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Thanks for clearing things up for us Peter!

Hi Pete,

If they did, Durianrider would be a world champion sumo wrestler by now!

Carbs from fruit, however, are completely different from sugar in processed foods, for example.

As D.R says, 'fruit is your friend!' and in his opinion, the best source of carbs... (organic if at all possible)

All the best,


Unfortunately its not that simple. It appears that the way that fructose is metabolized in the liver produces triglycerides, which is blood fat.

This is something I'm very confused about myself, as the point of avoiding overt fats is to keep fat out of the blood. We've all seen Jeff Novick's youtube vid (I think its this one) about how fat thickens and slows blood.

I would really appreciate it if someone like Adam or Dr. Gosia could give us a good explanation of why this happens and why fruit is good for us anyway :P

Peter, I don't know why a glucometer would reveal triglycerides. Glucometers measure the sugar in your blood stream, not the fat.

Wild fruit are actually high in fructose than more domesticated fruits, which are higher in sucrose. Sucrose is just disaccharide, which means 2 sugars stuck together (glucose-fructose). So there is still fructose in all of our fruit. I have no idea how many triglycerides are created from the metabolism of one fructose molecule, but its a good question.

As far as the corn syrup thing, fructose is a molecule. The molecule fructose is the same in corn syrup as it is in fruit. This doesn't mean that corn syrup is good for us - its got all kinds of other things that are bad -  like whatever toxins are created by GMO. It could be that when in the presence of the stuff in corn syrup, fructose is more likely to turn into triglycerides. I don't know. I'm no scientist. That's why I'm calling on the smart folks to help us out.

Most/all of the studies done on fructose are done on high fructose corn syrup, which is obviously bad. I think a lot of people extrapolate from them to conclude that all fructose is bad.

I'm about to do a long video on my blood tests on 811 versus my blood test on a higher fat non-vegan whole food diet for 2 months. It will show the change in fasting blood sugar, LDL, HDL, total cholesterol, omega 3 breakdowns, and mineral levels. It might shed some let for you and even surprise you. 

Calories are calories in some fundamental ways however.

Interestingly, simple fruit carbs- mono or disaccharides- can put weight on your body in the fat site areas such as the abdomen and even chest for men, and the hips and thighs for women (these are the general fat sites for the majority of males and females, as opposed to muscle sites, which are very last to add fat to when the body consumes too many calories than it burns or stores as glycogen.

While these stored "triglyceride fats" are easier to get rid of by reversing the process (consuming less calories than the previous amount), they still appear as "fatty deposits" on the body. I know, I did a one year experiment with eating more calories just from fruit, greens, and very little overt fat and only from avocado or brazil nuts. I did not consume ANY overt fats during June, July or August. Okay maybe I had a few tiny tastes, since I do run a raw food service, but hardly any overt fat at all for one year. I put up the exact calories, percentages, and even a picture of my midsection (which really showed how much of a "fatty layer" I added. Also, it was obvious to see that I had diminished my muscular definition, which even vascular in my thighs when I ate less carb calories. But the post was removed.

As a serious student of nutrition, certified physical fitness specialist and trainer for 45 years, I like to actually test things out thoroughly. I have read and researched for decades, but there is nothing like experiencing something for myself to know for sure. 

Words can confuse. What most people want to know is "Do I look fat in this dress" and how it is added, and taken away.

Thanks for this reply!

So you lost muscle definition when you ate no overt fats and consumed more carbs than you needed? Or are you saying that you lost definition when you ate overt fats?

...wow, I understood from the context that he "lost muscle definition when he ate no overt fats and consumed more carbs than he needed".

Yes but he said this: "Also, it was obvious to see that I had diminished my muscular definition, which even vascular in my thighs when I ate less carb calories."

I think you are right but I don't really understand that sentence.

600 calories to 5000 wow. You look in great shape in your picture. I think your trigger is/was insulin resistance. High insulin levels mean intense food cravings and 1-2 hours later your hungry again and can even wake you when sleeping. Your body converts the food to fat but has a hard time storing it as glycogen in your muscles and liver for energy.

You might have already reached a steady state but the best way to break out of the food cravings is to due some medium level exercise like bike riding for 1-2 hours or fast walks focusing on hills. At the same time hold your calories back >3K per day. One trick is to eat 1/2 a grapefruit at the beginning of every meal. Grapefruit has been demonstrated to be very effective in many studies on it's ability to reduce insulin resistance and increase beta cell response. The problem with Grapefruit is that it interacts with numerous medications.

Very quickly the insulin levels will drop and the food and stored in your muscles and liver. When your insulin is lower you will loose the constant hunger pangs. At that point you can adjust your calories up some to match your requirements. 



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