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boutenko family aka the 'raw family'. ive met em all and lovely folk they are. and if you ask them personally if they eat cooked food they always say 'yes'. exception being victoria and she claims its cos she eats too much and doesnt exercise enough.

but let me tell you folks, if your as obese as victoria is, you are chewing a heck of a lot of calories to just maintain that weight and its IMPOSSIBLE to stay that weight on just raw plant foods alone. youd literally vomit on the amount of nuts/seeds/oil needed to support that sort of caloric excess.

my sincere advice to victoria is the same i gave sergei and valya, 'if you want to be slim, trim, fit and 100% raw vegan like natures design, simply get enough cals from your fav sweet fruits for starters.."

we need to hold the raw authors to a higher standard. what does it say about our raw movement when the 'raw family' females are chronically overweight from eating cooked food?

victoria boutenko has sold more raw food books than anyone in history. people constantly tell me 'well the raw diet sounds great but how come that victoria lady is obese!!!!..she is fatter than most people you see at mcdonalds!! etc'

it pains me to hear this and see victoria on stage and promoting the benefits of a raw food diet but she is obese...

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I've read a couple of her books including green for life and 12 steps, they are both excellent for the most part. When I did however I had no idea how overweight she was, that doesn't mean what she's written still isn't valid or useful, but it would have given me pause to consider had I known. Fortunately she was not the only raw author I was reading at the time.

There's zero people who are 100% lfrv for a matter of years who are still considerably overweight. Certainly some people are more prone to this condition than others, but I don't think there's anything constructive in portraying people like Victoria who should know better about the health concerns related to being overweight as victims.

Being drastically overweight to the point of obesity is a sign of ill health, its that simple. It's not to say there's anything shameful about this necessarily, some people may still be at this point when they're starting out on lfrv, but if they stick to the program it will not last, notwithstanding some exceptionally rare health condition possibly. Being a health guru should not put one in the position to persuade others that since being severely overweight is 'normal' in the quantitative sense (ill health across the board is 'normal' these days) that it should not be a concern, obesity is implicated with so many health concerns and is virtually inversely proportionate to longevity. If you eat mostly raw long term and are still quite overweight, if you love yourself the way you are, power to you, but to say that you're are in a state of optimal health, whether or not your are a raw health guru, I'm sorry you're kidding yourself.
I have heard that Victoria also sells a sort of "jaw- exercising" contraption.

She designed this because she believes that as modern people we have largely lost the ability to chew greens into liquid... thus the perceived need for blending green into smoothies to both aid digestion and also enable people consume large quantities easily.

Question: Has anybody bought or tried this product?
Alright guys...I think there is at least a few things we can agree on:

1. Victoria Boutenko has some good information in her books that have helped people become healthier.

2. It is clear she is not eating a 100% raw diet.

3. She should be truthful with her audience about what she is eating, especially if it is not in accordance with
what she is teaching.

Other than that, i feel that making all these accusations is very unproductive. While I do feel that everyone needs to know the truth about her diet (otherwise people may get the idea that raw is not the path to true health), I feel we can do better. How about instead of debating over how we feel towards her, we collectively decide what we can do about it.

We could reach out to her and expose her more to the lfrv way of life. I know for me, and I think many others, I had to hear about this sort of diet many times before coming around to it. Like most people in the gourmet raw world, I thought 811ers were some sort of extremist/fanatical faction of the raw food world (and not in a positive way). Maybe it is our job to bring this to her. For me, I was fasting and asking the Universal Spirit to show me what I needed to do to improve my health b/c nothing I was trying was working. And 811 was shot at me from several different places and that's when it finally clicked and I started researching it etc. As soon as I read why the low fat raw diet works and the high fat one doesn't it a lightbulb in my head went off - "Oh! That makes a lot of sense!"

We can also really try to start spreading the word about 811 and revealing the truth that high fat raw vegan diets can potentially cause more problems than some cooked diets.

I know a lot of us started out on the high fat raw diet before we got to 811. I've heard several people say that this damaged their health instead of improved it. I know that is true for me. I was eating so much fat that I had horrible candida overgrowth, sluggish liver, and very very slow digestion, not to mention feeling tired and icky all the time! None of which I had before eating a high fat raw diet. Imagine the people we could help out if we really started spreading the word. If 811 is something that people rarely hear about, they can pass it off as the fanatical raw food faction that I did. But if they have real examples of thriving, beautiful, loving, athletic people eating this way they can't deny it. Especially if they start hearing about it more and more. So maybe we need to get on youtube and other raw sites and just continue to pump 811 in a very loving open way to try to help people from making themselves sick on a high fat diet.

I think a good way to spread the word is actually lay down facts about the diet and tell people your story. I think the reason why a lot of people blow off 811 is because they don't know the theory behind it. Like I said, as soon as I heard the theory behind it, it all made sense to me.

What d'you say guys?

Its a shame since many look up to her that she isnt raw now, but is it necessary to say such remarks? I kinda find positive talk more productive for my progress. After all, we are all human. All of us have faults. And some people are better at preaching then practicing. I mean its just food really. Do what you feel is best for you, the animals, the environment and do your best. Spread the word if you can if someone is open to listen. I'm sure she is under a lot of stress and will get back in time. Shes contributed a lot, thats fantastic. But I think we all need to find raw within ourselves, not put people on pedestals and criticize their every move? I'm sorry if I posted something wrong here. Just when I was vegan, I got frustrated with all the hatred to non vegans as I have many friends that are full of compassion but dont see things the same way. Its all a process. I'm sorry if I'm too open minded. I am working on peace and try to look at things in a way of compassion. I just dont see myself as being perfect in any way, raw or not, and like others to be accepting of MY imperfections. Harsh comments hurt, they do! I just dont like people throw them at me so I try not to throw them at others and dont like hearing others put down others.

Sorry if I posted something wrong. I just dont enjoy this negative talk. I guess I worked with too many disabled kids and know what its like to be stepped on. I'm overly sensitive to others feelings, sorry. But if she were to read this, I'm sure she would gain more weight as a result. The reason I said this is because people have talked negatively about ME behind my back about being underweight, trust me it hurts. It doesnt help the person do better.
Wonderfully said, CBS. This is exactly what I am trying to say. We need to be compassionate. It all comes back around. Negativity is a disease...it spreads...like wildfire. Just look at the majority of these posts. Its ONE thing to be aware of the negativity, its a whole other can of worms if we participate and add to it.
If someone bothers you, turn away.
Tolerance is a failure to respond.... not my quote, but I agree.

Check it out at http://www.30bananasaday.com/forum/topics/favorite-quotes
for sure alison, i used to think that too! that obese people didnt eat much, but spending time with them 'behind the scenes' taught me otherwise. if we look at prison camps, anorexics etc they have the least caloric consumption and the lowest body mass. we dont find plump animals in nature that are eating few calories.

i feel its impossible to become obese on even a high fat gourmet raw vegan diet, cos its do devoid of sufficient carbs your gonna go back to cooked carbs. the world record for fasting in the guiness book of records is like 367days and done by a morbidly obese person. yep they got skinny minny!

most people say they are eating x amount of calories, but further probing indicates they dont have a solid grasp of how much cals are in the foods they consume. thats fair enough and easy to see why people get confused.
367 days? Could you cite the link to that? If you don't, I'll be looking for it so that I can paste it here. I've never read of a morbidly obese person fasting for over a year.
I can't seem to find it with any of the key words. Where did you read about the Guinness World Record for fasting being 367 days? I read that Guinness Book of World Records holds that the longest official water fast was for 50 days from this site: http://stanford.wellsphere.com/healthy-living-article/can-fasting-p...
That's a great excerpt. Thanks for posting it, Moth! =)

90 days is intense!
there's some woman on youtube who water fasted for 120 days...it wasn't consecutive though, 40 day periods with a week or so in between. not condoning it, though!
To think that a new faster could complete her first 40 days, and then be dedicated to completing two more back-to-back. That was quite a special journey to follow along. I recently found that she is on wikipedia under "fasting" en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fasting



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