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boutenko family aka the 'raw family'. ive met em all and lovely folk they are. and if you ask them personally if they eat cooked food they always say 'yes'. exception being victoria and she claims its cos she eats too much and doesnt exercise enough.

but let me tell you folks, if your as obese as victoria is, you are chewing a heck of a lot of calories to just maintain that weight and its IMPOSSIBLE to stay that weight on just raw plant foods alone. youd literally vomit on the amount of nuts/seeds/oil needed to support that sort of caloric excess.

my sincere advice to victoria is the same i gave sergei and valya, 'if you want to be slim, trim, fit and 100% raw vegan like natures design, simply get enough cals from your fav sweet fruits for starters.."

we need to hold the raw authors to a higher standard. what does it say about our raw movement when the 'raw family' females are chronically overweight from eating cooked food?

victoria boutenko has sold more raw food books than anyone in history. people constantly tell me 'well the raw diet sounds great but how come that victoria lady is obese!!!!..she is fatter than most people you see at mcdonalds!! etc'

it pains me to hear this and see victoria on stage and promoting the benefits of a raw food diet but she is obese...

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Let's turn this into a gang-up on Peach thread ;DDD
you guys all sound anorexic lol
Just because you've seen worse doesn't mean it's okay! He couldn't have asked if Valya is following a similar diet as her mother? Asking if she's "chubby" brings on a whole slew of unnecessary things (things that I rarely hear talked about in the raw world)...

I'm not trying to start a ruckus, I'm just saying I personally was put back a little by his statement. Nothing personal Maltron!
i helped out at vic's talk this year in perth and adelaide and valya came as well. for me valya could easily spare 40-50lbs. valya didnt mention anything to me about having a crack at being a 811 fruit bat but she openly admitted to eating cooked food and i thanked her for her honesty. i didnt ask what type or how often and valya didnt indicate that.

if you have a book out called '12 steps to raw' 'raw family' 'eating without heating' 'green for life' etc and you dont tell people you eat cooked food from the get go, people are going to assume you eat 100% raw vegan and wonder why your so hefty around the hips. 'overcoming the food imprint - the origins of our cravings' is valya's latest dvd and she is ignorant to the role of fruit in keeping us satiated when it comes to carbohydrate needs.

valya's dvd 'reversing the irreversible' is fantastic and a great one to share with those currently in certain health situations.
funny how sergei forgets to mention his cooked food diet? fruit based diet is bad? then sergei, why the freak are you using fruit in most of your produce pictures?

mix cooked food with fruit and we get fermentation.
this is the conversation sergei and i had on his youtube channel. sergei is a nice dude and my intention is to provide clarity regarding what people are eating when they say they dont eat much fruit..

DR :sergei eats sandwiches and ive never heard him say he is a vegan or stands up for animal rights.

harmony hikes raw? go visit the website and find out for yourselves..

when mangoes get dissed, durianrider is on the case! :)

durianriders (1 day ago) -3 Reply | Remove
did i miss it or did sergei forget to mention that he eats cooked food?

im confused..more than a lb of mangoes is bad but cooked food is ok sergei?

raw family? i think 'high raw family' is a better description... :)

good beats otherwise.

Sergei :BoutenkoFilms (1 day ago) Reply
Hey Harley,
Nice to hear from you. If you look really closely, you'll notice, that's not me eating a sandwich... It is not my intention to dis eating mangos, but rather to poke fun at raw food ( a subject that is not often laughed about).
Thanks for your comment! Sergei
I think you make a great point that if you have books with titles indicating raw foods then people will assume you are raw. I think the mistake they have made is not telling people that they are not 100% raw. Seems like a key bit of information to share with everyone if you are preaching the benefits of a raw food lifestyle.
Thanks for sharing this information DR.

I only hope Victoria and her family can find their way back to being 100% raw. They are such nice people.

I agree with my Karmyn and openly extend an invitation for "The Raw Family" to spend some time with our "Raw Family" and eat delicious and low-fat Savory Veggie Stews and lots of delicious fruit.

Well Roger & I want SINCERELY want the Boutenkos to stay a week with us in Panama (we'll be there in two and a half weeks).

Roger wrote about this on his blog:

We will prepare them delicious, low fat meals. We will make sure they get plenty of sleep every night so they will have the energy to want to exercise each day.

They will be inspired by how HEALTHLY and ENERGETIC little Andrew is and how much he loves eating his fruits and greens.

They will laugh when they see Andrew at the market pushing a little shopping cart and putting different fruits and greens in it (and eating some while doing so).

They will be amazed at how he won't touch the cooked matter in the stores. He simply points to it and calls it "CACA."

We will do the "12 Steps To Raw Food" with them (hmmm maybe they should stay for 12 days so we can go over one step each day):

Step 1. I admit that I have lost control of my addiction to cooked food and my eating is becoming unmanageable.

Step 2. 1 believe that live vegan food is the most natural diet for a human being.

Step 3. I shall gain necessary skills, learn basic raw recipes and obtain equipment to prepare live food.

Step 4. I shall live in harmony with people who eat cooked food.

Step 5. I shall stay away from temptations.

Step 6. I shall create a support group.

Step 7. I shall find alternative activities or hobbies.

Step 8. I shall let my higher self lead my life.

Step 9. I shall make a searching and fearless inventory of the real reasons of seeking comfort and pleasure from cooked foods.

Step 10. I shall let my intuition help me.

Step 11. Through clarity I will gain happiness.

Step 12. I shall provide support to other raw fooders.

(p. 131 12 Steps to Raw Foods How to End Your Addiction to Cooked Foods by Victoria Boutenko)

We will send an invitation to them this week! :)

You have a cute kid and the future looks brighter because kids like him will be around.

Good luck with the invite this should identify many things if they do not accept such a good gesture.
well, she always consumed salt and we all know what that does. Furthermore, she is not doing herself any service when it comes to health if she thinks her weight is ok. She needs to read 811 asap. That is the advice she needs. She needs to stop lecturing and talk to Dr. gram right now beofre she says another word. I don't usually judge, but she is turning people off of lfrv and that just aint cool..we need all the role models we could get like you and my husband mike to show the world how great it is to do this and the performance levels one could reach. Change the world in a positive way...Is there anything more you could do with your purpose in life that is greater than that? I think not my friend. That is why you do what you d aye?



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