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It looks like the original article was posted a couple of years ago: http://www.care2.com/causes/do-vegetarians-kill-more-animals-than-m...

The author argues that growing produce harms more animals (wildlife) than grazing/raising cattle for slaughter. It also talks says that farming "will require a net increase in the use of fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides and other threats to biodiversity and environmental health."

I really felt like these arguments were grasping as straws. I do think that mass-farming practices need to be revised to be less harmful to pollinators and the environment.

The article almost made a better argument for growing your own food!

What do you all think?


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what i think? that this guy is an idiot..

produce is grown in the cruelest form in terms of pesticides etc. as animal feed... if he is suggesting everyone to eat grass fed.. then we need another 12 planets or so without forests, all grass.

If you compare the best practices of ranching (animals grazing all year long) with the worst practices of cereal/fruit growing (with overdose of illegal chemicals), I think you can end up with the same conclusion.

But let's get real, if soybeans production kills animals, then, the meat industry that uses most of the soybeans is responsible for those deaths.

I think he forgot the last sentence, 


The meat and dairy industry"

Plus most of the gmo corn and gmo soy is being used to feed the 56billion livestock animals slaughtered every year. A huge waste of resources and a large contribution to the pestiside problem. It's not the fruit and vegetables fault, more over it is the livestock feed. Growing all this food means we need to clear rainforests and make room for pasture. There is propaganda all over the internet. 

Good Luck,

Jessica Vegan on youtube


He forgot the last sentence :) Very witty Jessica...you got a giggle out of me :D 

I think eating meat makes us ignore the fact that we are harming animals with our agriculture, and if we stopped eating meat we would stop hurting animals in our other actions as well.

I forget who it was who said, if the title of your article is a question, then the answer is 'no'. If it was true then the title would be a statement. 

That's pretty clever :)

sounds to me like the Author decided to ether ignore any research and facts that disagree with his premise, or more likley he was too lazy to do any research in the first place.

Fruit trees and veges grown permaculture style with integrated flowering plants to attract bees is the only type of sustainable food production methods. Imagine a world filled with free orchards and bikeways filled with Permaculture gardens available for everyone and everyone to pick and eat as they choose. We could have this all now if only our heads and spirituality were in the right place - of share, share and share alike.

So shoot me but I actually agree that opening the ground to plough it and grow grains is more damaging to most soil types than strip grazing cattle, sheep or goats. (All this from a vegan current organic farm owner)

Sounds like heaven to me :D 

That's all horse poo. Please tell me how destroying the environment and deliberately killing animals kills less animals? Yeah, exactly. 

greetings katy! and welcome to 30bad!

your article is another one of those typical items designed to give warm fuzzies to corpse eaters. it really doesn't take into account the contrast between deliberate murder and incidental death. by that reasoning, you really shouldn't walk or breathe if you are a vegan (which would make life peachy keen for those engrossed in barbaric lifestyles).

also, nicolas' point is a rather obvious one considering most grain (higher than 80% if memory serves) produced goes to feed the victims of the corpse industries. so the corpse industries have far more blood on their hands.

nor does the article take reality into account as the arithmetic does here:

the mass murdering plant industry rationalization

you'll see this grazing garbage adulation is a result of someone who wasn't able to do the calculations properly.

the subsequent posts in that thread are interesting too.

in friendship,




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