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Does anyone else have family that tries to trick them into eating meat???

I reluctantly visited my super unhealthy, mostly overweight family for Thanksgiving.  I was compromising already by eating all cooked vegetables that day.  But my grandmother made me a special vegetarian "stuffing" or "dressing" or whatever you call it.  When I started eating it I noticed it had chicken in it!  I don't know if it was an accident or not but they aren't apologetic at all.  They just don't GET it.  They have no clue that what they are doing is bad in any way whatsoever.    Then they showed me a freezer full of at least 200lbs of frozen meat and genuinely asked me if i wanted some!  I've been vegan over a year, but they think it's a phase and I'll grow out of it, even though I've been in the health industry for almost 10 years as a fitness trainer and now I'm an author.  I think some people are just willfully ignorant and will die miserable with the truth right in front of their faces.

It's very frustrating...

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That's not cool.  I hope you managed to have fun anyway.  :(  

My nana once made me some baked pasta casserole thing that had little bits of ham in it when I was just vegetarian. I don't think she really understood what vegetarian meant or forgot. I mean some people think it means you still eat fish and chicken.
i used to have the same problem, but now they seem to get the point... for example my mom asked me what i want for the x-mas dinner. *well, they still working on the "raw" version*, but I'm ok with baby-step, soon they'll be running!

i will say give them time but stand for what you believe.

When my mom did that "about 2 years ago" i didn't eat anything that night and went home earlier than usual. i kept doing the same until they got the point, but now i get the special treatment during the holidays :).

Go up to them, grab their fat, and be like would you like some veggies?


Dame that sucks. Just bring you own food next time ready and don't bother even 'taste testing' food if they ask you. You  know all it just a trick to make you eat their food. "oh honey just taste this food it won't ruin your diet" Some of your family and other love ones will understand then leave you alone but others don`t and will refuse to learn. Nevertheless they just worry about you . It would be better to have ignorant love ones then not to have love ones at all.

Oh my God that is so sick what happened to your friend! We avoid family meals because it is gross seeing all the meat anyway. But If we do go we take loads of our favorite things. Now I am more confident and look healthy it feels good showing off how I eat. I always laugh at my posh aunty ( who is a nurse and thinks she is an expert) get annoyed at how much I enjoy my vegan food. When I first became vegetarian she offered me chicken and I said no I dont eat that so she offered me fish! When I said no thank you she stormed off saying for goodness sake! And now I am vegan lol. People used to be rude to us but now I have been vegan 7 years and have 3 kids, flat stomach, my food looks good and I have educated myself, they dont say a word.

My grandma did give my girls non-vegan gingerbread for christmas but I think its just age, she doesnt get it.

wow! I would for real pull some scary "carrie" sh*t and flip the table over, storm out of the house, kind of reaction. bravo to you for being so composed. My family would never trick me, but maybe that's because they know I would flip out. lol! :D They do always poke fun at me, but the proof is in the pudding- I look good and feel good. :D Also, my mom and me went to a cooked vegan thanksgiving this year. I'm not 100% raw, but the over-dose of cooked food has definitely affected me negatively today. However, I am really happy that she was FINALLY (after 7 years of vegetarianism and 4 years of veganism) open to trying an all-vegan thanksgiving. She REALLY liked it too! OMG! success! It was really nice and worth it for me. :D yay!

So, I guess I am saying that maybe someday your family will understand, or maybe, someday, you will realize that it is better to be with people who truly love and respect you, over people who you think you are "supposed" to spend thanksgiving with, and spend it with some fruity friends instead.

That is cool about your Mum. I agree it just takes time. And not taking any shit.

BRING YOUR OWN FOOD OR DON'T GO AT ALL. There's no excuse for their awful behaviour.



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