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I just started 811 and was wondering if anyone does not exercise. I don't but it seems that everyone on here does. I would like to know their experience and if they still lost weight on the 811 and how many calories they consume?

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Exercise used to be a brilliant part of my life, but I gave to all up to travel the world which is where I'm at now, so I don't have gym membership, I tried running in the street in Brazil and got harrassed BIG time, and being in South America on your own just isn't that safe if you wanna go running around in skimpy gym clothes, hence the lack of exercise. My point is, exercise is great, for overall health and fitness, even if you are eating just fruit. I can't wait to get back into it and get my figure back :)

There are ways to exercise within the comfort of your own home, even if you don't have equipment. There are lots of great videos on Netflix and YouTube for working out. You can also dance or take classes. Going for a walk is another way to exercise that won't make you stand out.

:) Yeah. Personally, I lift weights at minimum three times per week. I was doing this before 811 and before being raw at all. When I transitioned to the raw diet, I was really too tired? to work out. I guess I was just detoxing because the feeling wasn't really fatigue.

As of now, I still feel as if I really lack motivation to go out and move. I am hoping that will change with time as I continue 811.

I haven't really exercised this winter because of different reasons, just carrying fruits everyday from the store and taking brisk walks. But yesterday I observed in myself that I felt a strong urge to run to the bus, it just felt better instead of walking. My vigorous exercise period during the summer payed of by giving me stronger muscles and motivation to move. :) 

Note that I never in my life enjoyed running.


If someone isn't doing some kind of movement, they aren't really doing the 811. They are doing...... something else.


If you lost your feet, you get artificial limbs and start running.

If you lost your legs, you become a wheelchair marathoner.

If you lost your arms, you become the greatest kickboxer and high-jumper. 

If you lost all your limbs you roll around the world, twice!  


The top two are amazing pictures. They're making me feel embarrassed about missing my workout today because I was feeling lazy.

Have you read 80/10/10 by Dr. Graham? In his fundamentals elements of health he lists exercise. If you watch his videos on YouTube, he also talks about the importance of exercise in creating a healthy lifestyle. There may be some people that don't work out, but I've found that when you eat this diet, it's almost impossible NOT to. I constantly find myself with spurts of energy to run, skip, jump, climb, dance, or just spontaneously workout.

Is there a reason that you haven't been working out? (i.e. schedule, injury...)

Returning back to Lindsay's original question, I can tell you Don Bennet is right in his article on exercise: we all only need strength training, not cardio/fitness/whatever else!

I track my foods daily on cronometer.com, so I discovered that in order to maintain my weight I should eat -10% of my daily calories, so 2250 instead of 2500. But doing 25 min. of real strength training once a week (bodyrock.tv for some real good examples, forgetting their food recipes, of course!) fixed up my metabolism right after the first week, so now I can eat 2500 cal a day and keep my weight. And, of course, anyone has got a 30 min. spare time once a week!

Finally, let me just point out why on earth all the people on this site insist, after having read the 80/10/10 book by Dr. Graham, that we all need 3000+ cal per day: fruit & raw vegs are not dense enough, these days, in order to support our 100% nutritional targets, until we don't eat 4-5Kgs per day!

I personally like to trust Science, and Science tells us our ancestors catched fire 1.9mya, so we had plenty of time to, and in fact we did, adapt to cooked food. So, once you eat 1,5Kgs of fruits in a day, cook your vegetables at dinner: you only need them for additional minerals, and cooking will just get them denser!

Finally: by adding some cooked vegetable food to my diet, I can get to 90%+ of my daily nutritional targets in cronometer.com with little than 2000cal instead of the required 2500.

Thank you for answering my question. A lot of people have responded but have misread what I was asking.  Thanks.

80 10 10 lists at least 15-20 things you need to be healthy.

I am currently not exercising much and I feel like CRAP.

I want to mention a book by a trainer that i think really is interesting.

The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing.

The author was a pioneer in barefoot running.  He trained 6x Ironman Winner Mark Allen.  While the diet he suggests is basically paleo in nature, the workout information is really interesting.  He does bad rap carbs, mainly refined, but never really bad raps fruit at all.  I need to finish the nutrition section still.

To sum the book up, most of us train too hard and too often and indeed have no aerobic base.  We are killing ourselves and not burning fat, only sugar.  By monitoring your heart rate and working in considerably lower zones, you can safely build a very high level of fitness, while training your body to use fat for fuel.

He also advocates no weight training in the start, and very limited thereafter.  his reasoning is that is anaerobic and stresses the body, causes over training, burns sugar and release free radicals easily.

Very interesting guy who has done a LOT of research with athletes and holistic healing of athletes with injuries.

Pete Maffetone is the author - here is a link to mark Allens blog.


I havent exercised for years. Hate the stuff!

Top response!! well said.



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