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I'm just starting to get into Ashtanga yoga, and it's super brutal (in a good way!)!  And I'd like to start practicing yoga 6 days a week (which I had been doing until the past few months when I got back into running and weights).  I have an amazing studio and people I love, but I'm loving running and weights right now too!  Currently I do yoga 2x a week, intervals and weights 2x a week, and a long (40min-60min) run and sit ups and pushups 2x a week.  I also walk my puppies for an hour every morning.  I'm reading this great book about Ashtanga and love what it's saying about making yoga a daily practice.  The problem is, my job requires me to take a fitness test every 6 months which tests how fast I can run a mile and a half, how many pushups and situps I can do.  I recently had a fitness test and did well on the run and the situps, but the pushups were a bust!  Anyway, I'm taking another test in a few months because I want a better score, but I"m interested in making a daily practice of yoga too!  Is it possible for me to do an hour or 90 minutes of yoga, walk my dogs, and then do a regular workout?  I feel like I might burn out, but I love the physical and mental benefits of yoga!  Someone help me with my dilemma!  I thought I'd ask the Ashtangis since it's in their practice to do yoga six days a week; I wonder if they do anything else to work out on top of that??

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I work out 6 days a week, not 7! and I only work out an hour a day, and then an hour dog walk.  I don't think that's too much. 

I have a daily yoga practice (Bikram, not ashtanga) and I'd say that about 3-4 days per week I'll also run/swim/ride/bodyweight train. It's really important to get enough calories and sleep for max recovery. I can always tell when I'm not recovering properly, because then I get home from work and just want to flop on the couch.

I've had a daily practice for a few years, have been to Mysore, and my husband is level 2 authorized. It is definitely enough. Once you crank out those jump backs and hold in chaturanga, push ups will be no problem. A month ago I ran a 6-mile trail race. Cold. Hadn't run in over a year. My breath was great and recovery was quick. Done properly, Ashtanga is a whole health system.  Inside and out! :-) btw where do you practice? 



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