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I just started 811 and was wondering if anyone does not exercise. I don't but it seems that everyone on here does. I would like to know their experience and if they still lost weight on the 811 and how many calories they consume?

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Ive tried Bikram and Ilove it!  To me it like practicing in the tropics:)

Hi Lindsay! Ill tell you this just under 3months ago I was a meat eater Ive only been raw 8days &coming from a pretty sedentary lifestyle as well. So Im easing into it, I know that this "diet"(I hate using that word lol) I actually feel good enough to WANT to get out & do something! However Im starting with things I find fun,like, yesterday I was able to go outside & rollerskate!!(were expecting 8" of snow 2day though so that wont be an option;)) I like to go for walks & hikes,I also do yoga but Im a beginner at that as well. So I dnt have a persay work out regimine...YET.If your not used to exercising start by doing something fun but if your wanting quicker results then ,you know what to do.;) As far as calories make sure, of course, that you go to cron-o-meter dot com and that will help you with a calorie count 2 be sure you will get results and its not trickey to use either.I say def incorporate that into yr day. Well I hope I could help a little,but Im super new as well! I actually had the same question b'cuz it DOES seem like most ppl here are hard core athletic! depending on the type of diet you were eating before you went raw will depend how quick you see results too.Good luck sweets!Stay fruite!peace&love.~Monica

First of all you don't "need exercise for your heart" unless your diet is the standard one. But then this is just a clever adaptation- it does not solve the problem. Diet is what we need "for or heart" Right ventricle ATROPHY and greater output is another story however. But then that is for something other than health. Not enough room here to get into this, but when Dr G refers to "working out" he means 1) Strength 2) Cardio 3) Flexibility. If you want to work out to firm your muscles (build) and strengthen, etc. Again- too broad a subject to get into here. For a clear understanding of what fitness really means, do not refer to 80 10 10. He only touches on exercise. That is a great book on sports nutrition but not exercise. There is a huge difference between sports (athletic training effects) and fitness (strength, cardio, flexibility and body composition) training effects. This is fundamental. I have found that 99% of people who take up exercise treat it like sports. It is nothing of the sort. If you want to reach your potential in a particular sport then you must exercise a specific way (usually it puts strength training first and foremost as usual. Any athlete, unless marathon runners, will benefit greatly from adding muscle mass- not an easy task by the way. Even athletes who gain as much as 50 - 80 lb. have been known to cut time off their sprint times as a rule. But then, muscle moves YOU around where fat--- you have to carry IT around. (marathoners must shed as much bodyweight as possible to "win", so they are not interested in health as much as that. But then again, popular bodybuilders are interested in size at any cost, even to their health. Whatever floats yer boat.

Did you know that it has never in history been shown that heart disease is directly improved by cardiovascular exercise, especially marathon running? In fact it is diet that does the trick. The low fat high carb raw vegan diet is the ultimate. For your body under any circumstance including fitness and sports. 

A very good reason for exercising even if just brief cardio "sprint sessions" is to at least activate your metabolism for a few hours, which in turn makes digestion and assimilation so much more efficient) Of course if you do weight training intensely with progression as the main goal then eventually you will be lifting respectable weights (for you, based on your body weight and limitations and strengths) that will in turn activate (raise) your metabolism for 24 hours at a time, so it is the most efficient use of your energy, plus you get the added benefit of round shapely firm strong curves (for women) and the added bonus of the best bone insurance possible. Of course, one can also perform some efficient cardio here and there to round out the program, and some light stretching. This is what would make up a "normal fitness program" . Most people have it backwards however. They put most of their energy and time into the cardio part, or the flexibility part. This is only good if one is extremely tight and already extremely well muscled (not that well muscled goes along with being tight! In my experience the direct opposite is the case, unless the training was somehow mutated away from the basic fundamentals in some way).

One thing for sure. If you are just starting out, you only have "a limited amount of CHANGE units" in your brain at one time. If you take on a major change in nutrition AND exercise all at once it is going to be a lot tougher. Focus on getting your food together first. And add a little easy exercise just to get your feet wet IF you have the energy and desire. Don't worry you won't wither away or get fat overnight! Be ready. Be desirous. Be well healed nutritionally first!

Very well said, thank you. I kindof needed to hear that, Ive been riding my a** about not creating a strict regimine yet. Ive been doing great on nutrition and getting in some "fun" exercise at least a few times a week. Im almost a month in on 811,and a month before this I was on a tyipical SAD diet. I notice the better I feel the more i wanna get out there & sweat so Ill listen to my body..sounds like it knows what its doing!! ;) thanks again,Peace&Health ~Monica

Why would you NOT want to exercise is the real equestion here..it should be like brushing your teeth...you wouldn't go a day without brushing would you? This lifestyle is all about being active and fit! Plus, fruit is the ultimate energy source!
Why would you NOT want to exercise is the real equestion here..it should be like brushing your teeth...you wouldn't go a day without brushing would you? This lifestyle is all about being active and fit! Plus, fruit is the ultimate energy source!

It isn't that I don't want to, I just often don't feel like it because I feel tired. I'm still waiting for the energy to kick in. :/

It just sounds like you're not getting enough carbs to me.  You're not going to have the energy to do any form of strenuous excercise if you're not getting enough carbs.  As soon as you are consistently eating higher carbs, you'll begin to really want to workout because sitting on your ass is going to make you feel really lazy.  I don't think you're necessarily going to become obese by not excercising while eating 811, but I'm positive that to feel your best and to get the most out of this lifestyle you will want to regularly excercise.

Yes you're right there are a lot of athletic people on here who do amazing physical feats, however don't feel like you have to emulate them in order to adhere to this lifestyle.  Personally I only cycle about 8 miles a day (takes 30 minutes to do that) and then I do about 30 minutes of free weights/various stretching excercises and that's been enough for me to maintain my weight, keep a decent physique while slowly increasing muscle mass, and to feel at my best.

I try and do this about 6 times a week but I don't beat myself up about it if I miss a day or two - it's good for your body to have a rest day here or there in order to recover.


Well, today I had around 2700 calories from dates and bananas. I feel good today. More alert but not yet wanting to really do something strenuous. I have really only truly been 811 for about a week, though. Do you think as I continue, energy will continue to improve?


Then I have something to look forward to!

I don't, and I'm not skinny. When I exercised regularly (9 hours per week) I was 12 kilos lighter.. 




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