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Anti-depressants for eating disorder, need advice to help someone please?

<p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p> Over the past couple of months I've befriended a young girl on line who has been struggling with an eating disorder. She  spent time in hospital a couple of years ago when she was severely anorexic, where they made her gain weight by virtually force feeding her dairy products. She came out of hospital and is now completely and hopelessly addicted to them. She goes through the typical starvation and binge cycles over periods of months where she literally gains and loses a hundred pounds or so. She has been going through a severe binge phase since the end of last year and binges on dairy and high fat foods every evening to an alarming degree, she is totally hooked. I've been helping her to understand a bit about what's going on in her body and that carbs are not the enemy but the thing she needs to lose weight more but importantly regain her health and overcome her addictions, and be able to balance her eating out so her weight and mood are maintainable.<p> Unfortunatley she has been going through a tough time at college and in her personal relationships which has put her under a huge amount of stress. She has been making slow changes, she's started eating fruit and trying to eat breakfast but has change is slow.<p> Now she has been to her doctor who has told who has prescribed her anti-depressants, without asking her about her current diet, of course. So I'm desperate to help her to understand why taking them will only do more harm than good. It's hard to send her video clips since her phone often won't play them other wise I'de send her one of Freelees. I'm very concerned for her well being<p><br data-mce-bogus="1"><p> Please, can I get some advice on what to say to her to help her understand that the medical profession are wrong and that she should't take them. I know what she needs but am finding it hard to put that across to her and I need better info on the effects of the medication, any suggestions, experiences and info welcome, thank-you.

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What anti depressant are you talking about?

<p><p><p>Hi Jean-Marc, I believe it's citalopram. It get's prescribed here a lot. I was prescribed it myself last year when I was separating from my husband, the doctor really pushed me into it. I took it for a couple of weeks but I felt like a zombie, just wondering around not really feeling anything so I stopped taking them, it also killed my appetite and I couldn't sleep, even though it was supposed to help me relax. This was before I was 80-10-10 so I didn't understand how not eating enough was causing sleep problems. I desperately don't want her to go down this route but it's hard when people trust the establishment. :(

Did you report the reactions that you got from taking that drug? Reporting really help other ppl to not take it. The more evidence like this are gathered the less difficult it is to help ppl like your friend.

<p>I'm going to send these links to her, thank-you.<p><br data-mce-bogus="1">

Wow, you are doing an awesome job though, big acknowledgment to you for your efforts. Per what I understand the problem lies more in her not being able to access the data. Maybe you could find a 30BAD member (or anybody else who likes to get her out of this) of her area to go to her asap, for a meal or whatever, bringing a computer with internet to show her the data. It looks like she really need to look at a lot of data, not just getting some truths from you via phone.  Maybe there is a vegan doctor in her area who can help her out for real.

She could goggle even from her phone the name of the drug she's prescribed to take. Or you could help her out on it. Google the name and write ''warnings'' right after.

You could have her ask her doc to show studies or anything that proves that the drug is efficient for her ''eating disorder'' and not dangerous for her health. Some docs may get angry from this so you may want to have her come with somebody else to ask this question in person to her doc.

If you know anybody who has taken this drug or type of drug, you could ask this person to witness in details to your friend. You could have your friend to look around among her groups of family and friends if there is anybody who has taken that drug or that type of drug and ask them how are they feeling from taking that drug, how much and how long are they taking it for.

If she is not shy she could go to places where ppl take these legal drugs like a hospital or a clinic and ask them what do they feel from it, has it solve their problem? Etc. that may be helping her quite rapidly to decide to not take it. She should do this accompanied by some friends for safety.

Additionally you may want to check these out and choose some parts of these to help her out:

http://www.cchrint.org/psychiatric-drugs/antidepressantsideeffects/...   to find data on anti-depressant called Desyrel. This will also show you a search engine that finds the side effects of any specific drug that you are writing in the search box.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxJomeak4V4 show ppl having taken anti-depressant (Prozac at the time) that creates suicidal thoughts and violence.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzKnysJR058   strong New Zealand accent be prepared :)





<p>hi Eloise, thank-you so much. I do talk to her mostly via messaging through Facebook but she accesses it with her phone which won't always load videos. A big part of the problem is that she has so many people giving her the wrong advice. Me and my sister, who is one of her best friends and how I met her in the first place, seem to be the only ones that have any understanding of the underlying biological issues, especially since I used to have similar eating disorders. We feel like the lone voices against a tidal wave of misinformation pushing her the other way. Thank-you so much for the links and suggestions, I'm going to go through them now. :)

You are just awesome to help her despite such counter efforts!

<p>Thanks Heloise, sorry about spelling your name wrong earlier! I'm trying my best so she doesn't end up wasting years of her life on a dead end road like I did. x

No problem really. Yes you're totally right, if enough ppl do what you do ppl won't be interested in drugs and will take the right nutrient rich foods and have real friends. Good luck!



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