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OK so recently ive been trying to incorporate some whole starch cooked food. But the results are not bueno. Like yesterday I woke had a 10 banana smoothie and then for lunch I thought I would try a potato, so I did and 20-30 minutes after I was exhausted and felt off for a few hours :( ...... I put nothing on the potato it was just plain and it tasted great but I react like this to rice, gluten-free pasta (as I am a celiac) ect.  One time I had some rice and my face got puffy...I mean what the heck lol?!


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I can relate, cooked starches such as rice and potatoes always make my hands and face go puffy. Read somewhere that starchy foods cause more water retention when compared with fruit. Not sure if that's true, but it would fit with my experience. I still have those foods whenever money is particularily tight though.

One potato? When I eat a potato meal I eat at least 6 and don't have any of those problems.

Right, OP, maybe you were hungry?

try sweet potatoes instead, it Works like fruit to me >D

When you eat cooked starch, definitely just drink a lot more water  Starches take longer for the body to digest.  If you eat unripe fruit it is also starchy.  I just notice that when I eat rice everyday my joints start to ache here and there Lol @1 potato.  I usually eat a bunch of them like McClellan does.

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What is wrong with cooked foods?

Applying heat to foods provides no nutritional benefit to the food and is detrimental to the person ingesting the cooked food. There are reported instances where, by heating food, certain nutrients are more easily released, like lycopene from tomatoes. However, this ignores that hundreds of other nutrients in that heated tomato were damaged or destroyed. And it also assumes that more of a specific nutrient is better, instead of trusting that the body knows how to extract just the right amount that it needs for optimal health. Many nutrients are deadly toxic if we overdose on them, and more is definitely not always better. Many foods that we cook would otherwise be unappetizing or inedible to humans, such as meats, grains, and starches, thus bypassing sensory safeguards that normally protect the body from ingesting unnatural and unhealthy substances. Studies have shown that the immune system often reacts to the introduction of cooked food into the bloodstream the same way it does to foreign pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Cooking food denatures the proteins, renders the fats carcinogenic, and caramelizes the carbohydrates. Many other nutrients are damaged, deranged, or destroyed by the heating process, leaving mostly empty calories. Regular consumption of cooked foods results in a detrimental enlargement of the pancreas.




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