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boutenko family aka the 'raw family'. ive met em all and lovely folk they are. and if you ask them personally if they eat cooked food they always say 'yes'. exception being victoria and she claims its cos she eats too much and doesnt exercise enough.

but let me tell you folks, if your as obese as victoria is, you are chewing a heck of a lot of calories to just maintain that weight and its IMPOSSIBLE to stay that weight on just raw plant foods alone. youd literally vomit on the amount of nuts/seeds/oil needed to support that sort of caloric excess.

my sincere advice to victoria is the same i gave sergei and valya, 'if you want to be slim, trim, fit and 100% raw vegan like natures design, simply get enough cals from your fav sweet fruits for starters.."

we need to hold the raw authors to a higher standard. what does it say about our raw movement when the 'raw family' females are chronically overweight from eating cooked food?

victoria boutenko has sold more raw food books than anyone in history. people constantly tell me 'well the raw diet sounds great but how come that victoria lady is obese!!!!..she is fatter than most people you see at mcdonalds!! etc'

it pains me to hear this and see victoria on stage and promoting the benefits of a raw food diet but she is obese...

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It is available from my website, Jared.
It is called the Jamaica Panel Discussion.
If you have trouble finding it, send me an email.
Yes, Jared, that is the one.
I haven't owned a TV or a VCR in years, but if this video exists either on DVD or even on a laser disk or downloadable file that would allow me to watch it on my computer I'd be happy to purchase it.
dougs spent plenty of time with boutenko family. ive spent a few afternoons with vic and valya.

there is one reason why people have such a hard time uptaking the 811 concept which lets you stay raw, fit and trim for life. what is the reason? PEOPLE ARE SO CONDITIONED BOTH BY SOCIETY AND THEIR BODIES THAT THEY FEEL GUILTY FOR EATING THAT MUCH VOLUME, EVEN IF ITS ONLY 10% OF THE CALORIES THEY WOULD NORMALLY CONSUME FROM THEIR COOKED INTAKE. ie: a typical fast food meal is around 1500 -3000cals.(burger, large fries, thickshake) and thats like 15 -30 large ripe bananas or a whole 10kg melon or 2 of em!!! those eating 100% raw can comprehend those amounts of fruit cos we eat that much, but a newbie, yo yo raw/cooked eater or cooked fooder couldnt and those that could, would feel guilty for eating the volume that requires caloric sufficiency.

when we were a kid and we snuck sweets before dinner, we would get disciplined, imagine if we walked into someones house and ate the whole fruit bowl! we would get disciplined. its ok to walk down the street eating a 1000cal burger but imagine walking down the street with 10 peeled bananas in your hand!! lol! do it sometime and laugh yourself shitless inside! its amazing how people look at you! lol!
so what happens is that society conditions us to feel guilty, so we undereat eventually and then our body kicks in and says 'hey buddy!!! we are frick'n starv'n!! and im gonna send you out to get some serious calories RIGHT NOW!! i dont care what your ideals and values are, cos ideals and values dont mean zip if your dead from starvation!!'

anorexics feel guilty for eating enough fruit, obese people feel guilty for eating enough fruit. its funny, ive had both anorexics and obese people at the same dining table and they both come up with the same guilt feelings..AMAZING!! but its great cos it helps us understand why people have impossible time staying raw longterm.
It's so true. When I first started eating raw, I was coming from a background of eating disorders...I remember purging after eating tons of STRAWBERRIES. I look back and think how completely insane that was for me to do that. But my mindset held so much guilt for eating such a volume of food...
Harley I like that you hold others accountable and question things.

Anyone with any intelligence will have to agree that she has some dirty little nasty filthy secrets.

Maybe her next book will be "Raw famlies dirty little secrets".

Harley I can see why people would say

'well the raw diet sounds great but how come that victoria lady is obese!!!!..she is fatter than most people you see at mcdonalds!! etc'

an idiot would not notice this about her.

I hope she doesn't have prefered seating at the local "steak and lobster buffet"

Something is really fishy here and I ain't talking about mock(nut pate) fish either.
BB :-)

I agree Dr. D is a rare man in the world of scoundrels.

Like with anything supporting those of good character and sound advice makes a whole lot of sense to me.

So this is why supporting Dr. D. makes sense to me unless one day he starts eating 6 tiered bacon burgers or I find out he is now working as a butcher at Safeway which I don't believe will happen.

The only way that criminals are and continue in business is because people either don't know so they continue to support them or no one is willing to take the time to expose the scoundrels.

Harley has the courage and others to shed some light on what might be a very dirty nasty little secret.

It is very simple support the good in this world and cut off the nasty filthy dirty trolls.
Chel Yeah and some don't make books take hard earned sweat equity money from people with hopes of a solution and put devilish recipes on how to and " they don't do"

Big difference here.

They are scoundrels if this is true.

I could use some others words but don't want to offend anyone right now.
harley is not just full of ideas but experiences.

I think we are using our intelligence if we question the obvious as in this case.
It is a very old discussion, one that came up many times, over a decade ago among the raw leaders of the day. We got weary of talking about people, however, and at least for myself, decided that the best practice was to simply walk my walk, and talk my talk.
You want to talk about ideas with me? Great.
You want to talk about the science behind my work, or the "science" behind the comments from other raw leaders? Fine.
You want to talk about people? You won't find me in that conversation.
Amen to that!



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