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OK so we all agree that 90/5/5 or 80/10/10 is THE BEST WAY to go.. right?

I see some people on here that aren't having success on that, and they have been on it for years. 

I AM NO NUTRITIONIST OR EXPERT AT THIS BUT im giving advice from my personal experience. DISCLAIMER: IM NOT TELLING YOU WHAT TO DO!! Everyone is different so before reading this know that you don't have to listen to ANYONE! anyone can do whatever they feel is right for them and what is best for you.. Just because 80/10/10 makes some people gain weight at first or maintain their weight does not mean that you will! so stop freaking out :)

i've noticed that when i eat more raw foods, i feel lighter and better and i am sure most of you will agree with me on that, but me and my mother are living on a VERY tight budget and i cant afford all the fruit i want. My alternative is rice, potatoes, and pasta. Which is not the best but that does not mean it wont work!! if you want to do 90/5/5 or 80/10/10 with a starch based diet then go ahead!! if you want to do a raw vegan high fruit/ raw till 4 then DO IT!! STOP LISTENING TO PEOPLE ON YOU TUBE WHO TELL YOU IT DOES NOT WORK OR YOU'RE GOING TO GAIN WEIGHT. Chances are they haven't tried it, or they tried it and didn't give it time/ they didn't experiment with it and gave up instantly. Like free lee says you have to TOUGHEN THE FRUIT UP!! ;-) 

Everyone's body is different therefor do what you feel works best for you and stop listening to what everyone else says. Take the advice from people you see getting the best results like free lee, durian rider, rice and raw, ect. and experiment with it! Just because someone is gaining a bit of water weight or fat ( because they are healing ) does NOT mean you will!!! You will NOT GET OBESE on this diet. Its probably the HEALTHIEST diet there is. I remember the very first month or two i went raw. i was eating mainly fruit and lost almost 11 pounds! i WAS NOT calorie restricting eating 3000+ a day and im only 5'1 :) ive also came from a past of anorexia/bulimia but my natural weight is 110 so i have about 20 lbs to lose and you know what? i stopped worrying about it. If i keep worrying then it's going to drive me mad and i will start restricting again. Dont be like the rest of the people that fell off, be your own inspiration/motivation and i promise you the results will come. if you feel you do better on rice and potatoes then do it! No one is telling you what to do, theyre telling you what they have experienced and what worked for them. That does not mean its going to happen/work for you. But i can definitely tell you that if you eat low protein/low fat you are guaranteed to lose weight and get really skinny eventually. Your body isn't use to this huge change, be kind to your body and let mother nature take its course. Be patient, and just live life :)

no one cares what you look like... only you do!!

much love x <3    

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no one cares what you look like... only you do!!

Too fruitin right!


I see and hear some very good ideas here!  I have come to similar conclusions.

The first idea I have to let go of is that I am like other people...that what works for other people will work for me.  Clearly, I am not like other people.  There is no one like me, anywhere!  I have a unique combination of honesty, open-mindedness to new ideas, willingness to try new things, and helpful experience that may help or hinder my efforts, etc., etc., etc.  We all have a unique battle with our cravings, desires, emotional problems, etc.

I am finally to the point that I no longer care what others say or do or eat or do not eat.  I'm recently concerned  mainly with what works for me!  I do see some general rules, however.  For example, I believe that entire abstinence from the things that are addictive is a good rule.  People who try to stop smoking, drinking or drugging by limiting themselves to one drink, one cigarette or one hit per day usually have a very difficult time getting off their addictions!

I see SAD as a multiple addiction!  It is more cunning, baffling and powerful than any other addiction I have ever encountered, in my opinion.  It makes it harder for me if I do not realize this basic truth.  If I think that I can celebrate with a slice of pizza after I have done well for a month or two, then I'm sabotaging myself!  One taste of pizza after a month of eating salads makes my mouth explode!  Then I'm into a binge for a few days and have to start over again after gaining my weight back!

If I think I can hang on to "just a little bit" of sugar, for instance, then I'm making it harder for myself.  The sugar keeps my cravings active.  "A little bit" makes it harder.  "Half measures availed us nothing," as they say in AA.

There's a trick to this business.  Most people never learn the tricks, because they don't want to learn.  They want to eat SAD and they're not receptive to the idea of admitting complete defeat by any addiction whatsoever.  Oddly enough, the easiest way to do this is to quit fighting to have what I want!  It's the things that I want that make success so difficult.

totally agree :) like alot of people on here crave sweet foods, and i honestly can live without sugar no problem. I dont mean not eating fruit AT ALL.. just eating high carb still and whatever i want :) it feels good to be free! 

You are very lucky if you have been liberated from the craving for sugar.  Most people, including myself, have a very hard time with a sugar addiction.  I've been working on it myself for quite some time and I am finally to the point now where I am over the withdrawals and over the craving--as long as I stay away from restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, etc., and keep it out of my apartment and out of my life!  But if I spend too much time romancing a chocolate brownie, it will get to me eventually.  So I'm treating it like alcohol.  I have to stay away from the first drink and out of the bars!  Same with sugar!  In fact, same with pizza, ice cream, pastries, etc.  It is very, very difficult for me.  I can't say I'm "liberated."  I'm still struggling.  Good for you!  How long have you been "liberated and free" now?

I also have a hard time with sugar addiction. I LOVE chocolate, rarely have it now though since my food budget is low (probably a good thing right? XD). Hard working n a grocery store, stocking aisles with sweets x.x we're already stocking Halloween candy so I'm trying to fight the urge to buy some. 

I used to LOOOOOVE sweets! Until it really hit home what they were made of...so grose!  Even if for a millisecond I have a memory of enjoying them, I suddenly remember exactly what they are made of and want to puke. Will power alone never worked for me...maybe this will help  ...

Gelatin is a protein obtained by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones with water. It is usually obtained from cows or pigs. 

Read more: http://www.peta.org/about-peta/faq/what-is-gelatin-made-of/#ixzz3Bw...

They look so pretty, but they are made of such !@#$.

I know about gelatin, so gross x.x sadly I used to eat a lot of Jello and Jello pudding and the idea of it being made from ground up cow bones grossed me out, yet it tasted so good, I shrugged it off when I was younger. Glad now that I'm older and actually was able to see the torture, suffering and pain these animals go through just for us to take pleasure in taste..I have no problem staying away from anything with animal products in it, but candy I can actually eat without it, is the problem. I'm like "Oh I can eat this, its vegan", but I know its not healthy. I just use unsweetended cacao in smoothies or ice creams (I know 30Bad doesn't approve of chocolate), but at least I'm not eating highly processed sweets knowing animals are being tortured and killed for it. 

Yesterday I even turned down Oreos and Nutter Butters because I don't need the excess fat (14g per pack). My brother and sister had a cow (excuse the pun) and were like "So what's wrong with these!? You can't eat them??" *smh*

Yeh i was same when i was little i shrugged it off....wasnt until i became vegan i got how grose it really was. Oh I see vegan candy...hmmm...i never really got into that coz the sweets i loved were all the jelly non-vegan ones...like fruit gums and harribo. Now the artificial taste would b enough to put me off...and fact they r not real food.  Well done though turning down unhealthy cravings... always feels great to do that. i try to tell myself in weak times..u will never regret choosing the healthy option...lol...doesnt always work. Also i HATE that.. 'u CANT eat them'...'I can eat whatever i want i just CHOOSE not to' massive difference.

That's a good point, Raychil.  What they're made of is one thing to remember, and what they do to me is another thing to remember.  But I'm funny!  Sometimes I can be "remembering exactly what they're made of" and I still walk right up and put one in my mouth!

My problem is that willpower alone never seems to work for me.  What can I do when willpower doesn't work?  In AA we use a Higher Power.  Do you do that?

What do you do to keep from eating sugar?

I remember what non-vegan candies are made of and just immediately not eat it, never putting it in my mouth to eat. That's when I either end up eating fruit/banana ice cream or a candy that is vegan or something I make like cookies or banana bread, but haven't had "candy" in weeks.

Use a Higher Power? What is that exactly? I'm trying not to assume you meant in a religious way?

What I do to keep from eating processed sugar/candies is just ignore it and eat fruit or sweets I make myself with minimal ingredients.

yeh ive done that. sometimes ur cravings take u over. luckily for my sanity i dont eat non vegan stuff now....but took a long time to get to that point..now it is the harrowing images of animal cruelty that come to mind as soon i think of non vegan food. when i was finding it hard to stay vegan i made myself watch sum more vids and it really concreted it in my mind. now all i see is torture and grossness and i am never tempted.

tbh i dnt get sugar cravings like i think u mean...coz i satisy my sweet tooth with fruit completely...my cravings have always been for non sweet items.  i used to go for fatty raw stuff ...but i eventually packed that in coz i felt crap..now fatty stuff doesnt interest me. i guess for me i always try and learn more about what im trying to stay away from to turn me off it and make me stronger next time...eventually it seems to work, that and knowing how crap it makes u feel...but it feels like banging my head against a brick wall sometimes ..going round in circles chasing my tail



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