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I just started 811 and was wondering if anyone does not exercise. I don't but it seems that everyone on here does. I would like to know their experience and if they still lost weight on the 811 and how many calories they consume?

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I started by rope skipping in the house. I started with 2 mins a day, now I do 30mins.

I'm NOT saying this is an ideal scenario but a lot of times I don't have time to sleep, eat, work out, go to work, do errands, etc. I LOVE working out I am almost compulsive I need it so much but sometimes I have to choose sleep or working out. I'm sure other ppl here struggle with the same scenario. Soooo do our health and our results really take the back seat when we don't do vigorous exercise daily?

Never have never will. If it ain't play, then I'm going the other way!

I do love letting my body express itself through physical movement though.

If coming from SAD, you will lose weight on 811 without even exerting extra 'exercise'. But, don't be surprised when you start wanting to move, and move like crazy you will!

I  don't, but that is why I am obese. Joining the gym next week. :)

Get out and walk NOW!

(Disclaimer- that was not an order, but a suggestion. A suggestion made with love. I love you and want the best for you. You determine what the best is. You want to get fit, than get moving, now! Get off of someday isle (I'll).)

Hi Lindsay,

I find working out makes me feel so much better. I noticed that I am usually pretty happy, positive, bubbly as long as I am active at least 5 times a week. Some days it's softer than others, but I do try to get my blood pumping. 

Walking is a great way to work out. Even walking for an hour is fantastic because an hour of exercise is a great length of time -- it's just enough for your body to fully warm up and start enjoying it.

I also really enjoy a lot of sauna's and steam room's -- not only are they beneficial to my health and skin, but they also make me go to the gym and I always see what great classes they are starting. If you are interested in working out, I would recommend a community or non-profit gym in your area that has a sauna/ or a steam room.

If you don't work out, I feel like you may lose weight but it would take you longer. Also, you won't reap as many benefits as many of the members here have expressed!

I just started as well.  Day 11 for me and I am seriously detoxing, so not getting much exercise.  Trying to take walks, but sometimes even that is too much.  It's true (based on my previous experience of just plain raw) that your body will be begging you for exercise at some point, so if you don't feel it now, don't worry.  And yes . . . probably . . . you will still lose weight.  Everyone is different.  I have a friend in her 60s who ate 7,000 to 8,000 calories a day on a raw diet (lots of nuts), got absolutely no exercise, and lost 50 or 60 pounds.  But then, her cooked food consumption was about four times what mine was.  And she has always weighed less than I.  There is something to the metabolism theory.

Ï give your my clue, realax and not train so hard. Everytime I sport I did the same. Coz due to my health I always was fatigue, but because I loved sport I simply hit it even with fatigue, and guess what my body wasnt ideal from then on. And then I relax, eat the way I need to, slighly increase my amount everyday, and one I feel like it and I start to be active when I just feel it..then I dont overtrain and yeah, I become fitter.... so dont do my mistakes and train smart.

I've been doing this for 6+ months... I dont exercise but when I do, I feel awesomely better. Right now I just work very hard at a desk job and building something Im dreaming. I feel great. But I know exercise would  make me AWESOME. don't worry if you cant tho.

For me 811 mimics the natural diet that most of us have not been fortunate enough to live. So for me integrating a natural diet with a natural lifestyle go hand in hand, exercise and movement are part and parcel of living naturally.. The old saying "Chop wood, Carry water" basically captures the essence of my lifestyle, I have rearranged much of what I once did to achieve a wholistic way of life that incorporates diet, health, freedom, joy, ecological care and rehab, peace and sanctuary. A healthy vibrant fit person contributes the the ecosystem of life and life begets life :)

Right now I do not exercise, only because i have WAY too many time commitments ( 2 jobs and I'm in school.) I plan on changing that ASAP. I already have more energy following 80 10 10 and I need an outlet for it.  I am not a 'gym' person. I plan on starting Bikram Yoga again next month. I know the 80 10 10 book remarks on the importance of exercise, but also just as humans just living we need to do something to keep our bodies from becoming mush.  

Lindsay you probably are more active than you think you are. Do you walk to work or to the train/bus? or to do laundry or shopping?


Yes I love it!. I feel so relaxed after. I get a chance to just let everything go and focus on breathing. I know what you are thinking the HEAT! lol and there have been times where all I could do was to sit down on my mat and pray. But My body really responds to it. The biggest plus for me is that I end up drinking so much more water because of it! I need that motivation.



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