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i love dates in smoothies to sweeten them up and when theyre blended but i cannot eat a pitted date alone! i hate the texture, i am bewildered how someone eats 20 dates alone. does anyone else dislike dates on their own but like them in smoothies?

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i dont mind eating dates, couldn't do more than 20 + at a time before i start to feel a bit sick

but DATEORADE is the worst!!! I've tried to make it a number of times but still just can't be a fan of it wish i could like it because its so high in cals :( 

thanks for the tips :)

You impose yourself a disgust by telling your subconscious mind. You can shift this thought. Go a small bite at a time and let them melt in your mouth, next thing you know you'll be laying on your back with 4 medjool dates stuck in your mouth cos you now love them =)

i looooove them but only the neglet noor type. can't stand to eat medjool, too sweet unless i blend them.

I love dates.  Back when I was having surguries in my mouth, my teeth were so sensitive that all I could eat was smoothies with a straw.  I would try to eat dates but the pain was way to much...so I would break off parts of a date, roll it in a ball and put it on the back of my tongue and just let the sweetness melt down my throat.  Within a few weeks..my sensitivity healed and now I can eat them just like regular folks. 

Never thought of them as looking like roaches and now that thought is a bit disturbing...so thanks! lol

I think they look like and taste like heaven.  I even like to soak them overnight and then just eat them out of the bowl ...all gooey and soft and sweet...so much nutrition!  

I love the texture! It was different at first but I was hungry, the rest is date history. 

Eat dates and OJ every morning in the winter. My two year old loves them too. I tried datorade and didn't like it at all. 

OJ and dates mmm i'm going to try that one! freshly squeezed?

wow my first post i never thought it would be so popular! 

love, love, love dates! i could eat them all day long! :D

The skin is a little weird, but I've grown to enjoy them. I used to hate dates because they were too sweet, but they've grown on me. They really help me to get through the day. When date season starts over, I hope to get a variety pack and try a bunch of flavors because I can only get medjools and deglet noors here.

loooooooooooooooove dates just how they are!



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