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boutenko family aka the 'raw family'. ive met em all and lovely folk they are. and if you ask them personally if they eat cooked food they always say 'yes'. exception being victoria and she claims its cos she eats too much and doesnt exercise enough.

but let me tell you folks, if your as obese as victoria is, you are chewing a heck of a lot of calories to just maintain that weight and its IMPOSSIBLE to stay that weight on just raw plant foods alone. youd literally vomit on the amount of nuts/seeds/oil needed to support that sort of caloric excess.

my sincere advice to victoria is the same i gave sergei and valya, 'if you want to be slim, trim, fit and 100% raw vegan like natures design, simply get enough cals from your fav sweet fruits for starters.."

we need to hold the raw authors to a higher standard. what does it say about our raw movement when the 'raw family' females are chronically overweight from eating cooked food?

victoria boutenko has sold more raw food books than anyone in history. people constantly tell me 'well the raw diet sounds great but how come that victoria lady is obese!!!!..she is fatter than most people you see at mcdonalds!! etc'

it pains me to hear this and see victoria on stage and promoting the benefits of a raw food diet but she is obese...

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good point
You lost me Ben,

I agree about sharing many things in common here with the 'raw' family, but a spokeperson for raw, promoting health, should not look like her and her daughter. Period.

As a yoga teacher, if I were stiff as a board, ...or as a bus driver and no patience for people...I think we are talking incompatibility here, not self righteousness.
You wouldn't be happy with this familiar character then Yogaranka.....?

To illustrate the situation a bit better... I attended a talk by Victoria in San Francisco's yoga center.
Beyond the initial shock of seeing her size, I was not very happy to hear her talk extensively about natural living, natural surroundings, and natural clothing, and she was wearing a rayon dress, with nylon stockings. No judgement here, just conclusions. I hear one thing, and I see another.

The food was very fatty/nutty/flaxy/chewy. The best part was a huge hug from Igor!
I was new to this kind of gatherings when I saw her in 2004, and I did not want to be the party pooper.
But the feeling stuck to me. I wanted to share it, because I find it strange how millions of people don't notice the mismatch.
All right, my lips are sealed! Apparently the apparent things should not be discussed here anymore ;-)
I don't contradict myself, but I don't have to confront... there is a difference between the two.
I'm sure she feels all those eyes looking at her, she must have an amazing courage to be in that position. I sure would not be able to pull it off.

Good thing she is not Pinnochio or she would have a hard time getting through doors.

Yogaranka your like me we like to sleep peacefully at night :-)
i dont have issues with anyone personally, rather its the information that people put out. it hurts them, it hurts their followers. and for me to be silent when i can help, thats not the loving thing to do. heck, it saves a lot more energy to be silent and i understand why people take the less active way out cos they feel overwhelmed enough

if someone picks up a cup of vinegar and thinks its water, should we not 'tell them what to do' and let them learn the hard way, or should we advise them that its actually vinegar and not water they got served and the person serving it wasnt evil rather they were just ignorant.
Thanks for sharing your experience Yogaranka.
what exhibition of intelligence is it if that tiny subgroup of humanity is heading in the wrong direction?

as we know, more people are coming to raw than ever before and more are leaving than ever before..
walk into any health food store or bookshop that sells raw food books. of the well known authors, dr doug graham is the only one id put my raw money on. the rest, when they need carbs, cooked is on the menu. people ask me about gabriel cousins, i dont know, and nobody that has worked with him seems to know, gabriel doesnt put himself out there for questioning in my experience and thats fine but it doesnt leave his readers with much up to date objectivity.

i didnt take my mum to vic's talk cos i knew my mum would use the 'that lady is fatter than me and i eat bacon and eggs!' excuse.

i cant imagine how much life would suck being obese and it just compels me more and more to speak the health message so people can join in on the fruit fun.
Did she mention what cooked food she was eating. I agree with the poster who said she is making money off selling raw and is not even following her own advice. If I was new to raw and saw her I would wonder why people would be raw. I think all these people making money off raw should be honest and upfront about what else they are eating . If I bought a book on any subject I expect the author to be living what they are selling. Some raw people are always talking about how bad cooked people look but if you try to mention how a supose raw fooder looks you are told you are too harsh. I just think people should be more honet.



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