30 Bananas a Day!

Can consuming only 3% of your calories from fat be detrimental?

I eat a mostly Raw Till 4 diet. My days usually consist of banana/strawberry smoothies and my nights consist of potatoes. My daily calorie intake is around 2,700-3,000 calories and my ratios are usually 92% carbs, 5% protein, and 3% fat. I am trying to lose weight. Can consuming only 3% of calories from fat (around 10 grams per day) be detrimental to my goal of losing weight? I was previously consuming a lot more protein, so I have cut back on that too. 

Thank you very much in advance.

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it's fine, lot's of people do this for some time then eat some higher fat stuff in season like durian or avocado or they eventually just crave eating some higher fats.  where I'd be concerned is that you are not eating greens (which would bring your fat content up a bit).   in this day in age the fruits do not contain near the amount of minerals they would 100 years ago so greens are essential for most, around 5% of total calories is a good plan.  but if you do not crave them now that's fine, just give it a couple of months and you almost certainly will.  also try purple japanese sweet potatoes, they are full of minerals. 

i actually had those purple sweet potatoes last night!! they were delicious. thanks, i'll see if i crave the greens eventually. but, i can definitely add some spinach or lettuce to my dinners every now and then. 

Probably a touch low. Adding that occasional avocado, some nuts wouldn't harm I think.

My feeling is that you should expand the range of fruits and vegetables that you are eating.

I would also agree with Ednshell in that you should include leafy greens in your diet on a regular basis. They are highly nutritious and low in calories.

Sweet potato and winter squash are some foods you may also try as an alternative to potatoes.

I eat sweet potatoes along with white potatoes. sorry, i should've added that. But, thank you. I will try to eat mangoes (my all-time favorite) and other fruits, along with some spinach and/or lettuce. thank you for your reply.

I too eat sweet potatoes with potatoes. Try younger tender greens, as they tend to be sweeter.

I like to wrap bananas with cos lettuce leaves. Over time the more you eat greens the more you will like them.

I think you are doing great! Just remember the fat you eat is the fat you wear :)

yea that's what I was thinking. trying to keep it suuuper lean, just 10 grams of fat a day. we'll see if it works!

Reality is you won't JUST be eating banana, strawberries and potatoes EVERY day for the REST of your life so a question like that is not anything to even focus on hehe.

If your goal is to change your metabolism then it sounds like your diet is great. Time to focus on building your cycling fitness and sleep habits and mindset. I would recommend getting both of my ebooks and studying them over and over and applying the basic principles that work wonders for life. 

thanks for the reply, durianrider. I already got the sleeping and cycling mostly down, and the mentality down too. now, it is just a matter of time. I don't mind waiting 3-5 years like it said in your CTFU book. I feel awesome and i started cycling because of you. I will study your ebooks like they are my biology textbooks. you're the best :)

Yes, it's too low. Where are you getting your omega's? Are you taking supplements? Don't forget our bodies need some fat not only for omega fatty acids but also to absorb fat soluble vitamins, keep our skin healthy, and provide insulation and protection for our organs! If you only eat banana strawberry smoothies and potatoes, you WILL start to see vitamin deficiencies. Now it's up to you, but I'd recommend getting that fat up to 10% :)

I'm someone who finds fat disgusting. Even long before I went vegan I wouldn't touch it but always use tools to eat stuff like potato-chips.

When I became vegan and discovered HCLF, I of course followed it and have probably had similar ratios that you have.

I never felt that to be detrimental to anything.

However, eventually it became really hard to resist to fatty foods and I ate some of them. This might or might not have to do with the personal reserves running low. Body seems to want to prevent starving over the winter-months and make sure it has some reserves.

Thus there might have been days where I ramped it up from the usual 5% all the way to 30% of my caloric intake.

But after I've done so, I didn't feel the need to do so again anytime soon.

I don't think you have to consciously add fat to your diet. It's not like you won't find any once you really start craving it. I still don't like it most of the time but sometimes I do and then I give into it.

From all the reading I have done, anywhere from 5% to 10% daily fat caloric intake is the goal mark. Dropping down to 3% occasionally is ok.
There are many HCLF Vegans on this web site, and else where that live on and maintain 90-5-5 with no ill effect.
But I have not seen anywhere where anyone keeps their daily fat percentage intake below 5% for long term.



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