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Do you ever respond to whiny Facebook posts regarding the outcome of their destructive habits?

When you see Facebook friends/relatives go on and on about their hangovers, headaches, sicknesses etc. and see how horrible they eat and live do you ever comment on it?


I have a friend who talked about having coffee, bagels and a Motrin and that she was achy all over, and then she was planning on eating macaroni and cheese for dinner.  I politely said that once I ate in a restaurant thinking I ordered something healthy, which didn't end up being healthy at all, and had a hangover the next morning.   She said, oh no it's different she's just "old" and the has no control over it and going to see the doctor next month.   I put a link up to Forks over Knives and she ended up deleting that thread.


Anyway, I don't know if it was a good idea to jump in with encouragement or give an option to a better way of living.    I think people just want pity or something when they post like that.  


I rarely post about eating or feeling a certain way, especially a negative thing on facebook.  What gets into people when they do that?


What do you think?

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Hahaha yeah when I was on Facebook most of my friends were theatre performers who worked long hours on coffee, "energy drinks", cakes and chocolate and every second status update was "this stupid bug" or "this person gave me this" or "you can't help being sick".
At first I tried to offer some advice, but soon realized that whinging does not mean they wish for any change. So then I started ranting about taking responsibility but was preaching to a misery loves company group.
Loving life post-Facebook.
I comment and I am proud of it. Most every time I get the chance.
I used to be on the swim team in high school and middle school. We would eat packets of sugar and drink Tang, KoolAide for energy. We really needed some fresh squeezed juice! I remember hangovers, pizza the next day and so on. It was a horrible cycle in school. Go out on the weekend, drink too much, eat tacos, pizza, burgers, fries .. Man .. I do not miss that.

I try to pick my battles...

i do comment on peoples stuff quite a bit, but only if i think they might be at least a tiny bit receptive...there are certain people who are consistently posting negative status' and i think they are just really sad and lonely so i feel like saying something to them might have a negative effect rather than plant a seed...when it goes on for longer than i can stand i just delete them off my news feed because i know i wouldn't be able to bite my tongue any longer...

i consider it part of my 'conscious living outreach program' to comment on peoples stuff, and playing devils advocate here and there, i realize a lot of people might be upset by it, but i've encouraged a lot of people into healthier lifestyles so it pays off even if i lose a few 'friends' in the process

this is one of the reasons i deleted my facebook 2+ yrs ago..too much !@#$$%^& (usually as a result of bad habits like w/your friends). i'd say rather than comment on other people's crap, just update your status with how good you feel after eating a big meal of fruit. also after exercising or just your good mood in general. people will eventually make the connection.

but yea, i've gone down your route of calling people out or offering my advice. it's really a catch 22, cuz like you said, they take offense to it when you help but you feel bad when you don't. just realize it's their fault for their choices and attitude, not yours.

l never join that place in the first place!

I ditched Facebook a few years ago after getting paranoid about Big Brother spying.

A purported wise man once said, "Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate you; reprove a wise man, and he will love you." Sharing 811, or not, depends on whether you're dealing with a "scorner" or a "wise man."

Another wise man, a monk who's lived in a mountain cave for the past 20 years (near my close friend's home/Asian city of choice), shared one of his overarching principles of life that may be appropriate in this discussion -- one that I've tried to adopt -- in the format of an equation: Humility + Compassion = Appropriateness. 

Lots of varied responses!    Guess there's no right or wrong answer here.   You never know when somebody will really appreciate the help, then again this friend knows about my health convictions, so my comments were really nothing new or shocking to her.



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