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Hi. First post. :)

I have read Dr. Doug Grahams 80/10/10 diet and it had appealed to me because it's high fruit and I've always naturally gone for fruit.  I like the simplicity of his diet.. when I first heard of raw I was turned off from it because people were just making mocked SAD foods. But I like the idea of just eating a few pounds of watermellon and calling it "dinner" or anything else I wanted.

But Dr. Doug doesn't believe in juicing and this contradicts other things I have learned and came to believe. I beleive what I read about carrot juice and wheat grass juice being the "miracle juices" that can kill cancer cells and other ailments. I have healed myself from certain things by drinking these juices so I have seen what it can do. I believe in the stories I've read of others such as Ann Wigmore. 

One of the things I currently have issues with is hypoglycemia and Dr. Doug advises to stay away from juices because it promotes sugar highs and then someone like Dr. Norman Walker advises drinking pints of carrot juice as it heals.

It's just confusing me and driving me crazy. How do you know what to do and which is right when even the experts can't agree on what is right?

I want to continue to be lowfat vegan while still having 2-3 glasses of carrot juice, carrot+spinach juice, or wheatgrass juice a day. But am I making my problems better or worse? I'm so confused I can't even tell anymore.

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I think you will find yourself, naturally not being as attracted to juices anymore after a while.
I used to be into juicing a lot, and Im not against it, but its very rarely I want it.

Juices arent ideal for hypoglycemia, but do a test run and see how it works out for you with juices in addition.
I wouldnt do wheatgrass though.

I hope others will have more words to share with you!
Welcome Jessica!

Dr. Graham and other natural hygiene types think that whole foods are best, and most of us on this forum agree. But that doesn't mean that you can't consume juices and still be a low fat raw vegan. They might be especially good to consume in the beginning, if your digestive powers are compromised and you can't absorb the goodness from whole foods as well. Then ideally as you go, your body will heal up more and more and you'll be able to have more whole foods and need juice less and less.

I still do green juices sometimes, when I have a strong craving for greens and I don't think my system could handle a huge salad right then, but most of the time I prefer whole foods over juices or smoothies.

I don't drink carrot juice at all anymore. I feel like it has tons of sugar without any fiber, and I too have blood sugar challenges and it doesn't work well for me. I eat so much fruit that I don't crave carrot juice either, and whole fruits are easy to digest and have all their fiber intact so they absorb at a nice rate and keep my blood sugar stable.

But I do juice celery and leafy greens at times. Celery juice is yummy!
The last two days I have made an amazing juice in my GreenPower: 1 whole cantaloupe 3 carrots, a wedge of lime...it was so amazing, kept me smiling for hours. Both days this was my first meal, right after yoga practice, and I was totally blissed out till supper time.

I think you should do what you feel is best for you. If you don't have time to juice, don't, just eat the fruit and salads. I make time for juices, and I enjoy them a lot. I never noticed any downside to them yet, since 1995.

The argument that fiber is needed to slow down the sugar is valid, but having a bit of fiber there is enough for me.
Thank you everyone. :)

That actually makes sense about needing it now and maybe later not being attracted to it. If I'm using it to rebuild my body, get better absorption of nutrients and I don't feel any negative side effects from it - Then what harm could it really do? Now that I think about it..that was what would happen when fasting.. I'd do 30+ days and it was pretty obvious when I didn't need or want it anymore because it lost all it's appeal and my taste for it would be gone. It didn't matter what I Juiced.. I just wanted to eat real food.

For me, it was just pure fruit juices would effect the hypolycemia. The last time I tried making fruit juice..apple, pear, grapes, berries..just for fun really.. It was a sugar high. It was like drinking processed juice with sugar. Vegetable juices don't do that to me though and I feel good on them. I usually juice about 2lbs of carrots to 8oz of spinach. I get 16oz of juice from this and it makes me feel good and not high. I really like celery juice too! It's quite refreshing..especially after a workout.

I also didn't get a sugar high from blending my fruit. I'm not a breakfast person and prefer to juice or blend..drink and go. But I do eat or at least blend plenty of whole foods throughout the day. I crave grapes but those give me sugar spikes.

I guess I'm going to continue juicing them until my body starts rejecting it.
I do smoothies for breakfast and really that is about the only way I can cram in the amount of greens and other goodies that I do. I don't see any difference in a green smoothie and eating the same amount of greens. I would think the smoothie would be better in fact due to it being already "pre-chewed". Regardless I am not going to stop them because I like them and they work for me.
I worked with the Gerson Research Organization for 6 years from 1990-1996. Dr. Gerson, as you may know, used 13 freshly pressed fruit and vegie juices per day to help his patients heal cancer. Ann Wigmore has helped countless people do the same thing with wheatgrass juice. I have been drinking juices for 22 years and feel that it is the primary reason I am in such good shape today. I am currently drinking 2 quarts of celery lemon juices every day in place of water because I find it to be far more hydrating than water. I love lettuce juice also, but the juicer I have right now doesn't make it, but I would if I could. Greens are very difficult for some people to digest (me being one such person), and juicing them makes all of their nutrients readily accessible. So drink up!
I wouldn't make a habit of juicing fruits myself but greens I wouldn't imagine being a huge problem. I think I'll stick with blending fruit as everything is still there. To be on the safe side
I enjoy my carrot juice a few times a year and on Friday I drank 2 gallons of sugar cane juice.

I keep active and eat a low fat diet over the seasons. Every day of last week I got 12hours horizontal. Last night I was in bed by 5:20pm.

I think we got other things to focus on if we think having some juice now and then is a problem.

Lets remember that Gerson,Wigmore and the crew put there patients on a low fat, high carb raw vegan/vegan diet in the end and thats what allows the bodies immune system to function ie: it can function how it is meant to with out dietary disturbance.

I ran a marathon today. I didnt feel fatigued at the end cardiovascular wise but give me a high fat meal and I would be more fatigued from that than running a marathon at pace.

Diet and lifestyle, lets nourish em both. :)
Just for the record, Gerson's diet was not vegan (it included yogurt and cottage cheese as well as 3 raw liver juices per day) and it was not all raw (it included cooked vegie soup and lots of cooked potatoes). Nevertheless, he did get remarkable results, and I feel that if he was alive today he probably would be all raw. The liver juice was discontinued because there is just no good quality liver availble anymore, but the results were superior when liver juicer was included as this study clearly demonstrated: http://gerson-research.org/docs/HildenbrandGLG-1996-1/index.html
Liver juice, yummm!
A guy I know in Adelaide went to the gerson clinic and said it was all vegan.

The risk of injection from the raw liver was the real reason they stopped using it. The liver being the 'sponge of toxins' for a mammal is one reason we can never get good quality livers. :)

totally true



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