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I bought two of these 2 lb. boxes of California Medjool Dates I think about two or more weeks ago and I'm eating from the box that's already been opened and I just realized on the lid it says to refrigerate after opening but mine have been on the counter in the box. In various videos and photos, people do not refrigerate their dates. I'm wondering if anyone does, and if I perhaps should? They don't look bad yet and the two I've had so far tasted delicious as usual. 


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Nope, only refrigerate when I soak them which is for a few hours top. They'll be fresher refrigerate for sure but i doubt it makes much of a difference.

Like Alex said, fresher in the fridge for sure, but I've never had any dates going bad and I've kept them around for over a week and a half. I don't like to refrigerate them anymore because I can never remember to take them out and then they are too hard in the morning to blend (crappy blender). Room temp works really well for me as they stay soft and don't always require a soaking. You can keep leaving them out no problem! Just keep an eye out for critters who like to burrow. :) 

Do you find that it causes any fruit fly problems when you leave them out?

Medjool dates should be in the fridge for longer shelf life.  The dates harvest is around the corner, if you are looking for fresh dates this fall season, be prepare the harvest is coming two weeks early this year due to intense heat in the coachella valley.

Check us out soon when the season will be in full swing with our sweetness of the desert. meccadatefarm.com


khadrawy dates are not soft or wet, if you can get them semidry, its a treat as well as other dates that are semi dry.



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