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i love dates in smoothies to sweeten them up and when theyre blended but i cannot eat a pitted date alone! i hate the texture, i am bewildered how someone eats 20 dates alone. does anyone else dislike dates on their own but like them in smoothies?

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I refrigerate them. Helps with the texture thing.

my thoughts exactly haha!

so agree. I've been trying to eat more dates lately but each time my brain interjects with "er, why are you eating headless cockroaches again?" They did taste really nice though. I love how caramel they are like toffee pudding. My favourite smoothie of the moment is banana, ice, dates, blueberries and oat milk.

Pitted? Are you eating fresh dates? I love dates, no problem with their texture, I barely blend them, just eat 'em straight up. 

yes i pitt them myself, theyre fresh lol.

no I hate dates

Omg, I was just telling my husband the other day that as a big fan, Huge fan, of dates, that I would describe them as "the closest thing a raw foodist comes to caramelly, ooey-gooey heaven, wrapped in the skin of a cockroach." It's true! I love them still and know the whole time I am eating them, they are not bugs! Am actually worried about ordering a box of dates because I am afraid I will eat them all at one sitting, or close to it. And put them in a smoothie- feel like I've died and gone to heaven- I can't stand how good they are in smoothies! :)

I know exactly what you mean Karin.  I ordered a box and can't stop eating them.  I'm happy to have split the box with a friend :) I LOOOOVVVEE dates.  The only thing that may be negative is that I think they give me smelly gas :(. Does this happen to anyone? I don't eat more than 20 or less. Maybe I shouldn't eat them every day.  

Are all dates created equal? I know that there are more calories in Medjool, and these are definitely my favourite in terms of taste and texture - they were easy to get in Australia, but are proving very difficult to source in NZ! Buying 170g for $8-9 as a treat only, otherwise buying regular dates at $4 for 500g. I had assumed that whenever people referred to dates on 80/10/10 they were talking Medjool...

Yeah, me too. I love dates so much I generally make a green smoothie with bananas and drink that while I eat dates.

I hate dates fullstop, they taste vulgar,  they're dry, and they stick in the gaps between my teeth.

I love that you describe dates as vulgar :D



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