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Do any of you prepare meat for a nonvegan spouses/family?

Since going vegan, I have quite obviously found myself to be so much more compassionate toward animals. I've watched many animal ethics documentaries, one of which being the popular "Earthlings". It completely changed the way I look at raw meat. Everything about it repulses me to my core. 

I live with two meateaters, and I have found it increasingly more difficult to even see Animal in the fridge, sitting casually next to my delicious coconut water, let alone actually prepare it in dinners like I once did. Obviously, it is not my "job" to make homemade meals for two men. It was even a loved activity once upon a time. But, I simply cannot get over my aversion to handling a carcass or throwing it into the oven. (I actually am getting a gag reflex just typing this.) 

Serving them vegan dinners, at the present time, is out. They are not wildly objective to eating a huge, colorful, yummy plate of vegan food or even a rawtill4 delicacy like soups and currys, but they just will not eat this time and time again. Of course, these are adult men and they are able-bodied to serve themselves their own food. 

I am wondering..Do any of you prepare dishes with meat in them for your nonvegan family? Has your lifestyle shaken up the dynamics if your usual role was the dinner-preparer? Please share about your feelings if you cook a dinner with meat alternatively to your own.

Thanks and looking to hear from you guys.

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Hi GardenGirl

I've been RT4 for 2 months now, previously a meat eater and fiancé staunchly remains a meat eater.  I have previously prepared the meals and fiancé washes up after.

I have been making my evening cooked vegan meal and make extra for him then he usually cooks his meat separately.  I won't cook meat anymore.  I came to this lifestyle for health reasons but the compassion for animals is becoming a greater aspect on a daily basis.  I am now, as gently as I possible can because it upsets me, asking him to think about where the meat comes from.  All meat is murder but instead of buying the mass produced cruelty meat from the Aldi or other supermarket to think about getting organic farm raised meat and eggs etc.  I can't convince him to stop eating meat and dairy but as a start I can convince him to lessen the cruelty factor and he doesn't mind cooking the meat himself and having my vegan food too.

Look forward to hearing how you go.

Gnawing Raw,I was inspired reading your post! A lightbulb went on in my head. Perhaps I can arrange a "shopping day" with my family soon and take them to a farm to receive their meat. I don't think they would be as (for lack of a kinder word) mindless that way, as they would be seeing exactly where AND WHO it is coming from.


Fantastic idea! I reckon I'll do the same :)

That is what my fiance' and I do. I will make a large salad, pasta, potatoes, whichever for both of us. While I am making our dinner, he cooks his meat. We have always had a "trade-off" policy for cooking and cleaning - hes actually a better cook than I ever was - so its not too different. The only thing that has really changed is that we are both in the kitchen at the same time (which is nice!) and that we both clean up after ourselves (which is also nice!). It ends up working out for the better. But if only I could get him to stop eating meat...

I dumpster dive meat from a local butchers bin. I wouldnt feed meat to a human though unless I wanted to cash in on their life insurance earlier.

Ahh hey Harley!! :)

I do admit I feel horribly guilty when somebody brings meat into this house. I love them both and I am desperate to make them see the real way of LIVING. Death consumption will not bring life. Hopefully one day soon they will start awakening.. :( I want my home a place of peace.

I still live at home, my parents and brother all eat meat.. i don't eat with them or anything when my mom forgets that she has food on the gas and i see it i won't touch the meat but i'll shake the potatoes..

If they want me to bring something from the supermarket i won't bring them any animal products..

Tell them if they want animal products they'll need to bring it in and prepare it themselves, cause you're not going to spend your energy on cruelty.

I don't really cook meat, but I often cook with cheese and eggs - I bake lots, so milk and cream is also common. I am excited to move out and in with my SO, because he is far more open to my diet and veganism in general, and I'd be able to cook vegan for him without a peep. 

I don't prepare animal flesh or human flesh or anything like that for anyone regardless of where I am, or who they are. 

And my house is "animal flesh free" unless family is visiting me and they paid for their own plane tickets to see me! :)

"unless family is visiting me and they paid for their own plane tickets to see me! :)"

I assume they have to buy the meat themselves, or are you going to kill an animal to give to someone just because they spend the energy to come visit you?

Will I kill the animal for what? Lol

I'm referring to my mom specifically. She is 72 years old. When she comes to visit I cook her vegan food. I also take her to the best raw vegan restaurants in my state. Every chance I get I tell her about how if she improves her diet she will be here longer. I offer her come cooked vegan food to sit at a table and eat with her son.

Her other option is to buy herself animal and eat at my house but I'll be grossed out and won't be enjoying the meail with her. Which is fine, its her choice. 

She made decisions decades ago about her health, that mean I don't have much time lef to spend with her, even though my mom eats animals I still love her, even if I don't associate with her as much I would like to because of her destructive habits, we are still close and love each other.

I have a plan to convert my whole family to vegans but its not something that can happen overnight LOL.

My suggestion for anyone "dealing" with family, is to BE THE HEALTHIEST PERSON IN YOUR FAMILY. I take my nieces and nephews on trips and show how much energy I have, how happy I am, and how I love peak performance. Tell them its from my diet. I give them specific steps they can take to break their food addictions, get over their low energy depression etc. I take them out on the river and kayak them around, etc. When people see that you have something they want, its easier for them to understand the difference between health and sickness.

As far as living with people who eat meat, its not a good look unless you are a kid. In which case I would save money and plan to move out when you are 18.

do exactly what you want, always.



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