX now, but they have stuff options everywhere nowadays I think



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