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Ive been reading some stuff on the net about people doing b12 injections on a regular basis to keep lean. Some people say it helps with fat and carb metabolism. 


Both Freelee & I do b12 injections occasionally and are lean, fit and strong but I say thats obviously more of a diet/lifestyle thing. Im posting this for people that arent super fit but have done b12 injections and noticed differences in their body ie: getting leaner, better digestion etc. We were jogging back from the clinic and laughing that we are so lean, fit and strong cos we just do b12 injections and that eating fruit and being fit has nothing to do with it! 


Ive talked with a few bodybuilders and pro cyclists and they say that b12 injections lean em up and give em better immunity. These people dont even know what raw food is! lol! 


Please share your experiences. Has your body changed after doing a course of injections. Like say 10x1000mcg over a year.


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Funny you say this. I have been thinking about this lately. I was also diagnosed with low B12 levels a moth ago  (80 or so, if I remember correctly) but I can't say I felt weak or so. Actually, I broke my all time record of push ups at the age of 39 just a week after the blood test.

I had my bloodwork done 2 weeks ago. Mostly because of my autoimmun disorder Hashimoto but my B12 has been checked, too.

It was 244. A year ago it was 387.

The minimum cut off here in Norway is 140 so the doctor said its fine.

After reading the above that Japan has a minimum cut off of 550 I asked him if we could try some B12 shots since its on its way down from last year.

He said of course and i got my first shot of hydroksokobalamin 3 days ago.

I don t know if its just imagination but already at the same evening I had much more energy, I was tired but not totally dead as usual (also due to my autoimmun disorder)

And since than I feel soooo much better! Much more energy and power to do things!

My daughter didn t know about the shots and she asked me this morning why i am so fit and awake every morning since a few days! :D

Juhu! : ) Thank you Harley for posting this!!!!

I want your doctor! Mine was 141 and my doctor was like, everything is perfectly fine, (the dizzyness, nausea, weakness, uncordination etc is probably just because) you train to much! You´re overtrained not sick...

do you live in oslo?


Dont settle , fire your doctor and move on.! I travel almost 2 hours to see my doctor .

How do you think that the Japanese sustain their 550 serum B-12. Do they all take shots.  Is there something in their diet that helps them retain the 550 levels?  Thanks in advance

I think they get from there diet ,but its a poor trade off ,id rather take shots than change my lifestyle

Some athletes Ive spoke with say it helps keep em motivated for training. Im just putting out some subjective information here though.


Its a bit like doing steroids, they wont do much unless your training and eating enough calories and getting the sleep.

I'd like to see a vid

that's interesting!
I just found a couple videos on youtube addressing this


couldn't find a really convincing source though...


The young turks do a vid on b12 injections! Classic!


The guy in the back room made a good point 'what happens when  you get off em?'. Well its a vitamin, not a hormone, drug, stimulant, steroid or gland extract. Ive not observed any side effects at all and Im so sensitive that I cant go a day without drinking enough water! Ive gotta have early nights, eat enough calories, get my exercise or I feel not as good. Thats how sensitive I am.



289 is very low if your going by the Japanese standards/athletic standards etc. They all say around 500+ is a base line minimum. Do your own homework and see what you come up with.


My levels are usually 800-1200 and my homocysteine is within range too.


Your b12 level could be going up due to increased health or could be going down due to increased exercise/stress/medications etc. Its hard to answer this question really. I saw my b12 serum go up x4 after doing 4 months of no overts and it was in the 'normal' range for Australia but after reading more about b12 and how higher is better, I decidided to supplement. I won the 2008 South Australian 24hr champs with a very low b12 level so I cant honestly say I had any deficiency symptoms other than low serum level and an elevated homocysteine. I come from a back ground in Chrons disease which massively depletes b12 stores over your life time.



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