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Does everyone know I cured 14 year Anemia through Veganism?

Just curious if you're all aware...I had been anemic since age 11...on iron pills, told to eat more meat etc. Nothing REALLY helped me, yeah the supplements did something but not for long. Anyway, I can't remember the exact time but a few years ago I saw a PETA video and ended up going vegan for ethical reasons, thinking my health was going to suffer because of not eating meat for iron. My reasoning was that my health was not more important than the cows or the chickens etc. as we are all sentient beings.

So, two months into going haphazardly and staunchly vegan, as in, eating tofu and french fries and cereal and soymilk etc...I went to the doctor to get my blood tested. Well, guess what? My iron levels were ABOVE AVERAGE. And they have been at a good level at the other tests I have done later on. And my friends, this was JUNK FOOD vegan, with no attention to nutrition at all. In fact, I barely even ate greens to my memory.


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That is awesome! You should be a case study for all those anemics out there going crazy on red meat to no avail.

And with those flashy white teeth, I can tell your calcium levels are above average too. :P
LOL, thanks Jafar. Yep, keep it low fat or the teeth go out. Cavities self-repair btw

do they really? please provide proof of this!

thanks so much

ya think my diet of rice, fish, lots of vegetables, fruits, chicken, milk, cereal, and bread is less "nutritious" than a diet of soymilk, french fries, tofu, fruit, bread, grains, chocolate etc.? How so?
the iron-meat connection is another one of those myths and a dangerous one because of heme iron:
also, it's not what you take in that counts - it's what you body is able to absorb usefully and that's can be a problem with corpse diets.

in friendship,
yes... a myth...

the vegan diet I was following was not more nutritious though. It's what I took away from the diet that made the difference, not what I added.
it's like the milk-calcium myth. yes there is calcium in milk, but it doesn't do anyone much good because the animal protein in milk leaches the stuff out.

in friendship,
bliss wrote:
My reasoning was that my health was not more important than the cows or the chickens etc. as we are all sentient beings.

i have great admiration for people who go veg for ethics - since i was not one who did.
and not surprisingly, what's good for your ethics is also good for your health!

in friendship,
I know pradtf, isn't this SUCH a metaphor for life in general? Follow your heart, and things will just fall into place. I could've thought and reasoned and figured out it was too dangerous, but I followed my heart and did it without attachment to the outcome, and it actually CURED me. How does this apply to the rest of our lives?

your heart is in good shape physically and ethically - i don't think it can lead you astray.

in friendship,
LOL LOL LOL Michele, never cease to LOVE your posts.
don't forget the make-up created from lead soaked in pig's urine - a staple for that time period!

in friendship,



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