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When I get out of bed, I get extremely light headed and need to close my eyes and grab onto something so I don't fall over. I am eating 2500 calories a day and this is what my normal day looks like:

breakfast: 7-8 juiced oranges and 3-4 bananas

lunch: mango date dip with several carrots/peppers/cucumbers for dipping and banana ice cream later if I am still hungry

dinner: large spinach, arugala, lettuce salad with mango date sauce

orange juice if I am still hungry after dinner

So, why am I so light headed? What am I missing?

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I am not very experienced with this diet.  As an experienced faster, I can say you may be detoxing.  Whenever you get up suddenly and you are fasting, you may feel lightheaded and dizzy due to the large amount of lot of toxins in your blood.  Prescriptions may be resurfacing to work their way out of your system as well.  Do you also feel out of breath when climbing stairs, more than usual (or if you don't usually feel that way at all?)  This is also a sign of a lot of toxins in your blood.  Again, I am not very experienced with the diet, but it sounds like you are detoxing heavily.  A GREAT thing!  Citrus fruits definitely loosen toxins more quickly than others, as well.  I don't see any reason for alarm, but if you feel nervous, you may want to slow the detox with more bananas or some other non-citrus. I would suggest doing a water only enema before bed to help the elimination along.  And, take it easy on yourself. You may need to slow down in your movement for a while. Your food is correct, so the body appears to be releasing its toxic load.  More fruit in general may help as well!  Don't give up! 

not enough calories

might not be enough food for a cyclist.  :)  don't be afraid to add more in 

I think that you're lacking in calories. I don't know your height or weight or activity levels, but here's some perspective: I'm a sixteen-year-old, 5'4'' girl, and I need anywhere from 3500 to 4000 calories. Some people just have higher metabolisms. Are you coming from an eating-disordered background? If you're underweight, that is definitely the cause of the dizziness. It's not detox... I'm pretty sure that that's a myth.
Are you tracking with chronometer? Some people just overestimate their calories. Try using some sort of calorie tracker like it to see if you're actually getting 2500. You can't just trust your body when you start this lifestyle, because beginner's usually aren't used to having to eat that much volume. And one more suggestion: try not to eat too much arugula or spinach. Spinach has high levels of oxalate (I'm not sure about arugula, bit it's a bitter-tasting green), which has been shown to cause adverse effects in people on this website, and they aren't good for calcium levels. If you can, try to stick with lettuce. And most people find it best to eat all of their greens/unsweet fruits at dinner and not throughout the day, so that they can make sure that they're eating enough fruit.

Hope this helps!


Thanks everyone for the input!! I've been really inactive the past week- no cycling or running, and I have a pretty slow metabolism to begin with. I will try upping my calories, but I was wondering if maybe it was a B12 deficiency or something? 

Oh that is a good idea with the sodium. I haven't had salt since I started 11 days ago, and I never thought of the effect that could have on me.

Just from the title, this is immediately what I thought of. It can take the body even a few months to adjust to cutting out salt. Make sure you rise slowly and don't rush things when you wake up. I passed out the first month I went on 80/10/10. Not so fun! If you have a juicer, I'd suggest juicing tomatoes and celery. (Yummmmm) You can also add carrot and other veggies you might enjoy. 

Might also be that your body is just stressed out... maybe a good time for a massage?? :)

haha, yes that would definitely be nice :)

If your measured blood pressure is dropping from being on this diet (mine has dropped 10 points in 3 weeks!) it could just be your body needs more time to adjust to the new level. I seem to recall that there's a mechanism the body has which temporarily boosts blood pressure to the brain when the body goes from a lying/sitting position to upright.

Just a suggestion, I could be completely off base!

It's called orthostatic hypotension (or postural hypotension) when a person gets too light-headed from standing up. I know because I've had it, especially when I was a teenager and underweight. If the cause isn't something serious, then it's probably just dehydration. Drink enough water. (Natural Hygiene says distilled water is good.) Eating specific foods you have trouble absorbing may contribute to dehydration. For me, dried fruit and nuts are a lot less absorbable than fresh fruit. (I'm not eating high fruit yet.)

As long as it's going on, when you stand up fast and get dizzy, lightheaded, or spots before your eyes, bend over or crouch down right away, until the feeling goes away. I found out one time when I resisted doing that really hard, to see what would happen, I fainted and was shaking like having a seizure.

Okay I've had the same thing for a really long time, and that last dude's comment scared the bageebus out of me.

I will take "HYDRATE YOURSELF" and "CALORIE SUFFICIENT" away from this thread, thanks for the help guys and gals.



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