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Hello everyone,

After following 90/5/5 for two years I decided I'd switch it up a little and see how my body would feel on a high fat raw diet. During one week what my diet consisted of was:

  • Avocados.
  • Nuts.
  • Seeds.
  • Salads (tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce)

Negative effects were fatigue, being able to stomach one meal a day, brain fog, skin breakout, disguisted with food (the thought of food made me want to vomit) & overall I was in a bad mood. 

The positive effects would be my hair became smoother & I was losing a lot of weight (NOT water, which in my case is bad since I'm very skinny to begin with).

My advice? Never try a high fat raw diet, it will leave you feeling like CRAP. 


P.S: I'm new to the blog & am very excited to meet everyone. :)

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Warning heard and heeded.

Don't know how those raw gourmet folks eat like that day after day after day :P

Welcome to the forum :)

Thanks for being the first that has ever commented on my open discussions, and for heeding my warning lol. High fat raw made me feel like vomiting every single day and I had no energy to do anything. I feel best on 90/5/5 where fats play a minor role. :)

Once again, thanks for commenting ^_^

Sometimes lessons have to be personally experienced to be fully learned.  

Glad your school of hard knocks only had to last a week :)

Hey dude you didn't mention how many calories you had per day...sounds like you had a lot less than other people would on that diet. 

I used to eat a gross amount of fat calories eating a diet not that different from what you were describing...I think a lot of people who do that would be prone to gain weight vs lose....

So glad I found this website...

Hello there, Longevity!

I had about 100+ grams of fat every day. I had over 100 grams of different nuts and seeds each day and a couple of avocados on a salad.

On the first day I could stomache about 2,000 calories, afterwards it was all going down. As I said, the thought of food repulsed me. The last day I had around 800 and felt like "DEAR LORD, IT'S OVER" :D

I then fasted for a day and started 90/5/5. Cheers!

Awesome dude thanks for sharing!

Yeah I think a lot of other people trying that experiment would easily do double the amount of calories... I'm not sure... 

Like if someone really liked nuts and had big bags of nuts everyday....and avocado on everything...seems like it could get pretty intense!!!

nice experiment    :  )  

high carb / low fat  FTW

what a poor tasting menu    yuk!

Welcome Kalin!  My first foray into raw was high-fat, gourmet (Dr. Gabriel Cousens' Live Green Cuisine book) and it didn't last very long...athletic performance suffered, my skin broke out and I craved, craved, craved carbs because this little jewel of a diet restricted all fruits (except for avocados/tomatoes/cucumbers)!  I never felt well--figured out I was eating about 70% fat!!!  I'm glad to still have my gall bladder lol. 

You know what's weird?  I've seen that inspiring "Cure Diabetes in 30 days" where he helped folks at his facility.  You can hear Dr Gab's quote on tape that he recommends a high carb, low fat diet. Then 5 min later, the patients are noshing on low carb, high fat fair on the daily buffet.  


10 frustrated overweight high carb vegans just went high fat raw :-P

High fat raw does show faster results, no doubt but the question is how long can you take feeling like crap? And I surely couldn't go on eating that way much longer, at the end of the week I was feeling like I would rather die than eat anything fatty anymore. On the plus side, I won't crave nuts and avocados for a whole year so, it had it's benefits. :3

Kalin, you're a brave soul for going high-fat raw for a week. i wouldn't have the courage (or the incentive really!).

i enjoy the high fat gourmet meal once in a blue moon, but i can't imagine eating that every day!



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