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Hi everyone,

This is something I was thinking about over the weekend.

During the past 3 months of fruit munching I seem to go through phases ...

I try to add variety to my diet, to keep swapping and changing a mixture of different fruits/ lettuce for vitamins and minerals. However, after doing this for say a week, I always end up going back to my 'regular' items (mango, banana, romaine lettuce, oranges, melon). After another few weeks of eating the same things, I realise I've not got much variety in my diet, so I'll try again and this goes on until this present day.

Sometimes I wonder whether eating a variety is imprinted in my brain because growing up as a veggie then onto vegan, I always had people telling me I needed a balanced diet and that i need more 'variety' to be healthy, healthy is what I aim for ... so, i was wondering whether anyone else over analyses their food in this way (or just me, lol?), or whether you just follow your taste buds and whatever is the norm for you?

love & light :)

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I hardly ever worry about variety. I tend to buy a few common staples (mangoes, grapes, bananas, frozen berries) and then whatever else is in season or looks tasty in the super market. Right now its clementines, persimmons, apples, dried figs, and oranges. Over the year I suppose I do get a very wide variety of fruit in my diet though! In the summer I might go for peaches, cherries, lots of different melons, tomatoes, fresh berries, different types of mangoes, etc...

I don't think its too much of an issue on a day to day basis, but rather on a year to year basis. Just focusing on local or seasonal fruits and veggies should do the trick quite nicely. 

Hey Corrtney,

I get in a routine of the same fruits, but I do love it. Very yummy, I've not been on this lifestyle for a year yet, so who knows, maybe my tastes will change with the seasons :)


i agree - variety probably isn't super important, but i also try to buy what's either cheap or what's in season.  i bought cantaloupe's yesterday 2/$3 which is cheap for this time of year around here.  they were about 5lbs each which isn't bad either.  i get bananas all year around though :P  but if you don't like bananas, what's in season is probably a good call as ripe and fresh usually means more nutrients and better tasting.

oh i love bananas, they are my main staple :)

I feel amazing when I have banana only days, so good!

Eating what is in season makes sense, especially for my bank account!

I really need to become more aware of when certain fruits are in season, well that can be some homework for me so thanks :)

If you read The 80/10/10 Diet, there is a chart of seasonally-available fruits, and when.  Price however still depends on how far fruit has to be shipped.  the book also strongly states that we should ideally follow the seasons, and eat as much variety as possible.

thanks for the advice, I have a copy of the E-book so will check it out :)

I have variety in my diet due to the seasons; in the summer I ate watermelon for breakfast for nearly two months and peaches for lunch; now as these are out of season I love to start the day with a banana smoothie and eat persimmons for lunch. Mangoes, dates and bananas and nearly all vegetables are available the whole year through, so I ate them always :-)

The salads in the evenings are nearly always the same; sometimes I add more fruit (apples, oranges and sometimes even bananas), sometimes less - depending on my appetite.

I think if you let your body decides what he wants and just try sometimes a new fruit if it "laughs" to you at the market, then it should be alright :)

Thank you for your thoughts :) As I've only been doing this for 3 months I guess that is not long enough to say my taste is not varied. Let's see what I fancy when winter kicks in :)

Yeah that seems to be what I do, more so because I force myself too though.

I will normally have melon at breakfast, bananas in day and mangoes and salad in the evening, This will be the same for weeks. After reading what everyone have said though, I'm not as worried now. My taste might change after a while, only time will tell. Thanks for replying Peter :)

Our close genetic cousins, chimpanzees eat at least 100 different things per year.  They might eat bananas all day and then the next day, it would be pears, but over a year's time, they will have eaten over 100 different things.  I agree with Doug Graham about eating seasonally and eating as much variety as you can.  I was thinking about writing down everything that I buy from the store and eat and see how much variety I have in my diet.  I don't think I am anywhere close to 100 different things.  I also try to stick to organic, which seems to limit my diet even more.  The organic section at my grocery store always has the same items: bananas, apples, romaine lettuce, carrots, baby spinach.  Back to the chimpanzees... I read that about 50% of their diet is FIGS!  I love figs and I wish I could eat them all year round!  I can only get them a few months out of the year though.  I'm thinking I should grow a fig tree.  And a veggie garden too.  :)

Hey Delight, thanks for replying. 100 different things sounds a lot, but I think it is probably quite do-able, could be an interesting challenge to list each different fruit and veg we eat for a full year, in fact, maybe I will do that and I can see how much variety I really get. Hmmm figs :)

"Simplicity at mealtime, variety throughout the seasons." 

That is great, I will remember that. 

Thanks! :)



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