30 Bananas a Day!

do you... canned pumpkin, lollipops, popsicles, jolly ranchers...?

i've stuck to a diet of fruits, veggies, occasional starches and grains [rare: nuts, fatty fruits, processed carbs] for ~ 1.5 years

high fat and high salt (and animal products) are a no-go. when i can i avoid products with oils.

what about these products?

~canned pumpkin (possible ingredients: pumpkin (cooked?))

~vegan candies (possible: fruit juice (c?), corn syrup, citric, malic acid, starch, artificial colors)

~popsicles (possible: fruit juice, artificial flavors + colors, corn syrup

~tomato sauce (possible: tomatoes (c?) spices, citric acid, artificial flavors)

~foods with vinegar? (pickled vegetables, tomato or pepper-based sauces...)

thanks ^_^

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Of these I only eat canned fruits if they have no added colours or flavours. Don´t think the other products would hurt you if eaten like nuts, in moderation xx

The corn syrup in these convenience "treats" (Jolly Ranchers) you would like to consume is made of GMO corn. Not exactly appetizing. Are you eating for guilty pleasure, or eating for health? Something you need to ponder. When you eat for health, you find pleasure in nature's bounty. Jolly Ranchers exist nowhere in nature. Stay close to mother earth. :) Shoot for as raw as you can. And DEFINITELY as PURE as you can.

Yellow #5 is linked to cancer so keep that in mind when deciding to eat artificially colored food. Personally I wouldn't touch the Candy or pumpkin but I do like vinegar and tomatoes, I eat quite a lot of hot sauce(vinegar and salt) and feel pretty good on it but that's just me. Up to you to test each food and see how your body feels.

Some of that stuff you can make yourself.  Like popsicles can be made from melons.  You can also make your own tomato sauce.

I have just - literally, today - started this diet for health reasons. That said, prior to LFRV, I was eating a high-raw, low-carb vegan diet so have already cleaned up my eating quite a bit.

I am rather flexible in social situations, and prefer not to overthink the food and just focus on the company (as long as what I'm eating is vegan and free of allergens). I do have a few cans of organic, BPA-free beans and coconut milk stashed at my mom's house, so that we may share a few vegan meals together. It's the only time I eat canned food anymore.

In my day to day, however, I choose to keep my diet minimally processed with the exception of raw apple cider vinegar, soy-free miso, raw carob powder, and lactofermented pickles. I will also occasionally use a spoonful or so of toasted sesame oil if I'm missing Asian foods.

Foods like canned pumpkin are pretty easy to imitate (simply peel and steam a real pumpkin). I also love raw tomato sauce -- it's quick, easy, and if you use sundried tomatoes really gives a genuine imitation of the cooked stuff. Though I don't see bottled juices as being terrible on occasion, because I am sensitive to mold I choose to avoid them all-together.

Though I don't think the occasional splurge will kill you, after going four non-consecutive months without fruits, I myself don't feel tempted at all by the thought of candy (except, perhaps, a bit of dark chocolate). I had my first banana in seven months today and it was out-of-this-world delicious. Even tart fruits like grapefruit and green apples totally satisfy me now. 

If asked for my own two-cents, I would suggest to do your research so that you can make informed choices, and then go with whatever you're most comfortable with. If it makes you happy to have a "treat" every one in a while, and you're comfortable with the thought of such an indulgence, then I would go for it. One piece of candy on occasion isn't going to kill you. I personally don't find it necessary (or even healthy) to completely detach oneself emotionally when it comes to food.

Sometimes when I have sushi there is pickled vegetables and also sometimes I have tomato sauce. Since it's christmas I've had some gelatine free lollies like those hard lollipop like ones. All of these things are okay on occasion. Everyone else in the comments seems to know a lot more than I do but I think the key in drawing other people to a vegan lifestyle is that on special occasions you can a lot of the treat foods or have alternatives that are just as good if not better. It's okay to treat yourself and you don't have to always everyday be raw till 4 or restrict on processed food. That's my opinion. 

thanks guys, all of your replies were helpful :-). I haven't eaten vegan candies, Popsicles, or vinegar in about 1.5-2 years, but I think I may have a mild addiction to canned pumpkin, mushrooms, and tomato products as I seem to be unable to detach from it like other foods. when those foods are out of my diet, I feel freer, if that makes sense?

The only problem with canned pumpkin is BPA-lined cans. Buying a pumpkin and roasting it yourself may not be as convenient, but it is cheaper, tastier, and free of BPAs. You can also ensure good quality, organic pumpkin.

I steer away from candies, because they taste artificial, packed with corn syrup and other refined sugars, and gross to me. Whenever I'm craving sugar, I reach for some tasty dates. While occasional candies are ok, dried fruits are a way better choice

There are 100% fruit popiscles in stores, but they're usually much more expensive. Try freezing pureed fruit for a yummy choice free of additives.

As much as I try to stay away from BPAs, canned tomato sauce is so convenient. When tomatoes are out of season, pick up some sauce that is ONLY made out of tomatoes. Seasoned or flavored sauces have nasty preservatives, added sugar and other unsavory additions. Add your own flavors for something tastier.

Vinegar is totally ok! In fact, some pickled vegetables like kimchi and sauerkraut contain enzymes that promote digestive health. Enjoy those in abundance! 

i was eating a few lollipops and jolly ranchers and i found they didn't bother me too much i didn't feel the cleanest if that makes sense but its only once maybe twice a year for movie nights with my  baby brothers



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