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I would love to hear from you who had migraines and now feel better after 811. I feel better than I used to, but Im not 100% painfree yet. Still havent gotten rid of menstrual migraines. Please share your tips here. Im doing a podcast interview with Alicia Grant from rawsynergy on monday. (Yeah) She used to have migraines and now feel great. Love Gitte from Denmark

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I suffered from migraines practically constantly before changing to a lowfat raw vegan diet. Now I'm absolutely fine! 

I still avoid fluorescent/energy saving lighting as this can make me feel bad (sunshine is the only light we're meant to have in my view!) but this diet has transformed things for me. Maybe lighting is something for you to watch for though?

Do you eat nightshades? If so I would try avoiding these as they can cause migraine in some people. Also keep your fat intake low. 

Good luck and let me know if you need any more help with this :) Esperanza xxx

I used to suffer from 3-day whopper migraines, several times per month for 4-5 years.  And yes, the menstrual ones were the last to go.  As long as I am fully fruity and HYDRATED and SALT FREE I am completely headache free.  All this is accomplished with HCRV lifestyle, lots of rest, love and exercise and reduction in stress.  Every now and then I'll find myself not fully hydrated and get a 1-day menstrual headache, but it's severity is very low and just resting and getting my fluids up helps it go away.

Before I discovered HCRV I had eliminated sugar and caffeine which I found to be triggers but still would get them periodically during my menses.

It's like I live another life now without migraines.  I'm telling you I was a slave to them, they affected every aspect of my life.

Thank you all for responses. Its going in theright direction. But I havehad so many migraines for years its not even funny. I dont expect a fast cure and Im in the healing for the long run. I keep fatvery love and I thought the idea with 80/10/10 is that I can have all the fruit (fruitsugar) without the fat and then it shouldt spike the bloodsuguar. I love dates and bananas but im ofcause willing to let anything go to feel better and better. I so appriciate all your responses and help. This site is awesome. Love from Denmark

I know its horrible to get a migraine but I wouldnt worry about it if it happens once. It doesnt sound like its food related if you havent had it before. Have you had nuts before without migraines? The migraine brain reacts on very different triggers. I think often its stress related for me. Did you feel stressed or pressured in some way? Health and love Gitte

I used to have constant migraines in my teens, diving into veg* living really helped me, then getting into Kundalini yoga was extremely helpful.  Occasionally I can still have issues with it, but for me it comes from either eating too much cooked/salty foods(meaning it happens more than once) or not getting enough sleep.  Anytime I stick to this lifestyle(even eating cooked or half-cooked dinners) I don't have problems.  Of course my body has had a long time to adapt to this since I first started the 80/10/10 lifestyle about 3.5 yrs. ago and had been on the raw/vegan lifestyle for about 5 years before that. 

Also I really feel that the breathing in Kundalini yoga has had a profound affect, just as much as eating, sleeping, hydration, exercise and sunshine has.  Perhaps because it tackles the stress issue so well, as well as extremely increasing the levels of oxygen in the brain. 

Anyway, I very, very rarely get migraines anymore and never when I follow this lifestyle to a tee, which also includes Kundalini Yoga because when I'm doing what I need to keep myself healthy it always includes the combo of eating this way and yoga, for me. 

Thank you so much. The only cokked food I have is patatoes with no salt and fish maybe twice a month. Im doing another 10 day juicefast from this friday and hope it speeds up the detox even more. Have you tried juicefasting? I did it once for 10 days and had good results. Health and love Gitte

My migraines are always due to stress in all its forms. Food being one of them. I slowly began realizing that I was extremely sensitive in many ways, including nutritionally. Specifically, migraines and other bad symptoms can be triggered if I am to consume more than a "little":

  • gluten-containing products
  • grains in general
  • dairy
  • nuts and seeds
  • meat
  • coffee
  • alcohol
  • Soy
  • salt
  • onions

And after being raw for significant periods of time, then returning to cooked food, I have similar effects, i.e. cooked food can trigger a migraine for me too. 



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