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I am curious about opinions on alcohol...it IS the holidays after all..

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Yes, it is the holidays, and what better time to celebrate unadulterated vitality while displaying our health priorities so that others might gain inspiration?

Carefully read through these replies for additional opinions:


My father died from liver failure due to alcoholism two years ago. I got two watch every ugly minute, but I will not judge or speak down to someone else's decision. I asked what other people think or do. Not for speech that implies condensation.

Yeah people get a bit hoity around here with the purism and what not. When it comes to animals, I agree, but personal choices, people need to relax a bit. I personally allow myself to drink any alcohol if I want to, a beer, wine, whatever without guilt. It just so happens that in the end if I focus on carbs first and eat even relatively well, I have zero interest in being bothered with it. That's just how it is, and I don't feel I'm missing out. But if I visit someone who is well into wines for example, I don't have a problem with a glass or two over an evening, *maybe*. But getting drunk just doesn't feel fun anymore when you're already feeling BETTER than that normally. I like mulled wine during the winter for example when it's freezing cold. Again, not that interested. The moment I have an inkling for a beer or whatever, I reach for the carbs first and it's forgotten in a moment. That said, I was never a drinker for the most part.

Ive had no desire to drink in 3 years :D

Hate the taste of everything. Hate the smell of beer on someone's breath and even walking past hotels the smell of stale beer near makes me puke. Wine takes bitter, spirits burn my mouth. Have a palette of a five year old. I would rather a raspberry than wine any day. All this from a Publicans daughter. Needless to say my father died literally in the gut as a hopeless alcoholic meanwhile his parents were total tea-totallers.

And yes I know it is the holidays but personally even if I liked a drop, I wouldn't undo all that I have gained this year in my health and my reputation amongst friends for sticking to this lifestyle.

Alcohol is literally poison, so........no. :)

Pure poison? No thanks.

I think it's true that if you are carbed up and hydrated and allure of alcohol really diminishes or disappears. I have no desire for those things unless I'm getting undercarbed and even then my first thought if I'm out somewhere is where I can get some fruit juice and water. I don't think you're a bad person if you have a drink or two during these events but then again, they are a bit ritualistic and redundant in my opinion. Getting drunk tho... I say go for it - but first eat four or five huge delicious vegan pizzas, or down two blenders full of ripe bananas loaded with coconut sugar and then see if you still need to get drunk. 100% you won't be interested in the booze anymore. Get "drunk" on carbs ;-)

Apart from that it makes you feel bad later. And wine is just wrong unless it's organic packed with fluoride and what else...?! - and even then see above.

Do whatever the hell you wanna do, lol. 

I think you are actually not curious about the opinions on alcohol tho! You know it isn't good for you, and you know people will tell you not to drink, but you want to do it. Only thing you're trying to do here is getting the usual type of response that will not make you feel bad about yourself after you've done something you know is bad for you. Basically you´re here to get the response you wanna hear, which would be something like: "yeah, animals search for fermented foods in the wilderness, so go get your vodka bro".

If you're worried about eating meat, you should equally be worried about drinking booze, foreal, it's bad.

It's a sad business that relies on stuff like Christmas, other "traditions" and false propaganda to keep making money! Definitely not something you should want to give your money to. Been like an year since my last drink.. which was a lil cup of wine.

But.. at the end of the day, you should decide for yourself. If you fancy a beer or a wine drink it. No ones gonna die because of it..

I was not looking for permission from strangers, for sure. I like a martini on occasion and have no intention of changing that, regardless of diet. I just wanted to see attitudes about it. I sometimes find people sneer at alcohol but take other drugs, and I am just curious about why, etc. We all end up in the dirt, and I am comfortable with my health level. I have a gastro birth defect and food allergies which is why this way of eating is so enticing to me.

I was really curious about the responses from others here. I feel so shitty when I drink as a fruitarian and I can't imagine anyone here actually feeling good while drinking. My spirit~vibration is so high now it can't tolerate pollution. I was shocked at how awful I felt last summer when I took a few sips from a glass of red wine. 

lmao spirit vibration, lol!!..  next thing you know you can levitate!! anyways.. a few sips of wine wouldn't make you feel awful..at least, they didn't for me last time i had wine.



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