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Doctors' response to my being 811 in file below.

I have symptoms that directly point to Leaky Gut.

They include:

Weight gain (gained 15, down 5)
Brain fog/lack of mental clarity
Slow speech
Swollen lymph nodes!
Red bumps/acne on chest
Swollen face
Dry skin

All of this happens at varying times and degrees after I eat food not optimal for me. I can't eat any cooked starches or grains. I am limited to fruits and veggies only.

I can eat: bananas, datorade, persimmons, figs, berries, oranges (citrus), celery, cucumber, tender lettuce, peaches, nectarines
Moderate amounts of: melon, mango, less grapes, apples, avocado
No: Papya, pineapple, tomato, Jack fruit, cruciferous veggies, other veggies. Can't eat a lot of veg.

I have a VERY restricted diet, even for a raw vegan. And it drives me NUTS. Even this list is tentative as I become more in-tune. I'm not a hypochondriac, I will drink water out of a hose, my symptoms just make it impossible for me to ignore when something is wrong. Thus, I don't have a lot of variety to choose from.

I am trying to heal my condition by eating a low inflamation diet. But I have been eliminating foods, starting with cooked eight months ago, for two years and it feels like I am going nowhere. I thought grapes and mangos were okay, and have recently realized that I cant mono them like I want to. Cross another thing I thought was a staple off my list.

So my question is two fold:

1) have any of you experienced this if so how are you healing, what steps did you take to heal?

2) I am considering finding a leaky gut familiar naturopath to give me additional ideas to make this heal. A lot of people on curezone believe this is parasite driven, that Manuka honey, bone broth, aloe Vera, slippery elm bark, L glutamate, and so on are aids to health. I'm going to keep it vegan, no bone broth. I am open to supplements though, even though I am a supplement minimalist. And I feel a naturopath can aid with this.
But most naturopaths aren't vegan or even think low fat diets aren't optimal, though they could potentially help me with my condition further.
Does it make sense to go with a naturopath that doesn't align with me nutritionally, or even go to one at all? And if not, what do you think I should do?

Thanks for making it all the way down here :)


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Hey Chelsie. I think If you've been eating the foods you list and nothing else for 2 years without seeing any improvements then you're right to switch things up! I get your frustration with the restrictive diet - I've struggled for years with various bowel problems, skin problems & headaches and am limited to fruits and root veg at the moment.

It's surprising that you can't tolerate grapes, they're usually regarded as one of the least irritating fruits.

The problem with leaky gut is that it's essentially impossible to diagnose. Having a naturopath diagnose you with leaky gut is basically meaningless, like going to a TCM specialist and being told you're too 'damp' or whatever. I don't think naturopaths have any knowledge that you can't pick up yourself from the internet or a library book.

If your migraines, swollen face, swollen lymph nodes are present all the time rather than just appearing when you eat the certain foods then you should maybe see an MD to rule out anything serious. If you think you might have a bowel parasite then stool testing is the way to go - I've used Genova before and their service is quite good. Have you been tested for hypothyroidism?

Have you tried probiotics? What about flaxseed? 


Ah, I've been eliminating foods for two years. So, it took me a 17 (Im at 25m) months to dwindle down my cooked to nothing. Then about three months ago I realized I can't do vegetables like I thought I could. A month ago I realized tomatoes aren't good, two weeks ago I realized mangos cause me to swell, and last week found that grapes cause a rashy thing on my chest. So, it has been a process over two years. 

When I go a period of time with a healthy happy body that I think is doing better and healing then get a reaction, It feels like I am symptom managing rather than addressing the problem. I get little-no reaction when I eat the foods listed above. I just don't want to be symptom managing the rest of my life. 

I'll look into parasite testing, and getting my thyroid checked is something that I've been meaning to do. I hear what you're saying about a naturopath and being able to get the information myself. I've just started gathering more information on it myself. I can't manage seeds, but coconut probiotic has been recommended to me before. I'll def. give that a go. 

Thanks for taking the time to respond. 

I agree about the naturopath, I have never seen anyone post good info. they got from one of them. I think you are better doing your own research and experimentation.  have you looked into iodine therapy with  dr. brownstein, that might help, he says most people are deficient, and now with the higher levels of radiation our need for it is greater than ever.  do you have heavy metal toxicity?  Quicksilver scientific has the best test for checking, $300.

If you've not tried a banana island yet you could give that a go. A proper elimination diet, starting with just bananas for a couple of weeks or more and then adding in more ingredients slowly, is always going to be better than giving up foods one at a time. It's meant to be good for resolving gut issues too. It took 4 weeks on just bananas for my acne to clear up.

I don't think seeing a naturopath will do you any harm. In my experience though you could see a dozen naturopaths and they'd all recommend different treatments, including nonsense like homeopathy and the blood type diet. I just think the leaky gut diagnosis is like labelling someone with 'adrenal fatigue', even if there's some merit to the diagnosis it's really just a way to keep you on the hook, coming back again and again. If you think leaky gut is really the issue you can try the aloe vera, milk thistle, slippery elm, neem etc. without paying a middle man.

If you want to try supplements, IMO the big 4 that vegans may not get through diet are B12, D, K2, and iodine (like ednshell says). Chromium, selenium, & zinc seem to be often recommended for bowel healing. If you want a cheap and easy way of making your own probiotic, look into water kefir. 

I mentioned flaxseeds because high dose omega 3 can help with psoriasis/excema/dry skin/inflammation in some cases, but you might have to take a lot, maybe up to 8tbsp ground flax per day or the equivalent amount of flaxseed oil (~2tbsp oil) (I wouldn't recommend the oil but if you can't handle the whole seeds it could be an alternative). It always seems to me that the one nutrient we really miss out on by not eating quantities of greens that other primates eat is omega 3.

I'd definitely get a comprehensive thyroid test (T3, T4, reverse T3, TSH, TgAb, tranferrin saturation, ferritin etc.) because all of your symptoms could be hypothyroidism (I think). 

I know what you mean about managing symptoms vs. finding a cure. There's nothing more depressing than suddenly feeling sick after a month of good days -  you're just starting to forget you ever had health issues and then... thunk, back where you started. Keep at it though, I'm sure things will improve even if you're stuck with the underlying problem. :)

So this is what I've decided to do for myself:

I started banana island today, max of six weeks, I really just want to take this as it comes. I've started taking quercetin and L glutamine, which is only recommended for six weeks per Dr. Klapper of True North (https://youtu.be/QRDoqS6QHQw). I think an elimination diet and these supplements in conjunction will really help my gut. 

I am taking zinc, b12, d3, and nascent iodine every morning, and I am going to get my thyroid levels measured (I don't know much about k2, or selenium). I am certain and have been told a couple times that I have low thyroid function. 

Thank you for responding so much. I'm going to ex-nae the natropath and see how this goes. 

I think you will improve fairly fast, but be patient. Wishing you all the best.

Hope it works out for you!

If you've not taken B12, iodine, and L-glutamine previously then you might get some initial side-effects, maybe acne, tiredness, and headaches. Banana island can make you feel rubbish for a while too. I found adding some coconut water to my banana smoothies made me feel better and helped get them down.

If you're taking a reasonable dose of iodine (ie. milligrams rather than micrograms) then you should probably take selenium as well. Selenium has a protective function in the thyroid. Apparently, without selenium, higher doses of iodine can damage the thyroid. It's especially important for people with Hashimoto's thyroiditis (without the antibody tests I mentioned you can't distinguish between Hasimoto's and conventional hypothyroidism). The usual advice is to take selenium for a while before starting iodine, then to ramp up the iodine dose slowly from an initial dose of <500mcg. The best form of selenium is an amino acid chelate, like selenomethionine, at a dose of 200-400mcg/day. 

If you do plan to take higher doses of iodine it's worth reading about other iodine co-factors, bromine detox, and urine loading tests. You have to be careful not to take too much for too long. Also iodoral tablets are possibly a better source of iodine.

Zinc - try to find zinc picolinate, citrate, or gluconate as they're better absorbed and easier on the stomach. You'll probably want to take 50-100mg/day; with meals to avoid irritation. You can safely take 50mg/day long-term, but if you do take zinc long-term it's recommended to also take a small amount of copper and iron as they are mutual antagonists.

D3 - take at least 2000IU/day. Most people can safely take up to 10000IU/day.

B12 - at least 1000mcg/day, methylcobalmin is best. Don't worry about taking too much because it's easily excreted. Solgar and Jarrow do decent sublinguals.

Wishing you the best! :)  Keep us posted!

If all else fail a supervised waterfast is not an easy choice, but might be necessary

Could it potentially be an allergic-like condition? I am only throwing that out there being that some of your symptoms do point to it. I have a form of Mast Cell Disease. I had many of the same symptoms. During my healing process, I had to eliminate foods with high levels of histamine because they could potentially be triggers. I can't help but to notice that the majority of the foods on your "no" list are foods high in histamine. 

dates, citrus, cruciferous veggies and overt fats are detrimental for healing leaky gut, some cannot handle even tender lettuces either.  perhaps the grapes you were eating were not ripe because those should be one of the best foods for leaky gut, and they should be organic as the chemicals on those are very high.  do you have this book, same diet needed for your condition. >

Thanks for the book recommendation. The grapes weren't organic, they were sweet muscat out of chile. I'm going on banana island as an elimination diet, and plan on going very slow to reincorporate foods to discern if dates, citrus, lettuce, overts, and potentially organic grapes are okay for me. 



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